Wednesday, June 30, 2010

R2P3D31- .6 loss

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss .6

Yesterdays weight 143.5
Current Weight 142.9
LIW 143.5
Under LIW .6
Food Tracker (choose June 29th)
Exercise Tracker (yesterday): 30 Day Shred Video (20 minutes mixed cardio/strength/abs)

Met my new team during a meeting in NJ yesterday, and they all seem really great.   They took us out to lunch and  I had a wonderful meal: mixed green salad with balsamic and vine tomatoes, goat cheese stuffed chicken breast with spinach and asparagus, and for dessert, these to die for cinnamon chocolate chip cannolis, little cookies, cream puffs, and brownie bites (all of which I had little bites of,  and then more big bites of the cannolis-equaling 2.5 small ones).    Lunch was about 1000 calories, but I made sure to eat a very light dinner,  so no gain today.  Thats what I like. 


Its getting harder and harder to resist the sweet stuff now that Im fully in maintenance...I guess I should switch to P4 up there, huh?  Its so much easier to eat from our limited P2 menu instead of having so many tempting choices, and I wonder why I dont put myself back there, since I know how to do it?    I think next week Ill put myself on P2 for three days (allowing for me to mix veggies, though), upping my portions, definitely,  to equal at least 1000 calories a day,  and see if that makes me drop.


I got my bike tuned up, finally (actually its borrowed from a friend), and went out on it for a few minutes this morning.  The brakes are a little squeaky and the gears seem to be sticking, but other than that its in good shape.  Ill take it out around a local lake bike path later this afternoon...because I wasnt in the mood to ride this morning.  Fight with hubby last night that has extended to this morning. 


Gonna run and do the shred video now before my 9:30 meeting.  Hopefully my next post wont be as boring...


Monday, June 28, 2010

R2P3D29- 1.3 loss

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss 1.3

Saturday weight 142.4

Sunday weight 144
Current Weight 142.6
LIW 143.5
Under LIW .9
Food Tracker (pick June 27th)
Exercise Tracker (yesterday): 1 hour walk with hubby and kids


30 Day shred Level 1 Day 1 Complete!  Have a training this morning, and its really hot outside so I don't really want to run,  so once all the kiddies and hubby left for their days, I popped in the DVD, ready to finally finish the 1st level.  Gotta admit that 1st set of exercises kicked my butt (jump rope, pushups), but the second two sets were pretty easy.  Once I get the 1st set down pat, I think Ill push on and see how tough the second level is.  What a difference not running before the video makes ;).

Anyone know how many cals that 20 minutes is supposed to burn?  Im trying to put it in SparkPeople, but only found one of their videos comparable so Im guessing 130 calories?

This weekend was HOT!  We had a good time though.  Took my biggest with his friend to see Toy Story 3 on Sat, and we all loved it.  Then Hubby and I went for out for our usual Saturday day night to our favorite restaurant (1st time Ive been back since R1P4 in March), and dined on delicious food, and then ice cream for dessert.  Yesterday, since I was up 1.5 I decided to do a steak day, that morphed into a nut day, and then three hamburgers at a birthday party with tomatoes on the side and a piece of sausage day.  A little weird, and not as much loss as a traditional steak day, but it worked ok.  Im still shooting for the holy grail of below 140, and ultimately 130 or below, but for now, I look and feel good, and thats the important thing.    I just wish this heat wave would go away.  That reminds me, need to go water the plants before my meeting. 
Have a great day!

Friday, June 25, 2010

R2P3D26- .6 loss

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss .6
Current Weight 143.1
LIW 143.5
Under LIW .4
Food Tracker (choose June 24th)
Exercise Tracker (yesterday): 40 minutes swimming (1300 m)

Working summer hours today so leaving in 7 minutes to run lots of errands before the start of the weekend, one of which is picking up doggie prozac for my Samantha.  Too much anxiety, poor girl.  More on that later.
Had a piece of ice cream cake again yesterday (stand alone, not at a meal) and still lost today.  I think food combining may be an issue for gain with me.  Ill have to test that theory.  Either way, Im back under LIW, and hopefully still on the downward slope.  I want to see that 140 again soon, and then even lower. 
What about you...what are your short term goals for your weight and health?  Would love to hear an update.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

R2P3D25- .7 loss

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss .7

Current Weight 143.7
LIW 143.5
Over LIW .2
Food Tracker (pick June 23rd)
Exercise Tracker (yesterday): 3 mile walk/run, 13min/ml pace
(it was hot!)

So I ate a piece of the mint chocolate chip cake that a friend brought over for Hubby's party yesterday.  It was vanilla and mint chocolate ice cream loviness with chocolate syrup and a graham cracker crust.  Heaven on a fork (since it was pretty frozen).  I ate pretty well the rest of the day, and I really wanted a piece, so I had it, and two other sweets for the day, and really enjoyed every bite.   
And today Im not craving it, even though its just sitting there minding its own business in the freezer.  Well, lets not think about that.  Today for lunch I have a cheese and bean burrito from Whole Foods, and for breakfast I had an apple with almond butter.  Yummy.  I also have some pulled pork in the frig, some more brussel sprouts, a salad with lots of veggies and goat cheese,  and some hummus.  Lots of good choices to eat today.  And I want to fit in a swim sometime, despite the thunderstorms that are supposed to creep up this afternoon/evening (and for which our Y pool closes at the first hint of thunder or lightning).  Im going to give my legs a break from running today, I think...
Today is Hubby's actual birthday, and he doesnt want to do anything.  I got him a few kitchen must haves for a present (things he wants that I wont mention til tomorrow in case he is reading).  I bought myself a present as well: a Ken Onion Shun knife set from that is gorgeous and I cant wait to try today.  The knives are supposed to be world class, extremely sharp, lifetime warranty...they are sold at William's Sonoma and other high end kitchen stores.  I have wanted one of those knives for a while now, but each one is between $100 and $300, and I couldnt really justify the purchase.  But now that Im seeing clients again this year, and can write the purchase off as a business expense under the guise of needing them for cooking classes, and because they were almost 1/2 price, I decided to get them.  And now hubby and I can both enjoy them.  I will actually be able to cut a tomato or a pepper without having to slice each section a million times.   Yay!  Small wonderful.
Off to the vet for a routine doggy check...have an amazing joy filled day.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

R2P3D24- .2 loss

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss .2

Current Weight 144.4
LIW 143.5
Over LIW .9
Food Tracker (pick June 22nd, though not completely filled in)
Exercise Tracker (yesterday): 3.3 miles running at 12:30pace

Still so exhausted, another bedtime before 8pm last night.  This morning I felt refreshed, though, so I think Im finally catching up.  Ran in the heat again yesterday, but my legs were tired, so I walked a few blocks more than the day before.  Tried to donate blood, but 1) my HGB was too low (12.3 and rechecked 11.9-have to be 12.5 to donate), and I don't qualify to donate double red cells anymore since Im under 150lbs.  That was so funny!  The last time I donated was in October before my HCG journey, and it obviously wasnt an issue then, so they probably didnt even mention it to me.    All that extra water consumption for naught...


Today Im hoping it wont be too hot to exercise at lunch.   Its supposed to be in the mid 90's and that might be a little much for me, though at least my muscles would be easily warmed up.  Yesterday I finally broke out the Jillian 30 Day Shred video, but quit after 15 minutes because the intro was so long and I had to leave for an appointment.    Im going to try again tomorrow (since Im in the office today)....are any of you guys doing it?  Do you like it?  I couldnt do it all (the 15 minutes, I mean) since I had just come back from my run and was really tired. 


Enjoy yourself today, ladies!  Its going to be a beautiful day... 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

R2P3D23- 1.1 loss

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss 1.1
Current Weight 144.7
LIW 143.5
Over LIW 1.2
Exercise Tracker:  4.16 miles jogging at 11:16 min/mil pace
Still totally exhausted from the weekend.  Planned on going to Masters Swim last night but fell asleep before 8pm and woke up at 6am. Today I am busying doing training for my new position, and I also plan to run at lunch, if my belly starts feeling a little better, that seems to be annoyed at me for consuming 2oz of nuts and succumbing to the 16oz monster Diet Mountain Dew this morning.  I dont do well with aspartame, but I seem to fall privy to its charms every so often (hubby is going to have to start hiding it again). 
Later I will have a lovely massage and donate lots of double red cells-it is much better to donate those since they can use everything in its donated state, even though the donation takes an hour instead of the normal 20 minutes and you cant donate again for 3 months.  I urge you to donate if you can, esp O neg peeps. 
Little disappointed about only losing 1.1 from my steak day (since I lost 3 the last time), but I guess the protocol is have to do it exactly the day after, or the affect is greatly minimized.  I just hope this extra 4.7lbs come off this week...Im going to refer to my correction days ebook to see if there is anything in there I can try.  Originally I thought a nut day would work today, but not if my belly isnt going to cooperate.  So maybe Ill do that tomorrow...
And just to let you know, no dishes or the dishwasher was harmed in my mad dash to clean for the party.  All of the dishes are now residing in their proper place (yes, the drying rack), and the box in the basement has been inventoried and emptied.  MGM, I definitely would have used the dishwasher as a store all, but it didnt have enough room ;)!  I did find a few pens in there though !?!>!?!>!>!?!?!? 
Heres hoping your day contains lots of good and interesting maybe Ill finally get a chance to read your post today! Love to you all... 

Monday, June 21, 2010

R2P3D22-1.8 gain

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Gain 1.8

Sunday Gain 4.0

Saturday loss 2.0
Current Weight 145.8
LIW 143.5
Over LIW 2.3

Exercise Tracker:

Friday: working out in garden 2 hours, lots of housework

Saturday: running around getting everything ready for Hubby's surpise birthday party

Sunday: cleaning up after said party

So I threw my husband a surprise birthday party on Saturday night, and somehow I actually pulled it off.  It was so hard not to post all of the trials I had while planning it and keeping it a secret (hiding the party food, making up a visit from a distant friend, not telling my oldest,  getting the help of friends to store beer, pick up ice and food trays, etc).  It was exhausting.  But he was so surprised, and every one seemed to have a great time. 
Friday was spent trying to attend to the last minute details and making sure the landscaping out front and back was done.  I had a beautiful rock garden done in the front, and we ran out of rocks, so I had to climb under bushes in the side yard to get more out of hiding (why put rocks under bushed where they cant be seen, I wonder of the old house owners?).  I was so busy, I forgot to eat, and ended up only consuming about 5oz of mixed nuts throughout the day followed by ham steak covered in horseradish cheddar dip for dinner.  And I lost 2 lbs!  I got down to 140 on Sat (unchartered territory).  Wow.
Saturday was crazy...I had my in laws pick up the kids 5 minutes after Hubby left for work (8am), and went crazy getting all the furniture, food, etc out.  At 2pm, when everyone starting arriving, I had NO food made, had just finished throwing all the dishes in the dishwasher-on top of clean dishes already in there-and I took a box and threw everything still on the coffee table and on the counter in it, with no regards to what is was (mixed nuts, gift cards, a shoe, books, and paints were some of the contents).  Some of my friends volunteered to help, and I readily accepted.  By 2:25, some of the food was cooked, the tent was up, the lights outside had batteries, Mark was on his way, and I was happily enjoying my first drink.  Gotta love it. 
The best part of the whole weekend was that I didn't throw any tantrums, didn't get completely mentally overwhelmed like I normally do before parties, and I didn't dwell (much) on the things I forgot to do, or didn't have time to do, such as putting up the happy birthday banner I made (for all the guests to sign and give to Hubby as a gift)-AND the second best thing was  that my hubby knows how much he is loved. 
Now I have to figure out what to do with myself.  This whole party has so consumed me that I feel a little lost not having to plan or pick up anything up.  Though I guess I still have a lot of stuff to return still, and the basement shelving needs to be put back in order, and I still have to see what, if anything, lays broken shoved at the bottom of the dishwasher.  And I start my new position today and have lots of training to do, and information to addition to losing that 5.8lbs I gained over the weekend.
I'm up 2.3 over LIW, the highest Ive been in all of P3 (which is why I doing extra P3 days this round).  I really should've have done a steak day yesterday with that 4lb gain, but darn those leftovers were SO tempting (and I was still only .5 over LIW-dont you love my excuses?).   I know Im going to be tempted once Im off protocol (I guess that will be starting this week) and going into lifetime maintenence, so Im grateful I have the tools to get me down quickly.  And I know too that my plan is to weigh only weekly, and have one day a week when I can let this is ok.  This gain is only temporary.  I'm going to run and swim today in addition to eating lots of steak.  And tomorrow I have a massage scheduled and will do high protein, high fat, and no addition to donating blood (that should get me down, right?).  So Im not worried.  I want this great new body to stay that way, and Ill work hard to achieve it, while not driving myself too crazy. 
Now that Im down, the mental work I will start doing will keep me here.  And get me that 15-2o more lbs down that I want to be.
How about you....any big plans for the week? 

Friday, June 18, 2010

R2P3D19-.6 loss

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss .6
Yesterday's Loss .7
Current Weight 142
LIW 143.5
Under LIW 1.5
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 47
Exercise Tracker: 40 minutes swimming
Sorry for the missed post yesterday, catching up on some much needed sleep.  Been pretty stressful at work since Wednesday- I found out that the position I accepted (doing only data review which is so boring for the next 1.5 yrs), the one that was going to allow me to work at home 5 days instead of my current 3 days- is not going to allow it for the forseeable future (they said at least 3 months).  So my disappointment and frustration are palpable (fun word, huh?).   For the first time in a long time, I was so upset I literally didnt know what to do.  It was raining out, I was in the office, and I didnt want to go shopping or go stress eat.  I thought I couldnt go workout due to the rain, and then a friend reminded me of the covered parking garage.  So I ran there.  The scenery was pretty horrendous, as was the cigarette smoke plume every time I ran a lap, but it was so needed. During that time, I reminded myself of my prosperity, I have a job, it allows me to work from home 3 days, allows me to have the family time I need, allows me the income to pursue my other interests.  And I felt better.  And I gave myself credit, for sticking up for myself in a meeting and saying exactly how I felt (despite the fact that the woman I spoke with now looks at me funny and avoids me in the hall), and knowing that in the long run, my saying how I felt wouldn't change things for the better, and might in fact hinder my creditability and perception of my work ethic.   So I need to keep looking at the jobs as a means to an end, and if it becomes unbearable, then I'll leave.  At least, after I finished paying for the bathroom remodel that I have planned ;). 
Yesterday was a much better day, especially since I was not in the office.  I got all my work done, tidied up the house, and got ready for the weekend.  Today, I woke up early, and my biggest and I did a loop around the park-him in the jogging stroller-for a 4 mile walk.  Felt good, and Im glad to have it out of the way, especially since its supposed to be so hot out starting today.  I start my new position on Monday, so today Ill spend tying up all the loose ends on my current studies.
And the landscaper is on the way to put in some hydrangeas...yay, curb appeal!  I did decide to wait on the front walkway...too many options and I cant decide what exactly I want.  Once my life is a little less stressful Ill start planning again.  And reading the Beck Diet Solution, and the rest of the 4 day win, and ...on and on...
Ladies (and my gent), I hope this Fathers Day weekend is a wonderful weekend for you.  And I promise to start looking back into the blogroll again soon...darn blocking on my computer!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

R2P3D17- .2 gain

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Gain .2
Current Weight 143.3
LIW 143.5
Under LIW .2
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 45.7
Food Tracker (choose June 15th)
Exercise Tracker: 45 minute walk run (average 14min mile pace) with my biggest in the jogging stroller
Functioning on 5 hours of sleep today, IM SO TIRED.  Went to bed at 1am after coaching 7 hours and working a full day (8 hrs).  Then my littlest decides to get up at 6am this morning, and my hubby was already out the door to work out so I had to get him.  I will definitely need an early bedtime tonight. 
My lunch plan is to run/walk if the weather cooperates...I hope it wakes me up a little.
And I hope you guys have a great day today...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

R2P3D16- 1.3 gain

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Gain 1.3
Current Weight 143.1
LIW 143.5
Under LIW .4
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 45.9
Food Tracker (choose June 14th)
Exercise Tracker: 45 minute walk run (average 14min mile pace) with my biggest in the jogging stroller
Gained after I ate one of those skinny cow ice cream cookie sandwiches...though Im not saying thats the only culprit.  My body seems to like this weight.  I just hope when I start trying to lose again in P4 that it doesnt keep staying here...I want to see the 130s sometime REAL soon. 
I was SO tired at Masters swim yesterday, not sure why.  Today I felt really good working out, but it seemed way too short.  Looks like Im getting addicted to the heavy workout adrenaline rush.
Roof is fixed, yay! And may get a new stone paver walkway put in starting tomorrow (surprise Honey!).  Just have to pick the pavers color, slale grey (which weathers to a cool blue) or red harvest.  Im going to have to ask Hubby to pick a color, I bet...
Happy Tuesday, everyone.  Here's hoping you get more sleep than I get tonight!

Monday, June 14, 2010

R2P3D15- 2.9 Loss

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss 2.9 (from Steak Day-wow!)
Current Weight 141.8
Saturday gain .4
Sunday gain 2.5
LIW 143.5
Under LIW 1.7
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 47.2
Food Tracker (choose June 13th)
Exercise Tracker:
Saturday 40 minute walking 4.1 mil/hr pace
Sunday: 25 minute walking 4.0 mil/hr pace, 10 minutes biking
So this weekend was busy, but so fun.  Date night with my hubby on Friday was FABULOUS!  We went to a great restaurant, had veggies that were SO good, we actually ordered more of them, enjoyed two delicious bottles of wine between us, saw a great fireworks show, enjoyed a scoop of chocolate ice cream, and met this really cool woman who also does tris and runs a LIFE is GOOD shop in town.  Best thing was actually only gaining .4 on Saturday even though I had ice cream and wine (and a huge workout).   Saturday I hit some garage sales, and ended up getting a ton of great clothes really cheap. 
The pig roast that we went to Saturday afternoon was AMAZING.  There was a full pig and all the trimmings, a full bar, two kegs, tons of alcohol, tons of desserts, veggies, a moon bounce with slide, trampoline and playset for the kids, and such great people.  I had so much fun that I kept my littlest up 2 hrs past his bedtime.  And hubby didnt get back with my biggest (who normally goes to bed at 8pm) until Midnight!  I ate a ton that day, and enjoyed almost every bite (except when I was around this old guy that kept commenting on how much I was eating...I didnt like him :)-.  I ate so much that I felt sick to my stomach (I think it was the alcohol I mixed actually-wine then strawberry daqauri-then wine, not a good combo), but I kept everything down.   And I drank water the rest of the night. 
Today was my son's last day at school.  He starts camp next Monday, so my inlaws are going to help with him this week so I can get tons of things done for work.  I start my new position next Monday, and Im really looking forward to it.  Havent had time to review any of the Beck Diet Solution, so Ill comment more on that next week.   Im off to Masters in a few minutes (that is if my stomach starts feeling better, I had some strawberries just now, and they are not sitting really well in my stomach.
Hope everyone had a great weekend, and see you tomorrow!

Friday, June 11, 2010

R2P3D12- .7 loss

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss .7
Current Weight 142.6
LIW 143.5
Under LIW .9
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 46.6
Food Tracker (choose June 10th)
Exercise Tracker (yesterday): 45 minutes running, 11 min/mile pace, 15 minutes walking (YES, I RAN 4 MILES!!!!)
Boy was yesterday busy.  Worked in the office, ran at lunch, left work, stopped at Target to pick up a few things, picked up my biggest from the inlaws on the way home, got home, wrapped biggest's teachers presents for his graduation today, made dinner for hubby, ran out the door to drop biggest at the gym with hubby, off to the food distribution volunteer gig, left that at 7:45, off to the produce mart to get fruit for the tray I need to make for the graduation, and then off to book club immediately after.  By 10:45pm, when I got home, I was exhausted!!!!!  And still am, for that matter. 
But the fruit tray is made, all men and boys have left the building, and Im breathing a little easier, despite the fact that today's schedule looks much like yesterday's.  And can you believe that I ran so far yesterday?  I couldn't.  I just told myself a little longer, a little longer, to that street light, etc...its funny, but I need a good 5 minutes of walking to stretch out before my legs will even think of running, and then after that they seem to cooperate and do what my mind tells them.  When I was finished, I was bright red for the next 1/2 hour, but I felt really great.  I wonder if Im going to keep this up?
Last night at Book Club, I had two small glasses of wine and some strawberries, and I was so full.  That running made me full all day (ok, maybe the guac did it too, that really feels me up!).  I think I came in under 1300 calories for the day.  I know, however, that I will probably have lots more than that tomorrow night and Saturday (pig roast party at a neighbors house).   Theres lots of steak in the house for Sunday, if needed.
Had lots of grapes, blueberries and cherries this morning with some almond butter while making the fruit tray.  I know, no sugar, but they were yummy, and its all heathy stuff....and thats how Im going to be eating all the time starting in 10 days, so I feel good about it.  Tonight Hubby and I are going to try a new restaurant in New Hope, and then watch some fireworks.  Im really excited about it, its going to be a great night. 

Hope you guys have a great day today!  And maybe this weekend do something that exceeds your expectations, or try something you think you can't do if the mood strikes never know what might happen.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

R2P3D11- 1.3 gain

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Gain 1.3
Current Weight 143.3
LIW 143.5
Under LIW .2
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 45.9
Food Tracker (choose June 9th)
Exercise Tracker (yesterday): 35 minutes running, 11 min/mile pace

I did a 5K yesterday, Yay!, without stopping, Yay!, just because I said why not.  I went out for a quick run before lunch because it looked like it was going to rain and I wanted to get outside.  But I needed to get back within 40 minutes, so I said to myself, lets just start jogging in the neighborhood and see how it goes.  So I looped around my neighborhood (2.2 miles) and then said what the heck, Im feeling ok, and went out into another neighborhood, one with a HUGE hill that I forgot about, and I ran the whole thing.  I was so tired afterwards, but I felt like I accomplished so much.
Up today thanks to way too many figs, eating potentially sugar ridden chicken and homeade balsamic vinegar dressing (no packaging left to review), two small glasses of Pinot Grigio,  the run, and most likely consuming too many calories too late (1700 for the day, not bad for my BMR (1684), but as I noticed last round that anything over 1500 despite exercise causes a gain).  I can't wait until Im weighing just once a week so these daily fluctations dont have me constantly trying to explain them. 
Book club was fun as always, and the food was delicious.  Thanks Lindsay!!!  Today will be highly protein and fat based...roasted chicken, steak, almond butter (2 tbl only), guacamole, and lots of veggies.   And tomorrow if Im up again Ill do a steak day.  Technically it is not called for since I am under my LIW, but I wanted to see 130 again as soon as P3 is over (next Sunday, the 20th), so Im going to see how I do 2lbs under LIW until then.  Got to it a few days ago and that was fun. 
Exercise today will be another run at lunchtime (until I get tired...dont need to do that 5K again today), and tonight will be my other bookclub (Still Alice by Lisa Genova- really good) after volunteering at my food club's distribution night.  Lots of stuff to do!  Tomorrow is my oldest's PreK graduation...can't believe he starts kindergarten in the fall, where does the time go? 
Mine is running low now, so off I go...have a wonderful day.
And yes, for BDS, I will sit and eat in my chair today for lunch and dinner after failing to do it for breakfast (1 tbsp almond butter sucked right out of the measuring spoon) and lots of Teavana Chai flavored with Chocolate Stevia (yum!)-just water with the tea, in case you're wondering.  And I will finally look into that Day 3 giving myself credit. 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Some fun things

and a great article about looking great in a bikini (because you do even if you think you dont!).

R2P3D10- .5 gain

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3

Daily Gain .5
Current Weight 142
LIW 143.5
Under LIW 1.5
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 47.2
Food Tracker
Exercise Tracker (yesterday): 2.5hr yoga class; Swim lesson (swam 15 minutes or so)

I ate less than 1000 calories yesterday, and a gain today...wonder if the dried figs have a lot more calories than I think they do?  I ended up buying dried turkish figs yesterday instead of the dried california ones (that only have sulfur added) I got the last time since the woman wasn't at the market...and they might? have added sugar...not sure.

Surprisingly not too sore from yesterday's exertions.  Today Im going to try to get some exercise outside, even though it is supposed to be cold and rainy the whole day, and then tonight is Book Club.  We read the Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck and I really enjoyed it.  Good food, good wine, good company, great night!

Eat slowly and mindfully from BDS is on the agenda today, though I scarfed down breakfast and didnt pay any attention.  I will intend now to be mindful for the rest of the day. 

Got any good plans for Hump Day?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

R2P3D9- 1.4 loss

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss 1.4
Current Weight 141.5
LIW 143.5
Under LIW 2
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 47.7
Food Tracker
Exercise Tracker (yesterday): Run/walk 3.31 miles at 12.18mile pace; 1600m swim (50 minutes)

Down a whopping 1.4, that works for me.  And I got the new position-YIPPEE...which will allow me to work from home 100% until December 2011.  Another YIPEE!!!  Im really excited.  Though the work sounds dull, the woman I will be reporting too sounds wonderful, and it will be great to work for sane and nice managers this time around. 

Yoga today was resplendant, wonderful, lovely.  I had such a wonderful session.  And I'm full on both fresh and dried figs.  Now all I have left for the day besides work is a swim lesson, picking up my biggest, and a playdate for him this afternoon. 
Today's BDS task is to eat slowly and mindfully (and Im going to focus on this one for the next few days I think, so I still need to finish Day 4's giving credit task).  Now, I gotta admit, I didnt eat anything but a tablespoon of almond butter before yoga, since it is not good to be digesting in class, so I was a little hungry when I picked up the figs.  6 of the dried ones were in my belly before I knew it.  But I was mindful of them going down, they were delicious and gorgeous and also I really enjoyed the fresh was my first time having one.  And now Im full, even though Ive eaten so little up to this point in the day.  Ill have lunch a little later when I feel hungry.

Have a wonderful day, my friends!

Monday, June 7, 2010

R2P3D8- 1.1 gain

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Gain 1.1
Current Weight 142.9 (was 141.8 yesterday)
LIW 143.5
Under LIW .6
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 46.3
Food Tracker
Exercise Tracker (yesterday): Walk 3 miles with both kids in the jogging stroller

Had an oatmeal raisin cookie and some sugar free chocolate yesterday.  Yummy, but gained.  Hopefully I wont keep going up tomorrow if I go running today.
Really busy week...swimming tonight, swim lesson and long yoga class tomorrow night, book clubs Wed and Thur night, son's pre-k grad Friday, party sat...all definitely fun stuff, all dangerous territory (gain from working out or cheating).  I have to make sure I have a plan for everything to keep on track.
Re the BDS, eat sitting down task...thats definitely a hard one when I am on the go.  I was able to do it for about 1/2 of the weekend.  How about you?  Day 4 task's is to give yourself credit.  Yay, Kelly, you did the sitting down eating thing 1/2 the time...when I have a little more time to write I will post the rest of this task...but definitely make sure you uys pat yourself on the back, you are doing GREAT!!!!

Interviewing for my new position today (my company contracts my services out, and my current project is ending).  Wish me luck!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

R2P3D7- .2 loss

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss .2Current Weight 142
LIW 143.5
Under LIW 1.7
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 47.2
Exercise Tracker (yesterday): Non
Still lots of good fats yesterday...more almond butter, guacamole, cashews and pistacios (nut mix), and goat cheese.   And I havent been adding in one thing at a time...just going with what worked for me last P3 and it still seems to be working.  High on the fats, definitely.  Helped run a garage sale yesterday after I did the rounds of my neighborhood, and actually made more than I spent.  Was also happy that I did not gain or lose anything after my lunch at Cheesecake Factory and dinner out with some friends at the Freight House.  I definitely ate P3 style, oils, nuts, lots of non startchy veggies and proteins, big salads, and it seems like my body is stabilizing well.  I did not work out on Friday or Saturday, but this morning I walked for 3 miles with both kids in the stroller.

Last night I had the most delicious food and wine on my date night.  A huge mixed greens salad with goat cheese, salami, aged balsamic vinegar, almonds, grilled onions-heavenly!  And three glasses of amazing sangria.  I was WASTED!  But it was fun.  Met some friends after dinner and got home at the reasonable hour of 11pm...I was a little hung over this morning, thats for sure.  Its the first time Ive drank since my last round. 

Today off to brunch with the inlaws.  Have a great Sunday!

Friday, June 4, 2010

R2P3D5- 1.1 loss

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss 1.1
Current Weight 142
LIW 143.5
Under LIW 1.5
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 47
Food Tracker (click here)  and choose 6/3/2010 as the date
Exercise Tracker (yesterday): 1450m swim (40 minutes)
Lots of good fats yesterday...I added in almond butter (no ingredients other than the almonds), guacamole, cashews and pistacios (nut mix), and salmon in addition to my proteins and strawberries.  Yesterday was a stressful day, but at least I made good choices (though I had cravings, let me tell you).  PMS seems to be rearing its ugly head for the second time in the past two weeks, so Ive been getting set off so easily.  I think too that I tend to get a little depression after the HCG is out of my system, at least thats what happened last time and with both of my pregnancies, so my kids and hubby know to stay a little clear, just in case.
Lunch today will be at the Cheesecake Factory, and Im a little nervous.  Im going to go online and plan my meal prior to going so I wont be tempted to stray.  Im not worried about going full hog for cheesecake, I could take it or leave it, but those darn Buffalo Blasts are addictive and delicious fried goodness.  Hubby jokingly (I think?) asked me to bring him home something (ie Buffalo Blasts) and I told him it might be a little too much for me to have them in the house, or on the table at the restaurant, or in the car on the seat next to me... at this time. 
For breakfast today I tried a Fage 2% plain yogurt, and wasn't impressed.  I added strawberries to it to make it a little more palatable, but maybe its an aquired taste.  Also had a fig (and brought more to work to snack on), and a tbl of almond butter on celery (and my finger, yum!).  Feeling content and satisfied, and only 177 calories total.  Pretty good. 
This weekend is going to be fun: our community is hosting a garage sale, and I always get such good deals, and my inlaws are coming over to sell and help my biggest with his lemonade stand (and I think my MIL is just finding this out as she reads this-dont worry, Mom, itll be fun!).  Then date night tomorrow night, (I can eat now!!!  No more dry steak and romaine for me)!  Sunday there is a festival locally, though I cant remember what it is right now, and probably bunch with the family. 
Today's task for BDS is to pick two diets to follow.  Two in case the first doesnt work.  We all know my first one: HCG, and that it works.  And my second, that I will follow this summer, is the one my friend is doing and having great results with.  I dont know all the details, but it is basically a counting and changing up a calorie system, and she can eat what she likes in moderation, and exercise.  And that was my plan for the summer anyway, so it will be nice to have a regimen to fall back on just in case.  Im feeling a little limited right now about having to stabilize and not lose anymore for the next three weeks, but I know I need to do it.  I have to let go of that 130, or even 125, number right now, and know that my body will get there when its ready after I do a lot more hard work...and I know all the reasons why I want to get there too, thanks to my handy dandy notebook, I mean advantages response card :)...
And I think since I know Day 2's task already, I'll do Day 3 as well, which is eat sitting down (to be more conscious of the food that you are eating).  And Im not going to think about the fact that I did not have breakfast sitting down this morning, since I was busy packing my snacks and watching the kids run around...Ill start from right now. 
What are your big plans for the weekend?  Want to follow the BDS along with me?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

R2P3D4- 1.1 gain

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Gain 1.1
Current Weight 143.1
LIW 143.5
Under LIW .4
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 45.9
Exercise Tracker (yesterday): Run 2 miles (slow pace), walk .9 miles.
Think all the lactic acid buildup in my legs from running two days in a row may have caused the gain, cause I ate clean and under 1500 calories (my BMR is 1684) legs were sore today.  And I think that contributed to my crappy showing at Masters Swim tonight.  I used my pull buoy (which buoys the legs to get more of an arm and back workout) for most of the 1450m I swam. 
I also had a ton of gas...all the cheese and oil and fat building up, I guess.  TMI for some, huh?  Hoping to see a loss tomorrow...would love to be consistently 2 under LIW so when I start the serious workouts I wont go too above LIW. 
Stressful day today...too much heat and lots of annoying things the vitacost order I placed which was to arrive today was damaged in shipping and wont arrive now til Monday...I ordered a ton of stuff for P3, and now I have to wait an extra 4 days to get it.  And it took me over 2 hours to get the order rebooked...and the roof is leaking, and the basement has moisture, the vertigo is rearing its ugly head when I work on the computer (and thats a lot) and Im trying to book a vacation to the beach for the family and no one from the rentals are calling me back...oh well, I definitely think TOM is going to make his appearance very soon.  
See you all in the morning...lunch with a friend I havent seen in a long time is on the agenda tomorrow , so Im really looking forward to that.
Good night, dearies...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

R2P3D3-.9 loss

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss .9
Current Weight 142.0
LIW 143.5
Under LIW 1.5
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 47

Food Tracker:  16 oz sirloin steak, 2 oz sirlon, 2 large hothouse tomatoes, 1 apple (steak day)
Exercise Tracker: Run 2 miles (slow pace, stopped in between mile 1 and 2 for about 5 minutes), walk 1.3 miles.
Wow, I couldnt believe I ran yesterday.  I didnt even plan for it.  I was going to do the JM Shred video, even went so far as to move the coffee table over to the couch so I would have room, and then I noticed the storm clouds.  Checked and found out it was supposed to thunderstorm in about an hour, so I decided to go for a quick walk before my shred.  And then I was walking for a few minutes, and said what the heck, Im going to run until my legs are tired and see how far I get...and then I went a mile, and was shocked.   Walked for a few minutes because there was a HUGE hill and my legs were really tired, and started again at the top.  The funniest thing was that I had to drag my dog...she was really tired.  She used to run with my hubby all the time but not for a while, and the poor thing is out of shape ;).  Stopped at the library on the way home to pick up some books, fully expecting to walk the rest of the way, and then said hey, why not run (or honestly, lets say slow jog, because thats really the truth) again, and ran the rest of the way home (all downhill, yay!) with books and dog in hand.  Missed the rain by about 10 minutes.  And never found the strength in my legs or the time in the rest of my day's schedule to do the shred.  Walking/running on the agenda today since Im in the office, and then onto Shred once again tomorrow (in addition to Masters Swim).  I feel pretty good.
Just got the Beck Diet Solution (Judith Beck) from the library based on a recommendation from a SparkPeople friend, and have found it interesting so far.  Ill be posting my tasks from that book here, as well as getting back to Martha Beck's Four Day Wins over the next month.  There is no way I am going to sabotage the weight Ive lost by going right back to my excuses and poor eating habits. 
As always, stick around to catch the highjinks of a clumsy athletic girl who is going to work her body and mind into a weight burning gorgeous well oiled machine with some slips thrown in for good measure...
Beck Diet Solution (BDS) Daily Task #1: Create an Advantages Response Card
Create a card that you can carry with you all times and review when you need it, or at a minimum twice per day.  On this card you list all the reasons you want to lose weight.
Here is mine:
I want to release weight so:
  • I will look so much better
  • I will feel so much better: sexy, self confident, FREE from compulsion and obsession about my food and my body
  • I will fit into size 2 and 4's
  • I will be a MILF
  • I will be mentally clearer and have better focus and moods since Ill be eating whole unprocessed foods
  • Ill get to cook more and learn lots of great recipes
  • Ill spend more time in the kitchen, with my family
  • I will be able to more clearly recognize my body's needs/signals and meet those needs
  • I will set a good example/serve as an inspiration for my family, friends, and clients
  • I will know I can reach any goal/do anything I put my mind to
  • I wont be embarrassed by the way I look (when running yesterday I noticed this-Im not embarressed to run anymore)
  • Things wont jiggle so much when Im working out
  • Ill get lots of good attention
  • Ill feel in control
  • I wont need to obsess or worry about my body or FOOD anymore
  • Ill be able to look and feel great in a bikini
  • Ill be in the best shape of my life
  • Ill be able to focus more on the important things in my life: home, family, friendships, love
  • Ill be less self critical
  • Ill enjoy my physical relationship with my hubby more
  • Ill have more energy to play with my kids
  • Ill be better able to manage my cravings
  • Ill pamper myself in ways that are not food related
  • Ill FEEL my feelings instead of stuffing them with food (scary and good)
  • I wont feel GUILTY! or depressed about how I look
  • Ill be much easier to work out and do races
  • Ill be able to teach/coach others to do what I did (mind and body techiniques)
  • ill be more sucessful in my careers (coaching and otherwise)
  • Ill have more friends
  • I will have more creditability in my coaching practice
  • My kids will be better nourished, and have a better attitude and understanding about healthy food, and food in general (since I wont give them my food obsession)-this is HUGE~
Wow, this was a pretty cool exercise...but boy, do I have lots to read twice a day :)
After doing this, you are supposed to carry the card with you, refer to it as often as you need to when tempted by food cravings, or stressful situations.  You can also post it on the frig, the mirror, etc.  And set yourself a reminder on your computer or phone to read the card at least once per day at a specific time.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

R2P3D2-What a weekend!

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Current Weight 142.9
LIW 143.5
Under LIW .6
Total R2P2 Loss (from loading) 21.8
Sat weight 142.2 (-1.3)
Sun weight 141.3 (-.9)
R2P3D1 Mon weight 141.8 (+.5)
Total Loss to date from R1 Start: 46.1

Food Tracker:  What didnt I eat this weekend is a better question!  Lots of no-nos that were wonderful...little binging going on, but aware of it, and ok with it.
Exercise Tracker: Only one walk all weekend on Sunday due to the busy weekend, and a lingering vertigo episode.
My last injection of P2 was Friday.  It was a difficult decision, since my plan was to wait until after TOM arrived, and perhaps lose another 3 or 4 lbs before the end of the round, but I was fed up with my slow losses, and know that I made the right decision.  And the funny thing is that TOM has still not arrived!  No, Im not worried, this happened at the end of R1P2 as well.  Friday I ate my normal 500 calories.
Saturday I made a modified steak day, since I knew I would be doing my garage sales all day and probably wouldnt be around until 2 or 3.  I did have a mini soft pretzel in the morning, and apple for lunch, and then for date night my standard eight ounce steak with a tomato.  I also had a piece of flatbread pizza and a bite of hummus off my hubby's plate.  Very delicious.  That was after hubby took me to see Sex and the City 2, which I LOVED.  It was fabulous.  After dinner, we parted ways, him to watch hockey with the boys, and me to have a bath and a cup of tea before bed.  It was a great night (and about 750 calories for the day).
Sunday we went out for lunch with my in-laws to Lambertville, NJ (about 20 minutes from our house, an arty/antique town right on the deleware river), after I cooked all the greens that I got from my local food buying club:
I made collard greens with carmelized onions and bacon (delicious!!!!), as well as a mix of tat soi (chinese green), collards, kale, and swiss chard with almond flakes, carmelized onions and minced garlic.  I ate a ton of the collards with bacon for breakfast on Sunday, (even though I knew the bacon had a little sugar), so I wasn't too hungry at lunchtime and only ate a little of my chicken with romaine at lunchtime.  Plus a few sips of my hubby's margarita, and a few kettle cooked chips.  After lunch we walked over to the ice cream shop and I shared a cup of rainbow sherbet and chocolate ice cream with my biggest-always room for ice cream.  And yes, I know you're thinking, Kelly, no sugar no starch for three weeks, remember.  But Sunday and Monday I treated like I was not on any diet, ate what I wanted, and then planned to do a steak day today to make up for it.  I was so full after all that food, that I only had a few bites of leftover steak for dinner-no more than an ounce-and a few cups of tea at the end of the night (total for day, about 900 calories). 
Yesterday, we BBQd for lunch-Hot Italian Bison Sausage with Corn on the Cob, Chicken marinated in Braggs and Sea Salt, and a huge salad filled with four types of sweet peppers, cucumbers, hothouse tomatoes, and garden fresh romaine with baby greens.  And I tried the WF Thousand Island Dressing with it.  I really liked it.  I also had lots of fresh strawberries, yum!  Later in the afternoon we went to a friends house, and I feasted on grilled sweet potatoes marinated in olive oil and scallions, and another big salad of mixed greens, grape tomatoes and softened goat cheese!  For dessert (get ready to be shocked and appalled), I had one chocolate chip cookies, a piece of eclair pie, two big pieces of yellow cake with whipped cream and strawberries, two oatmeal raisin cookies, and two decorated shortbread cookies.  A little much, but I couldnt stop eating them (probably about 2000 calories for the day, though it was day 1 of P3).  It was a well deserved 1.5 lbs gained this morning (I weighed myself again after my trip to the bathroom, so it only says 1.1 lbs above).  And today, Im back on track, and feeling satisfied and happy.  And I had such a great time with my family all weekend.  What a way to start the summer, and the rest of my weight release journey.  Though I want to lose another 18lbs, Im not planning on doing another round this yr unless I cant lose those eighteen by September through my working out and eating well.   If not, Ill do one final round in October, after all my tri training is finished, and in time to finish so I can enjoy Thanksgiving...and no more long rounds for me.  Short and sweet the rest of the way...
How was your Memorial Day weekend?
ps...Today, Im starting my exercise regime that will carry me through the three triathlons I plan to do (first one is August 1st!).  I may try to start the Cto5K depending on how hot it is, and I plan to try Day 1 of the 30 Day Shred that I have read so many of you have tried and hated, but got great results.  So wish me luck!
pss...Im going to take my remaining HCG and fill my syringes with it (about two weeks worth).  Then Ill wrap them in aluminum foil and freeze them for use during an upcoming round. 
psss.. Helederheid, 30 inches is perfect.  Im 5'5" so that would be great, if you were serious that me via email and we can discuss the logistics-THANKS!

Kelly Scotti
Certified Holistic Health Counselor, AADP
Founder and Director, Flying Dragon Wellness
Inspiring people to deliciously nourish their bodies and minds.