Friday, May 28, 2010

R2P2D43-VLCD D41-0 loss

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss +/_0
Current Weight 143.5
R2P2 Loss to Date 21.8
LIW R1P2 159.4
Under LIW 15.9
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 45.5

Food Tracker:  Sirloin Steak with WF BBQ sauce, 1 oz burger, 2 plum tomatoes,  Fried Chicken breast with asparagus, strawberries with WF chocolate sauce, 3 melba toasts, 3 pieces SPRY gum, 2 cups Everyday Detox Tea, 3 mac nuts
Exercise Tracker:  None, thanks to thunderstorms (masters swim was supposed to be last night)
No loss this morning.  Ate about 630 calories today yesterday, since I added in some healthy fats and extra protein to see if I can jumpstart my overall stall.  I fried my chicken breast up with a tbsp of coconut oil (covered in crushed melba toast-yummy!), and had 3 mac nuts for a snack, in addition to 1 oz of extra beef during lunch.  Since I didn't have a reaction one way or another, not sure what to make of that.  Will eat intuitively again today and see what happens.  TOM is due today, but no symptoms, so not sure if he will be making his appearance.  Since Im stopping this round immediately after TOM is gone, Im hoping he will show up soon...
Happy 3 day weekend everyone...I hope you have a great time!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

R2P2D42- VLCD D40

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss .9
Current Weight 143.5
R2P2 Loss to Date 21.8
LIW R1P2 159.4
Under LIW 15.9
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 45.5
Food Tracker:  Apple, 8oz Sirloin Steak, 2 plum tomatoes, 6 chocolate chip cookies, slice of oreo cake, 1 chicken nugget, 1 slice cheese pizza, 5 tb cheddar cheese chicken dip and 5 tortilla chips, cup of pink lemonade (approx 1600 calories total)
Exercise Tracker:  46 minute walking 14.62 min/ml pace
I did everything wrong yesterday (well, not everything), and lost today.  I walked in the 85 degree weather, which normally causes me to gain.  I did a perfect steak day until 5pm rolled around, and I went to my littlest's school potluck picnic.  I ate beforehand, since I was starving all day, and was all set to forgo all the food.  I thought I was in the clear, since the sign up sheet showed nothing that would tempt me.
But then the binge happened.  It only lasted 20 minutes, but boy, was it good, and boy was it bad.  I saw those home baked chocolate chip cookies on the table, and thought, Ill just have a bite of my son's.  And it was ok, but I thought I got a burnt one, so I had to try another, and then one more.  And then someone else brought in ones that I LOVE, with the big chocolate chunks, so I had two more (and brought one home for my husband, which I ate too before bed).  And there was pizza, and dip, and oh so many yummy foods.  And I decided to eat them.  Eat them and NOT feel guilty, NOT purge, and enjoy every bite.  Well, I enjoyed most of it.  I was a little distracted trying to chase my two guys around, but when I sat down, I loved it, even though I felt really weird.  I was binging in front of all these people I didnt know, and letting my boys run and bother others so I could eat all that food, and I was a little worried they would judge me.  But not enough to stop, obviously.   
It was something I needed to do, and Im glad I did.  Not because I lost, but because it freed my head up from being so tied to being good and eating clean, and feeling deprived.   I was ready for the scale this morning, not matter what it said.  I am refreshed and ready to keep going, and ready to make Eating well, and sometimes eating crap my life.  Feeling good about everything I eat.  Combatting the negative thinking with good thinking in return. 
I definitely think my weight is so infinitely tied to my need for perfection in myself, and being in control, and not as much to do with the food itself.  And that is why the next phase of my weight release journey is going to be about mental purging and renewal, something that will free me from constant thoughts of food: when will I eat next, where will I eat next, what do I want to eat, how much should I eat, etc.  I need to stop thinking about food constantly, and start living.  I love my newly thinner body, but no matter what size or shape it is, no matter how many fat rolls or cellulite, it is MY body, and I need to cherish it.  I need to treat it with respect and support it so it functions optimally.  And I need to get to the point that I do that without having to think about it.  So that it is so ingrained it is not a choice, its just something I instinctively do.  I have a ton of books waiting to be read to support me through this, wonderful family and friends, and you, as well, my bloggy peeps.  Will you take this next journey with me?
ps-two things I did try last night as well, to support myself at the end of this round into P3:
Drank Everyday Detox tea from Traditional Medicinals (with Dandelion Root, thanks for the suggestion MGM!)
Took my first dose of Multiple Glandular Support (homeopathic) that Less of Me (on my blogroll) recommended from  She and her testing team have been using it and found it makes stabilizing in P3 so much easier.  She recommends starting it 10 days before your transition to P3, and provided the coupon: "15% professional discount" to be put in the comment field for us to use.  All total, 225 doses (once a day) cost $22 with shipping.  Anything to help stabilize, right?
What a wild ride this is...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

R2P2D41- VLCD D39

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Gain .7
Current Weight 144.4
R2P2 Loss to Date 20.9
LIW R1P2 159.4
Under LIW 15
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 44.6
Food Tracker:  Chicken with Romaine, Strawberries and Chocolate Sauce, Orange, Ground Bison with Onions and Melba Toast
Exercise Tracker:  None
Boy is this diet frustrating when doing a longer round.  This morning I was all ready to bag it all due to my undeserved gain and start my 3 day no injections, and then be ready for P3 this weekend, but my husband said to keep going.  Though Im not losing anything, maybe Im still losing inches (though belly bloat today tells me otherwise).  TOM is due in two days, so that MIGHT be it, but I have no symptoms other than the bloat, so not really sure...and it was so overdue last time at the end of P2, Im not sure what to expect.
So i'll keep going til right after TOM, and then on to P3.  I really want to see the 130s this P2, any ideas to help this along?  Im going to do a mini steak day today, so that might help, but Im not too sure after gaining everything back on Monday after my steak day loss on Sunday.  How do you keep yourself going in the face of extra poundage? 


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

R2P2D40- VLCD D38

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss .5
Current Weight 143.7
R2P2 Loss to Date 21.6
LIW R1P2 159.4
Under LIW 15.7
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 45.3
Food Tracker:  Chicken with Romaine, Apple covered in WF Chocolate Sauce, 3 Mac Nuts, 2.5 pieces turkey bacon (the one with Sugar, yes!), Steak with Bok Choy, Strawberries and Chocolate Sauce
Exercise Tracker:  2 hours ripping out bushes and trimming trees, 1/2 hr swimming
So the sun did come out yesterday, and I worked my a** off in the front of the house, ripping out two huge azalea bushes, and I cheated and had some turkey bacon, swam for 1/2 hour, and lost 1/2 a lb.  Im sure Im never going to figure this out, so Ill stop trying. 
And did I tell you, this past weekend, I fit into a size 4 stretch capri jean...yes, a little muffin top, but I worked it anyway!  And yes, I still fit into 10's too.  Another mystery of the universe.  Maybe you could all post your favorite brands here that let us wear skinny sizes to make us feel good about ourselves.  I know Ann Taylor Loft is one that is really generous...
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 24, 2010

R2P2D39- VLCD 37

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Gain 1.8
Current Weight 144.2
R2P2 Loss to Date 21.1
LIW R1P2 159.4
Under LIW 15.2
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 44.8
Food Tracker:  Chicken with Romaine and Strawberries, P2 Chili with strawberries
Exercise Tracker:  1hr walk 18min/ml

Gained the 1.8 I lost over the weekend without cheating (I was at about 480 calories yesterday).  My body really seems to like 144.2, and I've never even been at the weight for long, so far as I can remember.  How frustrating!  But Im sore from yoga and walking, so Im sure its just water.  Whatever...not much more to say.
Biggest told his teacher his belly hurt this morning, so they made me pick him up 1/2 hour after he got there.  He has made a mess of the house so far (taking out every game from the sideboard that took me an hour to figure out how to fit everything in there originally), and there is no belly ache/puking in site.  I guess I should have kept him home today since he did puke his plum up around 5:30am.  But then when he woke up later went on to eat a pop tart (he snuck it past me, I'm not that bad a mom!), and was jumping around, I figured he must have just ate something that didnt agree with him.  I'm about to put him to bed with no TV so he can see how much fun it is to be sick at home instead of at school. 
Hope your day is better than mine...I just cheated with a Wheat Thin Multigrain Cracker and 3 Mac Nut Kernals (though some people use those to help with their weight loss) stuff.  And its so grey outside...maybe the sun could come out and keep my company at least?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blog Hop, if it works...

R2P2D38-VLCD 36

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss 1.1
Saturday Loss .7
Current Weight 142.4
R2P2 Loss to Date 22.9
LIW R1P2 159.4
Under LIW 17
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 46.6
Food Tracker:  Friday: Chicken and Romaine, Apple, Strawberries, Steak with bok choy and garlic
Saturday: 8oz steak, apple, tomato, one bite chorizo
Exercise Tracker: 70 min yoga Saturday, 1hr walk 18min/ml Sunday

Another steak day yesterday, unplanned until 2pm when I got back from garage sales, and only had an apple to that point. Went out to one of my fave restaurants with my hubby and had a great ribeye and a tomato while his parents watched the kids.  It was YUM!  And though I didnt have my normal 2lb loss from a steak day, 1.1 is nothing to cry about :).  After dinner we walked around our town for a while and ended up stopping in at our favorite wine bar, where we lounged on the couch and I drank my water, and dreamed of all the things Im going to eat after this round (in moderation, of course).  Im so looking forward to taking the summer off of HCG.  Im hoping to eat really clean this summer, but with all my favorite foods thrown in once a week or so, so I dont feel like Im missing anything.  I also plan to keep up with my 4 day wins (Martha Beck, baby!), just got my own copy from Amazon yesterday.  I will also be reading all of the wonderful diet/lifestyle books that I have been collecting for my client lending library this summer and posting my reviews/great ideas/crap rubbish points.  And that Jillian Micheals video 30 day shred will finally be opened and used! (in addition to my triathlon training).  It should be a fun summer...

On my list of things to eat this summer..sorry, let me wipe the saliva off the screen:

Primos Meatball Sub
Honey Restaurant Faves with glasses of Pacific Rim Chenin Blanc
Cross Culture Indian Restaurant
Domani Star Italian Restaurant
Blue Sage Goat Cheese Nachos
Andre's Sangria with Roasted Red Pepper Hummus and Meat Platter (or sandwich)
86 West Chorizo in Blanket and Prosuitto Carmelized Onion Flatbread, Brussels, and tons more (and dont forget the martinis!)
Chocolate Chunk Cookies (home baked)
Melanie's Pulled Pork
And so much more.  And by the end of the summer, I hope to weigh less than I do at LIW R2!  Lofty goals, especially with that impressive food list.  Thank goodness the summer last three months!

Though today was filled with kids and stressful screaming and tantrums, I had a great day.  Saw Shrek 3 with both kids, and littlest was actually ok almost the whole time (a feat at 18mo), and got to spend half the day with one of my best friends and her two little ones.  Then a long walk, a visit to the inlaws to pick up a ladder, and some time spent with my biggest getting a barn star ready for painting (to be hung this week on the front of the garage). 

My hubby was a big help now that his vertigo has gone away.  He watched the kids most of the day yesterday, fixed the garage door spring, and tried to help me put the screw in the stucco for the star, though the ladder we got from his dad was markedly too short.  And of course, on Friday, like I predicted, he did the lawn and three loads of laundry..good man, but he did not rest like he should have, and he is still trying to catch up today. 

Hope you guys had a great weekend comes Monday, and fingers crossed for another big loss for all of us!

Friday, May 21, 2010

R2P2P36- VLCD D34

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss 2.0
Current Weight 144.2
R2P2 Loss to Date 20.8
LIW R1P2 159.4
Under LIW 15.3
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 44.9
Food Tracker: Apple, 8 oz sirloin steak, 2 plum tomatoes
Exercise Tracker: 30 minutes swimming
Thank god for steak days, though I feel like crap this morning.  My head is pounding!  Probably not enough water in my system.  Back down to the weight I was four days ago.  This is such a such a drag-only losing when I do a steak or apple day.  Though, as always, the swimming doesnt affect the loss.  Guess Ill just be swimming from now until Memorial Day for exercise (though I do plan a walk during lunch today, its gorgeous out!, and yoga scrap that swimming only idea).
Day going relatively smoothly so far, considering I had to take one of my boys to school in the opposite direction of work, I left my cell phone at home, one of the garage doors doesnt work, my garage roof is leaking, and my hubby is home recovering from his vertigo.  I hope he actually rests while he is home, insteading of trying to get a million things done, since Im sure his illness is his body telling him to rest.  But I bet the lawn will be done when I get home...not that Im complaining about that, but its a little dangerous, and a little strenous...
Looking forward to catching up on your lives this weekend, cant wait to see how great everyone is doing!
Have a wonderful weekend...


Thursday, May 20, 2010

R2P2D35-VLCD D33

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Gain .2 (without a cheat, 3rd day in a row!)
Current Weight 146.1
R2P2 Loss to Date 18.8
LIW R1P2 159.4
Under LIW 13.3
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 42.9
Food Tracker: P2 Chili, Strawberries, Chicken with romaine and braggs aminos, Apple (skipped 1 toast)
Exercise Tracker: None
Another gain today, so mixing the new batch didn't seem to make a difference.  No idea why, as TOM isnt due for at least another 10 days, no exercise again, and more sleep than yesterday, though yesterday I was SO tired.  Mini steak day for me today.  Im hoping that these gains are not an indication that I've reached immunity.  This round has been really hard for me, at least in terms of psychological cravings, and emotional upheaval.  I would be really bummed to not be able to continue (now that I decided to move forward and made a new batch), but either way, I will see the 130s sometime this summer.
I am definitely not going to AC (thanks for your support about taking care of me!!!).  Kept getting calls that I just need to make a decision, they didnt care either way, so even though I didnt want to decide until tomorrow, I just told everyone yesterday that Im not going to make it at all.  So Ill be going to garage sales, yoga, and cleaning the garage this Saturday as planned.  And maybe a date night with Hubby tomorrow night if he is feeling better.  During his Budokon class last night he got lightheaded, dizzy, and fell a few times, so he headed home early.  He is going to see the Dr today (Im the designated driver) and see if he is having a bout of vertigo, which he gets every few years.  If so, that means I will have to find a way to get all the kids to school and him to work tomorrow before heading to the office myself.  That will be a fun (and early) morning!
Here's hoping that you all have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

R2P2D34-VLCD 32

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Gain .2 (without a cheat, again!)
Current Weight 145.9
R2P2 Loss to Date 19
LIW R1P2 159.4
Under LIW 13.5
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 43.1
Food Tracker: P2 Chili, Strawberries with Walden Farms Chocoloate Syrup, Chicken with Walden Farms BBQ, romaine with braggs aminos (skipped 1 toasts and one fruit), 3 ACV shooters (8 oz hot water, 1 tbsp ACV, Grape Stevia-very interesting and tasty)
Exercise Tracker: None
Another gain today, after a good amount of time on the toliet thanks to the ACV I'm assuming (recommendation from a friend on Spark People), as well as an epsom salt bath, skipping a fruit and melba toast, 8 hours of sleep, and no exercise-besides lots of water.  Fun stuff.  WTF?  Maybe the new batch Im mixing today will help.
At least everything is going well for me health wise.  I just had my first physical of my adult life yesterday, and was found to be in great shape.  BP 110/72, resting heart rate ~65, normal across the board with my labs (except for a low white cell and platelet count, which she said could be due to being exposed to my son's virus the day I had the blood test-or due to the weight loss-she is going to repeat the test in a month), neurological function intact (not always sure about that one ;)), and no red flags that indicate HCG is affecting me negatively in any way.  Which, despite all the hype about it, is what I assumed. 
I really do not feel that HCG in the amount it is given in this diet, especially for those that take it homeopathically with the same results, can cause any damage to our systems.  It is a substance that occurs naturally in the body (at least for us women), we take the natural substance itself, and it hasn't caused me any problems during my pregnancies.  Those of us on it know the truth, and for anyone else, they are on a different path.  All good. 
All of us on this weight release journey are getting healthy, informed, and in touch with our bodies.  Lets all support each other no matter what way we decide to do that.  I know I would never have gotten gastric bypass or lap banding, but I do not feel negatively for those people that decide to do that.  We are drawn to what works for us intuitively, and I accept and respect whatever decisions others make for themselves. 
Re Atlantic City this weekend, I think Ive decided not to go.  With my weight steadily going up instead of the other way around, and only another 12 days on this round, it really stresses me out to think about doing a planned interruption (or just cheating one night) and then trying to get that weight down before my last injection.  I want to be in the 130s this round, and while that might not happen, it definitely WILL NOT if I go and cheat this weekend.  And going away with the girls should be FUN, not stressful!  Though now I am also stressed because I am getting pressure from the girls about going-because if I dont they will get one room split between five, and if I do, two rooms split between 3 (almost doubling the original cost)-and that makes me want to stress eat.  And Im also stressed as well because I feel that if I don't go for a reason related to my diet (or the cost of a room), that will irreparably damage my friendship with these woman.  For something they (and I, for that matter) think is so petty or easily managed (yes they are all skinny!), but so important to me (im so conflicted, can you tell?).  I know I am running away from the situation by not going at all, and I know if I do go, I would probably have a great time despite the food and money stress, and get to know them even better, but at this point, I've stirred up such a frenzy inside myself that it makes me sick (even thinking about them drinking and eating whatever they want while I dont imbibe causes me to be stressed), and I want to just stay home, go to some great garage sales and yoga sat morning, and then clean the garage (which really needs to be done soon!) so I can start getting a lot of clutter out of my house and life.
Help!  What should I do?  Note that losing weight is my foremost priority here...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Interesting HCG video links


R2P2D33- VLCD 31

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Gain 1.3 (without a cheat!)
Current Weight 145.7
R2P2 Loss to Date 19.2
LIW R1P2 159.4
Under LIW 13.7
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 43.3
Food Tracker: Bison Steak (3oz) with Fried Onions and extra chicken (2oz), Chicken with romaine, strawberries and braggs aminos (skipped 1 toasts and one fruit)
Exercise Tracker: 50min walk 17min/ml pace; 1/2 swimming
So some of my peeps on SparkPeople recommended Mac Nuts and Coconut Oil, and Im thinking I might try that to see if that helps with boosting my loss.  Figures that two good losses now equal today with one big gain.  Probably due to too much exercise.  But that wont be a problem today: the weather is crap, and Im going to be busy until 12:30am coaching my student clients after working a full day.  Hopefully I will be able to sleep in a little tomorrow so that lack of sleep does not affect my body.
I was so excited seeing 144 yesterday, and dreaming of reaching the mid 130s before the end of this round...and now a 1.3 gain.  Ugh!  Thats ok, though,,,,just another challenge to overcome.   And tomorrow is mixing maybe a new batch will help.
Any big challenges for you this week? 

Monday, May 17, 2010

R2P2D32-VLCD 30

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss .9
Current Weight 144.4
R2P2 Loss to Date 20.5
LIW R1P2 159.4
Under LIW 15
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 44.6
Food Tracker: Bison Steak (5oz) with Tomato, Chicken with romaine, strawberries and braggs aminos (skipped toasts and one fruit), couple sips of Diet Coke
Exercise Tracker: 30 minute walk 19ml/hr pace (strolling round Elmwood Park Zoo)
Really happy with my loss today.  Glad to know that listening to my body (ie upping my protein and then just to not mess up my calorie load, skipping the toasts and second fruit) works even in P2 (And that 2 oz of chemical laden diet coke didnt affect to much, if at all).  Newbies, I dont recommend changing it up for you, since you really need to get a since of the protocol at first, but for those of you going strong, I highly recommend intutitive eating on this protocol, within the confines of the protocol food choices or those that work for you, of course. 
This round I learned that my body can tolerate brussel sprouts and not gain, but I don't lose either, so they're for my P3 only.  And I do ok with a little extra protein every once in a while.  I might try those steak days once a week til Im done with P2 just for an extra weight loss boost...since I only lose .2 or .4 when I stick specifically with protocol.  And that just might be the answer for this weekend, if I go to Atlantic City.  Save everything up for dinner Saturday night, and Ill be fine. 
Do you have any tips to jumpstart weight loss during P2, outside of the traditional apple day?

Kelly Scotti
Certified Holistic Health Counselor, AADP
Founder and Director, Flying Dragon Wellness
Inspiring people to deliciously nourish their bodies and minds. 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

R2P2D31- VLCD 29

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss
.2 Saturday
2.0 Sunday (from Sat's steak day)
Current Weight 145.3
R2P2 Loss to Date 19.6
LIW R1P2 159.4
Under LIW 14.1
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 43.7
Food Tracker
Sat: Steak with tomato, small apple
Exercise Tracker: 
Friday: 1200 m swim (30 minutes)
Sat: 40 minute walk 19mil/hr pace (just strolling round neighborhood for date night)
Sun: 30 minute walk 19ml/hr pace (strolling round Elmwood Park Zoo)
This weekend has been very nice.  Friday Hubby went out to watch the flyers and got to stay in and catch up on my shows on Tivo.  The only mistake I made was I had a cup of tea before bed and inadvertantly used a caffeinated one...thus I didnt fall asleep until after 1am.  Ugh!  Then the baby and got up at 5:30am with the biggest following soon after (ie not much sleep Friday night!). 
But I made up for the lack of sleep with some amazing garage sale finds...really helped with my mood.  I didnt make it back to my house until 2pm, and I left at 8am!  I love garage sales.  Got some cool size 6 and 8 clothes from DKNY, Ann Taylor...I really scored.  And two coach purses for $5 each (yes, they are real.  I was amazed too!).  I got so distracted that I forgot to eat, and wasnt hungry, though around 1pm I had an apple.   Once I got home and unpacked the car, it was almost 3pm, and hubby and I had a date night planned.  We were going to a great restaurant, and I decided just to do a steak day, so I could eat more at the restaurant.  The plan worked just like a normal P3 steak day, yippee, even though I added an apple into the mix!  I ate a 8 oz ribeye and one tomato for dinner, and still lost like a champ. 
Today we spent a few hours at the zoo, where I ate my delicious made at home chicken/strawberries/romaine salad, and then we walked around our neighborhood looking for playdates for my oldest.  Followed by an early dinner with the in-laws (out to Teds Montana Grill where I ate steak again, this time Bison, and it wasnt as tasy as last nights).  I ate about 5 oz of the steak, but skipped my second fruit and both my melba toasts, so we'll see what tomorrow looks like.  Im a little bloated now, but Im still hungry.  Hopefully my bedtime tea will help with the hunger.
Hope you guys had a great weekend.  You deserve it! 

Friday, May 14, 2010


R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss .9
Current Weight 147.5
R2P2 Loss to Date 17.4
LIW R1P2 159.4
Under LIW 11.9
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 41.5
Food Tracker: Chicken Breast with Romaine and Braggs, Steak and Chicken with Fried Onions, Melba Toast, lots of Strawberries with Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup
Exercise Tracker: 3.4 mile walk (slow pace, pushing the jogging stroller with both kids)
Last night I was at my neighborhood book club (yes I really like books, and hanging out with amazing women!), and I was SO hungry, physically and psychologically.  There were so many great foods on the table, white bean hummus from Trader Joes with Stacy's Multigrain pita chips, bacon wrapped water chestnuts, fried rice cheese balls, and these incredible looking chocolate brownies with chocolate chips on top (of course, placed right in front of me so I could smell the chocolate yumminess).  I was salivating the whole evening.  But I already ate my food quota for the day, and it was after 8, so I knew it was a no-no.  I took a couple of deep breaths, and when it got to much for me, I went to the bathroom, and looked in the mirror and said, as Vicki on the HCG yahoo group always reminds us, nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.  And while I didn't really believe it,  in the midst of my food infatuation coma, just saying it got me through the night without sampling.  I am so glad my next book clubs are going to be during P3, where I can snack at least.  Its getting harder and harder to resist.
If my local girls decide to go to AC next weekend, Im either going to have to take a scheduled break, and disregard the gain, or not go.  Knowing Im not going to reach my goal of 130 this round, its hard to contemplate taking a break a week before Im scheduled to end and stay near the same weight I am now (with the gain I know a break would bring).  Guess Ill just have to wait and see what my weight does for the next week and then decide next Friday...
And thanks everyone so much for your support and advice yesterday, and well wishes for my son.  It means so much to me, and my family!  Happy Weekend!!!!!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

R2P2D28- VLCD26

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Gain 1.1
Current Weight 148.4
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 40.4
Food Tracker: Chicken Breast with Romaine and Braggs, P2 Chili with Ground Bison and Melba Rounds, Strawberries with Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup, Apple, Extra Strawberries
Exercise Tracker: None
My son's fever broke, he is eating a little more, smiling a lot more, and off to school today.  Hopefully it wont be too much for him, though I will be waiting by the phone to make sure the school doesnt call for him to be picked up.  Thanks for all your well wishes for him.
Went to book club last night, snacked on strawberries, above and beyond my fruit ration, and ended up gaining over a pound today.  I know its only water weight, but I didnt work out yesterday, and I didnt cheat, just ate 25 more calories than normal, and I gain a pound.  Very frustrating. 
What do you do to keep your motivation up when you get discouraged doing this diet?  I have a friend losing as much as me, as quickly as me, by just playing with her calories, and she is eating whatever she wants in moderation.  Its hard for me to stay on this diet watching her, envying her.  I say that I never lose weight by just counting calories and working out, and to date that has been true...but then again, Ive never been as determined as I am Im wondering if I should just bag this protocol for now, try that, and then figure it out?  Today is the 13th-17 more days to go...should I keep going?  Since Im not going to do HCG again until October after this round, no matter what since I want to train for my tris,  if the other diet doesn't work, I'm stuck at this weight until the fall.  And I want to keep losing...Im so unsure...


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

R2P2D27- VLCD25

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss .4
Current Weight 147.3
R2P2 Loss to Date 17.5
LIW R1P2 159.4
Under LIW 11.6
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 41.4
Food Tracker: Chicken Breast with Romaine and Braggs, P2 Chili with Ground Bison and Melba Rounds, Strawberries with Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup
Exercise Tracker: None; Epson Salt Bath
Up all night with my littlest who has an unknown virus that has his fever raging 103-104degrees in between doses of tylenol (generic so not affected by recall).  It is hard to not know what is going on in that little body of his...but the doctor said he couldn't find anything.  Hopefully he will be better soon, and we will all get some sleep.   I just pray that its nothing serious. 
In laws are over watching him this morning so I can get my work done.  They are such a blessing.  Supposed to have book club tonight, but not sure I can stay awake for it. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

R2P2D26-VLCD 24

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss .7
Current Weight 147.7
R2P2 Loss to Date 17.2
LIW R1P2 159.4
Under LIW 11.3
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 41.1
Food Tracker: Chicken Breast with Romaine and Braggs, P2 Chili with Ground Bison and Melba Rounds, Strawberries with Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup,Orange
Exercise Tracker: 40min swim (1250m)
20 more days to go (give or take).   Really want to see the 130s, hopefully the lower ranges, by then.  Much less stress yesterday despite all the work I have to do, and the fact that my littlest had a fever of 104, though the doctor couldnt find anything wrong. 
Made my chili yesterday with Bison, not realizing it actually was more calorie dense than lean ground beef...only about 20 calories, but still.  I skipped my evening melba toasts so I wouldnt be too far above the 500 mark. 
Hope you guys have a wonderful day.  I miss you and your blogs since I can't access them every night.  I was only able to read a few on Sat night and last night on my iphone before I fell asleep...that screen is much too tiny to read blog posts, let me tell you! 

Monday, May 10, 2010

R2P2D25- VLCD23

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss 2.2
Current Weight 148.4
R2P2 Loss to Date 16.9
LIW R1P2 159.4
Under LIW 11
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 40.8
Food Tracker: 8 oz filet mignon, 1 tomato
Exercise: None
Sat Weight 152.8
Sunday Weight 150.6
Daily Loss 2.2-Apple Day with a little chicken thrown in
Exercise: 70 min yoga
This weekend was the most stressful I can remember since starting the protocol in January.  I was out of sorts as you read (and thank you for all your support, I so needed it), ate poorly, took my frustrations out on my children and husband, and my littlest is either teething or sick since he was feverish and clingy yesterday.  I think this is the first time I was looking forward to the week starting so I could have a break and do some work. 
Hubby also was really supportive on Saturday night...he read my post right after I wrote it (snuck upstairs to do so) and came down and just played with my hair while i stared at the computer and cried.  We talked a little, well as much as he could doped up on Oxycodone for his pain, and I felt better.  Sunday was a new day, a new perspective.  And while I knew it was going to be stressful, especially since I decided to do a steak day (yes, in P2...and it worked.  I only ate 500 calories worth of steak and tomatoes at 4pm), and knew I wouldnt be eating all day while having to feed the family two meals before I got to eat, I knew the darkness I felt on Satursday had passed.  I again am committed and feel stronger...because of the support of my family and friends (yes, all of you!).  
MIL also read my post and mentioned during our Mothers Day meal that she felt like I was too hard on myself- no criticism for what I did-and that was really nice.  She is one of the only people in my day to day life that read my blog besides Hubby, and sometimes I worry that I disappoint her (but not enough to hold back, apparently).  I love you MIL!
Back under the 40lb mark...what a relief.  So now I know what to do if I decide to take a planned interruption of a few days and need to lose again quickly (anyone say Atlantic City next weekend with the girls?).  Apple day followed by steak day.  Indulgence and sacrifice to balance the scales.  
My last injection of P2 is scheduled to occur between May 31 and June 10th depending on TOM...I wonder what this round is going to look like?  Either way, I know I need to be easier on myself, and be ok with whatever it is, wherever I am. 


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Out of sorts

Daily gain 4lbs
Current Weight 152.8

Last night I cheated big.  We went to a party for our neighbor's son who turned 1, and I was prepared.  I had eaten my 1/2 chicken salad and brought the other half with me, and I was ready to not eat or drink anything at the party.  But they had make your own fajitas, so I figured, what the heck, Ill have a little chicken.  And that turned into more chicken, then some steak, then some cheese to go on top with sour cream and salsa.  And dont forget more chicken and cheese and sour cream...and then how about a big slice of birthday cake.  And some beans, and more beans, and chips.  Holy crap, it was a downward slope. 

I think the issue actually started earlier that morning at my oldest's mothers' tea at school..  It was so sweet, they made us bath salts, and grew us each a plant, and gave us some tea and candies, and sang songs.  It was wonderful.  And then he lead me to the treat platter, and they had HUGE chocolate square cookies (i say squares because thats how big the chips were).  And I decided to have was SO good.  But then I thought about it, and changed my mind.  What was I doing?  I just made it to 40lbs lost.  Why was I messing that up?  I knew a cheat would mess me up.  WTF?  So I did what I never in my life have done or thought to do-I went into the bathroom and made myself throw it all up.  I am so horrified that I did that.  I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face just thinking about it.  Here I am, all high and mighty, doing 4 day wins, and talking big about getting my psyche on track to lead this thin lifestyle, and then I do that, at my son's catholic school.  I was and am so ashamed. 

And that, combined with my unrealized stress about my husband's procedure, led me to last night.  I think the 4 lbs was more than just food, it was the weight of the world on my shoulders.   And 4 lbs! thats more than I gained in one day during loading, when I was trying to eat a ton.

Today was horrible.  Hubby wasn't able to pick up our littlest, so he stayed in the bedroom most of the day while I played with the kids, trying to keep them occupied and happy, and failing miserably.  I was at my wits end for most of the day.  The only thing I was looking forward to was my date night tonight, and then my husband told me he told the babysitter we didnt need her, since he didnt think I would want to go out.  Again, I say WTF?  I wouldnt want to go out and get away from the stress of the day, and talk about my fears and my most recent failures, and feel like a human being again?  I wouldnt want to get away from the realization that we can't have any more kids, especially the little girl I have always dreamed of having, despite my knowing I dont think I could handle another one. 

He went to a party with us last night, so obviously being out wasnt the issue...and tonight, he cant take his wife to a movie the day before mother's day?  And to top it off, today, due to the huge gain, I decided to do an apple day, and three apples in, succumbed to the chicken I brought home from the party last night (for hubby and the kids, not me).  I wonder if a chicken soaked in oil apple day will merit any loss?  Maybe just the loss of my sanity. 

Im really messed up tonight...I need comfort and am trying not to turn to food for it.  And I dont want to ask for help, dont know how anyone can help, though I need it.  Im sad and regretful and hoarse from yelling at the kids (great mother I am, huh?), and though I know things will look better tomorrow or a week from now, its hard to see my way out of it right now.  I think Im just going to go to bed.

Can't I just be skinny and sane without having to go through all this bullshit?

Friday, May 7, 2010

R2P2D22-VLCD20 40lbs Lost!

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss 1.1
Current Weight 148.8
R2P2 Loss to Date 16.5
LIW R1P2 159.4
Under LIW 10.6
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 40.4

Food Tracker: Chicken Breast with Fried Onions and Braggs, P2 Chili, Melba Rounds, Strawberries with Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup, Apple

Exercise: 1/2 hr swimming (approx 700m)
So I reached another milestone this morning-Ive lost 40 lbs since January 7th, 2010-exactly 4 months ago!  Thats an average of 10lbs a month...not too shabby!  My plan was to stay strictly on protocol to break my stall, but I did stray and have my Walden Farms chocolate syrup and I did swim, though no other exercise.  And it worked out ok.  I also took a 20 minute epsom salt bath, which was lovely.  What did you do to be nice to yourself yesterday? 
Tonight my hubby is having a little procedure to ensure there will be no other little ones running around the house...I think he is a little nervous, but he's being a real trooper.  Interesting that he picked Mothers Day weekend for it...and that I have to take care of the kiddies all weekend while he sits on his recliner with an ice pack in his lap watching golf.  He also thinks that he is going to be up to going to a party tonight, an hour after his procedure and doped up with valium...we'll see about that.
Hope you guys have a LOVELY weekend...and that I figure out a way to get past the blocked content so I can actually post comments on your blogs!
Founder and Director, Flying Dragon Wellness
Inspiring people to deliciously nourish their bodies and minds. 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

R2P2D21 Measurement and Pics

Current Weight 149.9/ Current Size 10

Did I tell you about my bruising?

Im black and blue all over.  Every time I bump into something, my littlest pinches the back of my arm when Im holding him, or for no reason I can ascertain at all, I bruise.  When I wear shorts or short sleeves, I can see the stares from the people I pass on my walk, and hear their thoughts: wow, that woman is either really clumsy, or does not have a good relationship with her husband. 

And so I googled, to see if there might be something I can do about it while on P2...and especially since this round I have bruised so much more easily than might even be able to see them when I post my pics later.  And I found out that people that lose lots of weight have more exposed capillaries since there is less skin surface area...and that can cause easy bruising.  Here is what I got from


Bruises are usually caused by bumping into something which ruptures the tiny capillaries under the skin leaving the area darkened. Some people bruise more easily than others, and this is indicative of fragile capillaries, poor health or an inability to create collagen. For people who bruise easily, bruises seem to appear for no apparent reason. Research has shown us that the leading cause of frequent bruising is a deficiency in one or more nutrients. The elderly, due to their generally poor diet, are quite susceptible to having bruises. The remedy is very simple: add supplements to your diet. Dieters who have lost a substantial amount of weight are also at risk of developing bruises. This is due to the fact that they have many capillaries that were needed to supply blood to their body, but that body is no longer there, leaving the capillaries exposed.

One of the main causes of bruising seems to be a deficiency in certain nutrients, primarily vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, bioflavonoids, and zinc. A vitamin C deficiency may be caused by several factors:

• eating too few fruits and vegetables (remember the problem sailors used to have centuries ago with scurvy outbreaks on long voyages? It was caused by a lack of vitamin C)

• taking drugs which destroys this vitamin

• long-time stress from illness, frustration or depression

• smoking (one cigarette can deplete the body of 25 mg of vitamin C)

• frequent emotional outbursts such as anger

• exposure to pollutants, allergens or heavy metals

A deficiency in hesperidin, one of the bioflavonoids (sometimes called vitamin P), naturally occurring nutrients usually found in association with vitamin C, has been linked with abnormal capillary weakness. These bioflavonoids, including hesperidin, Citrin, Rutin, Flavones, Flavonals, Calechin and Quercetin, were found to be essential in correcting the tendency toward bruising.


When you bump something, immediately apply a cold compress to the area to reduce the swelling.

Changes to Make


Vitamin C is an antioxidant and is depleted when the body is trying to rid itself of pollutants, allergens or drugs. Take 2 grams the first day, adding one gram daily until 12 grams daily is reached. Using unbuffered vitamin C sometimes causes stomach upset at large doses. Bioflavonoids, such as rutin and hesperidin, facilitate the functions of vitamin C. Take 200-1,000 mg of rutin daily with the vitamin C. Vitamin C helps protect against bruising by strengthening capillary walls.

Vitamin E works synergistically with vitamin C to repair tissues.

Vitamin K is made in the intestines, but can be depleted by antibiotics, which kill the friendly bacteria that synthesize it. Supplementing your diet with leafy, green vegetables is a good way to add this vitamin to your system. You can also use vitamin K cream which will help fade and clear bruises and can help decrease post- surgical bruising when used approximately two weeks prior to surgery and after surgery. It helps the capillaries heal themselves by sealing the blood leakage. Vitamin K also supports the body's ability to reabsorb the blood in surrounding tissues, thereby helping fade the bruise and restoring the skin to normal color.

Zinc is helpful in maintaining healthy connective tissue, and a deficiency can lead to bruising. Take 50-100 mg daily. However, don't take doses this high for more than a week or two without medical supervision, as it may interfere with absorption of other important minerals, especially copper.



Butter Apply butter (not margerine!) immediately after getting bruised. Remedy courtesy of Rosie Kinsey, as learned from an RN friend in rural Indiana.

Cabbage Macerate and heat some cabbage and apply to the affected area.

Calendula Apply a cream or a tincture of calendula to the bruise.

Mustard Make a poultice of mustard and apply to the bruise. It will draw the blood away from the bruise.
• Combine 2 parts of ground mustard seed with one part set honey and one part finely chopped onion. Apply to the bruised area and cover with a bandage. This will relieve the bruise and swelling.
Onions Make a poultice of roasted onions and apply to the bruise.
• Cut an onion, dip it in apple cider vinegar and rub on the bruise as soon after it occurs as possible to prevent black and blue marks.

Pepper Applying black pepper oil to the bruise will also draw the blood away from it.

Vinegar Make a compress and soak it in vinegar to alleviate the bruise and swelling. Avoid getting it in the eyes.

Vitamin C Increased intake of this vitamin has been shown to improve resistance to bruising. Take 2 grams the first day, then add one gram until your intake is 12 grams daily. Use unbuffered vitamin C if regular vitamin C causes stomach upset.

Vitamin K Rub a cream with vitamin K on the bruise twice a day. Vitamin K will aid your body in breaking down blood and reabsorbing it. The act of rubbing helps speed the process.
Witch hazel A tincture of witch hazel will relieve swelling and bruises. Apply as a cool compress.

Zinc Take 50-100 mg daily. However, don't take doses this high for more than a week or two without medical supervision, as it may interfere with absorption of other important minerals, especially copper.


Arnica To alleviate dark, swollen bruises, apply a gel containing arnica every three hours to encourage healing. Or, apply a tincture or cream to the affected area. Arnica traditionally has been used for muscle aches, sprains and bruises. The gel should improve the swelling, stiffness and discoloration. Some people have a reaction to arnica, so if your skin becomes red, itchy or inflamed, discontinue use.
Im going to try a few of these when I get off of P3...arnica normally works well for me.  And Ill make sure that every time I get a bruise, Ill get an ice pack to help with the swelling...well, I wont really, since I would have ice packs on my body for the entire day :)...if you are in my boat, hope this info is helpful!

R2P2D21 VLCD D19-Stall

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss 0
Current Weight 149.9
R2P2 Loss to Date 15.4
LIW R1P2 159.4
Under LIW 9.5
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 39.3

Food Tracker: Chicken Breast with Romaine and Braggs, Steak with brussel sprouts, Melba Rounds, Strawberries with Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup, Apple

Exercise: 50 min walk 3.5ml/hr pace

Third day with no is going to be strictly on protocol (no brussels or walden farms products), and only swimming as my exercise, and Ill see if I can break this stall.  If not, Im going to be doing an apple day tomorrow, which I am not looking forward to.

Last night was a really good night, and I guzzled water nonstop to make sure I was not dehydrated this morning.  The girls and I talked about going out on a Saturday night, since we are somehow always relegated by the guys to go out on school nights, and are home by 11pm.  Somehow that talk turned into us deciding to go to Atlantic City for the weekend in two weeks!  Of course, Im still going to be on P2 then, so while it sounds like a blast, it also sounds like a danger zone.  If only they could go two weeks later, then I would be on P3 and anything I did to damage my stellar eating could be cured by a steak day.  Any tips if I decide to go?  Bring my food in a cooler perhaps?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

R2P2D20 VLCD D18

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss 0
Current Weight 149.9
R2P2 Loss to Date 15.4
LIW R1P2 159.4
Under LIW 9.5
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 39.3
Food Tracker: Chicken Breast with brussel sprouts, Melba Rounds, Strawberries with Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup, Ground beef with onions and romaine, Orange
Exercise: 50 min walk 3.7ml/hr pace
So my work has blocked my posting or commenting from the computer I use ALL THE TIME, so I will need to work much harder to get my posts posted, and to catch up and comment on all my bloggy peeps...Im trying this from my yahoo mail and am interested to see if it looks ok.
No loss today.  Thats ok. No big deal.  Oh well...kinda blah today.  Got another huge listing to review for work, 98 subjects worth, with the average bad listing taking an 1hr...due next Friday.  Fun stuff.
However, we're having a Girls Night Out tonight for Cinco De Mayo, and it will be so good to get together with the girls! (despite my not drinking or eating anything while Im out, since we're not meeting til after 8, and Im not going to cheat!)....they all try to get me to imbibe, but I have a will of steel, and an early morning tomorrow.
Great day to you...

Founder and Director, Flying Dragon Wellness
Inspiring people to deliciously nourish their bodies and minds. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

BMI NORMAL and in the 140s!!!!

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss .9
Current Weight 149.9
R2P2 Loss to Date 15.4
LIW R1P2 159.4
Under LIW 9.5
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 39.3
BMI in NORMAL range

Food Tracker: Chicken Breast with romaine, Melba Rounds, Strawberries with Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup, Filet Mignon with Romaine, Orange
Exercise: 1/2 hr swimming (800m)

Holy SH** Batman, two milestones met in one morning.  Of course, I am only .1 away from 150, and .7 away from being back on the Overweight BMI range, but I am SOSOSOSOSOSo excited!  And I even worked out last night (though I dont seem to gain when I swim, so I think I need to start doing that more)...

Off to take my oldest to school...have wonderful and fun filled days, ladies!!!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

R2P2D18-VLCD D16

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss .9
Current Weight 150.8
R2P2 Loss to Date 14.5
LIW R1P2 159.4
Under LIW 8.6
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 38.2

Food Tracker: Chicken Breast with romaine, Melba Rounds, Strawberries with Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup, Filet Mignon with Romaine, Large Red Delicious Apple
Exercise: None (yoga Sat)

Weight Sat 153.4
Weight Sun 151.7 (after an apple day sat)

Guess who's in a Size 8?  Yep-ME!!!!  At least in Ann Taylor Loft capris and Charlotte Russe cargo capri Lucky, I was a 31, and in the other stores it was all a 10.  Took my MIL to the outlets for some birthday shopping and to return some Crocs, and ended up buying some more clothes...even though I'm still losing.  Its keeping me motivated!  The Charlotte Russe pants were a size 7!  And when I went home, I started trying all my old sexy underwear sets on, and they all fit again.  I haven't worn those since before I was married!  Pretty wild.  I can't wait to see the 140's!

Did an apple day Sat despite the BBQ and birthday party I was going to since I had been up in lbs for the three days before and really wanted to jump start things.  Guess my body still doesn't like me mixing my veggies (I put on tomatoes and onions in my P2 chili on Friday).  Yesterday we went for dinner for my MIL's birthday at this lovely restaurant and the steak I had was so good.  Im glad I was able to portion out my alloted 100gms by eyeball and still lose today.  I still want to see 130 this round, though its moving a lot slower than last round...heres hoping I can see it by May 31st (end of P2).

Hope you guys had a great weekend.  Got lots of work to do today so Im off....

And yep, JBS, wrapping everything up and tossing it out works.  I just hope my most recent paycheck wasn't in that pile...