Tuesday, March 9, 2010

R1P3D6-Kelly Exposed

LIW 159.4
Current Weight 160.1
Weight above LIW .7
Daily Loss 1.5

Looks like my body really likes being at 160.1 or 161.6.  No matter how much steak I eat (about 17oz last night), it goes back to the same place.  Today I am going to eat P2ish all the way, and add in some fish oil and some olive oil and see what that does to the scale tomorrow.  I have had roasted chicken (120gm) and some Walden Farms BBQ sauce with tomatoes, onions, and a little olive oil so far...approx 175 calories, and will eat 4 other mini meals today in addition to drinking my 3L or more of water to get the fat, protein, and water I need.  And just in case, I have two other steaks waiting for grilling in the frig.

On another note, throughout the blogosphere, there are so many inspiring tales of woman getting in touch with and learning to love their bodies.  I think it is so important to get to a place of self love prior to beginning any weight loss journey so that you love your body at every stage and be so impressed with what your body can do.  I know that I struggle with that...some days are wonderful and some days bad, but I know that my body is an amazing vessel that can do so much...such as hauling 13 yards of mulch around my back yard when I was 7 months pregnant, nourishing and birthing two children,  and completing my first sprint triathlon after only 6 weeks of training in 2007. 

Mish over at Eating Journey, posted the most amazing entry back in October of 2009.  She wrote "I decided that I wanted to do something for myself, that shows who I really am. I can/could write all of the things which I hate about my body: wish I was stretch mark free, didn’t muffin-top, had a six pack. However, I have this body..in the stage that it’s in. I have to love it, accept it for what it is…and look forward to its positive changes" and posted a picture of herself EXPOSED. 

She has inspired me to do the same.  Here I am baring all (somewhat) for body love.  I love you ole body of mine, and I am so PROUD of you (click to make larger):

Through the aches and pains, the illnesses, the trips to the zoo, an ectopic pregnancy, the birth of two sons, jumping out of an airplane (twice), the totaling of my car, everything-you have supported me, and I so appreciate it. 

What do you appreciate about your body?


  1. Love it Kelly! I just did the same and posted my photos - I am more than just a body. I am a wife of a wonderful man who loves me no matter my size and has for 24 years. I am a mother of two amazing children and have been able to carry and give birth to them, hold and cuddle them, stand with them, laugh and cry with them. I am a teacher, coach and principal who has spent 18 years in a profession I love, teaching children to be their best. I am a hiker, a runner at different times in my life, a competitive body builder at 35, a caver, a basketball player, a volleyball referee....all of which I need this body of mine in order to do. You are right - loving my body is a struggle and has been for me all of my life, and I need to do it better. It was part of what this hcg journey has been about for me. Who I am is much more than the sum of my body parts!

  2. I love the pic. It's so nice to see some positive love going on.