Monday, November 29, 2010

Another week

has passed and finally the craziness of November is past (think four birthday parties, thanksgiving, two yoga weekends, and more!).  Next week starts my 2 week vacation from work, and this week starts my lets get back on track program.  Ive spent the last month being miserable about gaining all my R3 weight back plus some, but the excuses are over, and Im ready for action.  I thought about doing a really short round before xmas, but nixed it, since I think the last round is what set off my eat everything in site for a month binge, and I dont want to go down that path again right now.  Instead I have some things I plan to do everyday, as well as an intention for everything to work out as it should (and not be so strict about what that should look like, since my thoughts might be limiting).  I think something that really threw me off in the last month was the daily weight gain and my daily beration about that, and my forgetting that it actually took me as long to gain the 13lbs as it did to lose them on R3 (since my berating myself made me eat more in rebellion), so I also intend to be honest and gentle with myself (yes, I know, I try this a lot, one of these times it'll stick!).

As of today, Im back to 146lbs. I do mourn the gain of those 13 lbs, but I also see them as an opportunity to do better, and as a reminder of what is at stake.  I feel so much better in my skin when I am lighter.  I can do more physically, fit into my clothes, when I am lighter I am eating better and thus feeling better; mentally clear, physically strong.   I have a few weapons in my weight loss arsenal that I seem to forget about, and yes, EFT is one those, thanks ladies for those comments, as well as some ayurvedic options that I want to try.  And I really think that by making my food every day in December (one new recipe a day is the goal), it will get me to a place of acceptance with food, and my desires, and get me back to a place of food being fun and nourishing rather than me vs food, which causes much angst in my head. 

My basics are going to be:
1) Daily Multivitamin
2) Fish Oil/ Omega 3 supplement
3) Daily Food Intake Tracking on SparkPeople
4) 2000mg Vitamin D
5) Try my best to avoid all SODA
6) Yoga min 3xs week (goal is one class every day in Dec that Im off work)
7) Jogging min 2x week
8) Masters Swim min 1x week

I also want to try some new classes at the Y.  They have a body pump class, which is heavy weight training in a class setting.   And I need to get used to running on a treadmill unless I want to freeze outside when Im running. 

Im also doing a huge house clearing out.  Im trying to get organized and have on my to do list to get rid of tons of far, Ive sold 6 or 7 things on my local craigslist (yay!), and Im getting bookcases made for my office, which will be good, since I have SO many books these days (that will be my lending library for my nutrition clients-right now its known as my 'so many books in boxes all over my office floor mess').  

Im really looking forward to having some time to myself without having to work, and spend time pampering myself and my family with good food, daily movement, and cleaning out.  Anyone local to Pa-come by and we'll cook together!


Monday, November 22, 2010


Wow, its been a while since I last posted.  Sorry about that, I was caught up in my food coma.  Still trying to take it one day at a time, but it seems like the sugar is winning.  I do so well for a few hours or even most of the day, and then are thrust into the trenches of hell when I find that someone has brought something sweet home, or the yoga studio is serving cookies, or...on and on.  Im back up to my LIW from R2, up 10 lbs from my lowest weight on R3, and hoping to settle somewhere in between after the holidays and birthday hoopla is over.  Im still planning on focusing on my health in December (yoga every day and a new healthy recipe) everyday, in addition to adding in Body Pump classes to see if I like them.  That will be the key, right?

I just wish I could be one of those people that didnt crave sweets, that didnt have a problem obssessing over food, who could eat in moderation all the time, stop when I am full, and be satisfied.  Until then, Im going to keep working, and SMILING, right? 

Have a wonderful thanksgiving, guys.  Ill catch you next week!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

On the eve of my 39th yr

So Im turning 38 in 13 minutes...pretty wild.  Im up to about 141, lbs, and I decided to stop the diet a week ago last Sat, and have skipped all of the no sugar no starch thing as well.  Im about 3 lbs above my LIW, but Im feeling fine.  Im trying to eat according to what I feel my body needs, in addition to some added treats to combat my sugar cravings...yes, I succumb.  But its all good.  Ive been doing yoga everyday in addition to running twice last week (and somehow hurting my hip), and in December, Im going to start weight training in addition to my daily yoga.  I was having a lot of issues with compulsive eating over the last month or so, as those of you that follow me know, and I decided that the only way to really not feed into that any more was to stop limiting myself with the protocol, and start listening to my body.  So thats what Im trying.  Im a work in progress and some days are good, and some are bad. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Advice Needed

Current Weight 137.3
Daily Loss .7

So I need some advice...I didnt take my injection yesterday (though I have about 9 syringes left), and Im wondering if I should keep going or stop and have my LI be Sat?  Im still up 4 lbs from my lowest on this round, and still 12 up from my goal weight, so part of me wants to stay on it and see if I can get down a little more, and part of me is so done with this round.   My birthday dinner will be this Friday, Im going to a veggie potluck on Sat and then soon after is Thanksgiving.  So if I stop now, my LIW will be much higher than I want it to be, but Ill have a little more freedom to eat.  And if I dont stop, then I will definitely be cheating at least 4 times in the next two weeks.  What should I do?  I dont plan on doing another round with the HCG until mid next year, if at all, and I cant seem to lose on other diets.

What would you do?


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

R3P2VLCD D33- 137.4

So I decided what the heck, weigh myself today, and I was 137.4.  Thats ok I guess.  Up 4 lbs from my lowest point last week :(, but fully deserved and less than 140.  I even ate a bunch of brownies last night.  Right now, Im kinda just making up my own protocol, so not sure if the weight Ive lost this round is going to stick.  Today I decided to eat just when Im hungry, and I had a little handful of nuts this morning, a few grissinis around 11, 5 asparagus spears at noon, and then my chicken portion with three cups of romaine a few minutes ago.  Not sure what Ill do for dinner, as I dont have anything prepared yet, and a friend is meeting me at my house right after I get home from work.  I wonder if Ill be tempted by those brownies I made last night (with my new Kitchenaid MIXER! So excited, its my early birthday present from my inlaws since Im going to be doing a lot of baking in December!, and I had to try it to make sure it works, right? ).  Dont want them right now, but you never know when they are in front of me.  Maybe they are magic brownies and they will actually help me lose weight ;)...  The mix I used was a gluten free one that I ordered over the summer and never ended up making.

If I keep this up this round will be more about reshaping, which is cool.  Ill just keep going til I run out of syringes. 

How are you doing?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Taking a step back

So this weekend I was really thrown off.  Im guessing I weigh about 140 right now, but havent weighed myself since Sunday morning.  Went to a halloween party Sat night and had a brownie and a ton of diet soda, and was up to 136.4 Sunday morning (rough time .  Then I ate EVERYTHING and ANYTHING I wanted on Sunday: tons of candy, a big hoagie, mozzie sticks, guacamole and chips, and it was all so good (4000+ calories worth).  And I bet that brought me WAY Up...but Im ok with it.  Steak Day yesterday (lots of those this round), and eating well so far today.  Using my belly size as a guide to where Im at with my weight.  I think Im going to wait til Sat to weigh myself again, and just eat really well till then.

The frozen syringes seem to be working out.  No hunger and no weird side effects.  I am assuming that all my eating behaviors are coming from energetic and physical stress that I am putting on myself based on all the stuff coming up from my yoga training (lots of trauma trapped in my body being released).  And so Im working on that, and trying to find a safe and sane place (outside of obsession, binging and longing) in my pysche and house that I can identify and release all these issues.  Been doing a lot of clutter cleaning and that seems to be helping. 

Right now, I have a headache and Im ready to go home for the day.  Hoping I start feeling a little better later...want to get out for a run.  Havent been in a while, and that helps with my head stuff too. 

Hope you guys are doing well. I hope to catch up on your blogs soon...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

RP2VLCD D27: +.2

Another gain (.2) and another really busy day.  Just ate two cookies so Im sure not going to see a loss tomorrow, but who knows the way this round has been so crazy.  I actually gained during a mini steak day yesterday (only since I didnt have time to eat until 4pm).  Current weight is 133.8.  See you tomorrow!  And wish me luck, today is the first injection with one of the previously stored syringes...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

R3P2VLCD D26: +.2

So no loss, but no significant gain.  Hoping its a fluke since I had some diet soda yesterday (about 6 oz).  Dont have time to post more, but wishing all of you beauties great losses today!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

R3P2 VLCD D25: -.6

Current Weight 133.4
Daily Loss .6
Loading Weight VLCD D1: 145.9
Loss this round: 12.5
Total loss to date: 55.6

So Im down .6 from Sunday.  Power was back on when I got home from the office yesterday, but I normally weight myself in the morning, so I decided to wait until this morning for the big reveal.  Today Im feeling really sore.  I did a yoga class last night in addition to my weekend training, and then I was carrying a bag full with veggies and realized, arms hurt!  Definitely been working those shoulders too much.  But its really nice to start seeing definition in my arms (though the rolly polly stuff underneath my arms is still there-not sure how to get rid of that!). 

I was originally planning on staying on protocol only until this Friday.  Today would be my last injection, and then my last 72 hours would be done on Friday.  That was until I started feeling really good on protocol after my cheat the weekend before last, and started moving my weight a lot more.  At this point, Im going to keep going until my bottle of med is gone, which is one or two more days, and then Im going to use a few of the prefilled syringes I froze after my last round, rather than waste the meds, and see if those are still good.  If so, Im just going to keep going until  I reach my goal of 125, or until I start to feel lousy, or until I found out that the needles are not still good.  So Im estimating max time on P2 this round to be 42 or 43 days.  Which would mean both my birthday (Nov 15) and Thanksgiving would be cheat days (originally I was just planning on cheating for my birthday, in moderation of course!).  I will need to do correction days for them...but at this point, when my goal is so close, I am ready for those. 

Keep me in your well wishes for meeting my goal.  Im so hopeful to make it... only 8.4 more pounds to go!!!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

No weight today

Power out all morning, couldn't weight myself. Just about to head to bed... Yesterday scale said 134. Here's hoping for even lower tomorrow- 55lbs down and counting!

Kelly Scotti
Founder and Director, Flying Dragon Wellness

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Don't know how this is happening, but I got down to 134.9 today- somehow yesterday I lost 3.1 lbs! WTF? I'm loving it but wondering if it's a fluke and it'll be up again tomorrow. Here's to the scale being even lower tomorrow! See you Monday!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

R3P2D19: -2.2

Current Weight 138.2
Daily Loss 2.2 (?)
Loss this round: 7.7

Very strange bedfellows, its like my cheat this weekend has jump started my weight loss, and taken away my food cravings.  I still havent eaten anything today, and Im not even hungry, which is directly opposite my experience every day before the weekend.  So I guess limiting my 1st loading, and getting TOM the day of my first injection really threw a wrench into things, and now maybe Im back on track?  Who knows, I just hope this trend continues to go forward.  This is the lowest Ive been weight wise since 1998!  So cool!

Yesterday, my food consisted of chicken and asparagus, about three cups of tea with apple cider vinegar in it, and chicken and onions/baby bok choy in Braggs.  I had an apple, some strawberries in WD chocolate syrup, and my melba toasts.  So lower than 500 cals, and double chicken, and no issues.  Im going to try the double chicken again today to see if that keeps the loss going.  Its nice to see such a good release without having to do a steak day.

Happy losses today, everyone! 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

R3P2VLCD D18: -2.2

Current Weight 140.4
Daily Loss 2.2 (modified steak day)
Total loss this round: 5.5

Some of the weight has come off, thats a good thing.  I did yoga and swimming last night despite my lack of motivation, thats a good thing too.  Today I feel awful: congested, cold, headachy, blah!  And its raining and cold out so I wont be running outside today, my plan before I knew the weather.  I need to make sure that I get some exercise in today so I can stay and coach my clients tonight without falling asleep.  I normally go to bed by 10pm, so 12:30am is a stretch!  Good thing hubby is going to let me sleep in tomorrow morning.

Today I have tons of work to do and limited time, so this post will be short.  Please know that all of you struggling this round are in my thoughts, and causing me to think there's something cosmic to all of our struggles this round (or is that a little too out there?). Interesting thought, right?  No matter, I'm going to take it one day at a time: my diet, my work, my yoga, my stress, my life, and remember to relish all the good bits and glance over all the bad.  Yes, thats me intending to do that...whether or not it actually happens is the question...

Monday, October 18, 2010

R3P2D17: +3.8

Current Weight 142.6
Weekend Gain 3.8

So cheating is bad.  And you will gain.  Or at least I did.  A lot.  Which Im ok with.  Im owning it.  Had much ice cream with oreo topping deliciousness both Saturday and Sunday night (much as in about 16 oz, egads!).  Didnt really eat much according to protocol at all.  My mind rebelled against all the meditation I had to do for the yoga weekend training, and said there is no way I am going to let you feed me a chicken salad again this weekend without cheese or bread or butter, or pizza.  And basically my hands said screw you when I tried to stop them from putting all these crap things in my mouth.  Again, Im owning this, but upon re-reading this, I seem to be owning it with body parts instead of my whole being. 

Im hoping that I can get back into the headspace needed to put me back on track so the next 11 days can result in some sort of loss that will stick once I head into P3 (and allow me to stabilize).  Im not there right now.  But Im going to take it one day at a time.  And thank goodness my favorite ice cream place is now closed for the season. 

Feeling under the weather from my dairy induced coma.  Wanted to run today, but thats not happening.  Thinking about doing a 6:30pm yoga class followed by Masters Swim, but that is a huge MAYBE right now.  Motivation has left the building and left in its stead a runny nosed whiner whose throat hurts and who is freezing since she isnt taking in any fat (outside of this weekend, that is).  Someone help me get back on track.  If I am going to stick to this diet for another 11 days, I dont want to do 800 calories and not lose anything, Ill end up sabotaging myself again.  What do you do to get back on track, when your heads not in it?

I really need to take a good look at my psyche and see whats going on there, since something is up with the way Ive been so all over the place with my thinking and behavior lately. 

Friday, October 15, 2010

R3P2D14: -1.5

Current Weight 138.9
Daily Loss 1.5
R3 Starting Weight 145.9
Loss this round 7
Total loss to date 50.1

So a mini steak day (and a big apple) and some time on the toliet (TMI?) got me down to 50lbs lost!  Hoping its not a short lived milestone after my busy yoga training weekend ahead.  Still only 7 lbs down after two weeks, but its something, right? 

The yoga text I am reading now, the Bhavagad Gita, explains that I need to act for action's sake and not be tied to the outcome or even the process.  I need to let go of expectation, focus my mind and not be swayed by my senses or random thoughts, and be happy with what is, no matter what IS is.   Something I definitely need to practice.  I have always had an issue with detachment, be it with material things, from desire, from emotions, and to think its as easy as to control your mind, focus on one single object, and let everything go-such a powerful concept.  So hard in the practice.  But it also says its can take lifetimes to get there, so at least I have some time, right?  Have wonderful weekends, my lovelies!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

R3P2 VLCD13: +.9

Current Weight 140.4
Daily Gain .9
Total Round Loss 5.5

Cheated SPECTACTURALLY  last night at book club.  I started off with one cookie and some cheese dip on top of the 100gms of chicken I brought with me.  Then  I wanted to try the amaretto almond cream cheese dip, so I did.  And then there were brownies, so I had one.  And some pumpkin cream cheese dip with some graham cracker cookies.  And then 4 more cookies.  And then two glasses of wine.  YUM!!!  It was so good, and each bite made me relax a little more, interestingly enough, knowing how crazy I am normally about not having even an oz or a few cals over the 500 during this round, and knowing that my cheat could cost me a gain of 5 or whatever pounds, and no loss for a few days.  But its all ok.  I only gained .9, and Im doing a modified steak day today, so all should be good.  And if its not, thats ok too.  Ive let go of getting the scale down any farther this round (though would be overjoyed if it happens), and am just concentrating on reshaping and getting back to working out big time in November.  So there you have it.  Dont try this at home, folks, especially those of you that commented that Im an inspiration....

Lets see what happens tomorrow.  Til then, I remain, humbly devoted to all my blogosphere buddies...happy releases today!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

R3P2D12: -.2

Current Weight 139.6
Daily Loss .2 (painful to lose so little!)
R3 Starting Weight 145.9
Loss this round 6.5
Total loss to date 49.4

Still no cheating going on, and still no loss going on.  Gained .2 yesterday and lost .2 today.  Ugh!  While I'm reminding myself to be gentle, thanks to yesterday's reflections (thanks for all your great comments!), this week has already been a bear, and I was really hoping for some scale love this morning.  The unreliable scale in the bathroom read 137, and I was all WOOT! WOOT!, and then my trusty Wii Fit tossed me back into reality. 

Funny, this round, Ive been a little depressed.  Hormones must be a-flying.  The last two rounds I was filled with peace and calm, and this time, all I want to do is jump out of the window.  Last night during my yoga class I zoned out in meditation, and that was wonderful, and let me release a lot of stress, but I jumped right back in this morning.  The kids were screaming, lots of noise, hubby was annoyed, and it was a little startling to my psyche, which wanted to bliss out again in all the quiet and peace of last night.

Tonight is my first book club on this round, and Im seriously thinking of enjoying the treats that will be laid out before me, especially as my fatalistic thinking is reminding me that my yoga training this weekend is going to set me back anyway.  At least I skipped at the amazing looking goodies at a co-workers bridal shower yesterday.  I even resisted (it was HARD!) bringing home treats for the boys since I knew they would be too tempting for me (and really, do I need to give them all that sugar.  I know better than that!).

Have any of you stopped before the 23 days?  If so, what happened?  Did the gain everything back and more fear come to be realized?  Obviously, Ill do the no sugar no starch thing for 3 weeks, but I really want to eat more veggies, and mix them, and eat more food, so Im thinking of stopping now.  This round the food portions seems so small and insufficiently filling.  And I have at least 11 more days to go.  With lots of stress and work and feeling overwhelmed with everything on my plate right now, Im not sure what to do. 


ps- here are some pics of me at 139.6:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


As I mentioned yesterday, Mish over at Eating Journey, posted the most amazing entry back in October of 2009. She exposed herself, writing "I decided that I wanted to do something for myself, that shows who I really am. I can/could write all of the things which I hate about my body: wish I was stretch mark free, didn’t muffin-top, had a six pack. However, I have this the stage that it’s in. I have to love it, accept it for what it is…and look forward to its positive changes”.
I exposed myself in March of this year, and was invited by Mish to do it again today in honor of her EXPOSED anniversary. Thanks Mish for inspiring a wonderful movement! Here’s the answers you asked for….

-Reflect upon and changes from what you wrote when you did and now.

I wrote the initial post 9 Mar 2010. At that point, I had just lost 30 lbs, and was feeling great. But I still saw all the little things in the mirror that I was afraid of, failure, not being around for my kids, back fat, muffin top, you get the drift. I had a plan and felt good about how I was going to get in shape, make myself over, and check things off of my bucket list, but it seemed like I had a long way to go to where I wanted to be.

-How has 'exposing' yourself impacted you?
When I post my picture the first time, it wasn’t the first time I put myself on my blog in a bikini, but it was the first time I actually thought about and wrote down all of the amazing things my body has done for me. Instead of berating it, or feeling bad about it, I reflected on all the things I took for granted; how I can walk and talk and breathe without thinking about it, how I was able to carry two children to term, about all of the things I’ve challenged my body to do, and it has complied, without much complaint. What an amazing body I have.
Since the first picture, I have lost an additional 20 lbs, and my thoughts and inner commentaries are a little gentler. I like looking in the mirror now, and I love that I can fit in size 4 and 6 clothing. I have worked out all summer, and my body is strong, and I have muscles, and not as many fat rolls. I feel good, and that is reflected in how I see myself in the mirror. But no matter what, I still occasionally berate myself with my thoughts. Think about how I’m not good enough, about how my body isn’t svelte enough, how I don’t work out enough, or I’m not fast enough when I’m racing or training.
Being EXPOSED again reminds me to give credit to all of the amazing things my body can do, all the amazing things I can do, and have done, and to stop looking at what I think are flaws in my psyche or body, knowing instead that they are actually just thoughts in my head, thoughts that can be changed. I am a strong, confident, beautiful woman, and I can do and be anything I want.

And again, I ask, what do you appreciate about your body?

Monday, October 11, 2010

R3P2D10: -1.1

Current Weight 139.6 (YAY, 130s!!!!!!!!!!)
Daily Loss 1.1
R3 Starting Weight (after loading) 145.9
Total Loss this round: 6.5lb
Total Loss to date: 49.4lbs
Sat weight 140.2
Sunday Weight 140.7

I made it to the 130s, finally, a goal I have had since January!!!!!  I will reach the 50lb lost mark HOPEFULLY tomorrow...I have .6 to go.  Boy, what a journey.  I'm continuing to struggle with hunger and food cravings this round, and to top it off, every night I dream of food (and then wake up thinking I have cheated).  This is definitely my hardest round yet.  But Im choosing to continue working out, and I know that is probably affecting me, as is my attitude.  Two more weeks to go at the minimum...just keep breathing, Kelly.

Yesterday was a blast!  I did my warrior dash, a 3.15 mile course with 13 obstacles (like jumping over fire, and wading through chest deep FREEZING water and having to jump over logs, and crawling through mud under barbed wire), and we finished in about 45 minutes.  I went with a girlfriend of mine (see the pic posted yesterday) who was such a trooper.  She hasn't run in a long time, has bronchitis and yesterday TOM arrived for her (and no I didnt force her to go :)).  So I call her the ultimate warrior.  We stuck together for support, which was great, and ended up crossing the finish line holding hands.  So cool...Thanks Pam.  You ROCK!

After she drunk her disgusting beer (her words), we watched a few of the bands, cleaned off a little, and headed home.  Three hours of driving for a two hour event.  After I got home, I fell asleep for two hours immediately after finishing my shower (and almost fell asleep in there).  I was so exhausted.  Hubby  finally dragged me out of bed at 4:30pm since we had dinner plans.

We went to Ted's Montana Grill for dinner with hubby's parents, who were celebrating their wedding anniversary (40+ yrs), and I enjoyed a 4 oz filet with some asparagus and tomatoes (it was actually 8 ozs, and it was SO HARD to not finish the whole thing).  I mixed my veggies, and still lost, yay!  The kids were good (ie no one ended up crying, including me) and we had a very nice time.  Please join me in wishing congrats to my Mom and Dad in laws for reaching such an amazing milestone.  Here's to many more blessing filled, awe-inspiring, love fest filled years for you two!

And here's to my reaching another amazing milestone tomorrow. 

ps tomorrow is the EXPOSED anniversary for Mish at  If you remember, I exposed myself earlier this year, and made known all the reasons why I love my body so.  So tomorrow, Im going to do it again, in honor of Mish's anniversary, and my amazing journey.  I invite you to join me!  You can also link to this website if you do it.

pss Measurements from today (in inches):

Waist 28.5
Hips 37
R thigh 21
R calf 14
Chest 33.25
Neck 13
Ankle 8.5
R arm 11

Have a wonderful week!

Friday, October 8, 2010

R3P2VLCD D7: -1.8

Current Weight 141.5
Daily Loss 1.8

Chicken at lunch and dinner yesterday, less spices and less braggs, and a big apple did the trick.  And thankfully my yoga and 1/2 swimming did not mess up my loss.  Good news.  I also have been drinking a little ACV in hot water, taking potassium and/or l-glutamine as needed, and trying to meditate or find something to do whenever I start thinking about food.  If I lose tomorrow, Ill be in virgin territory-at a weight not seem in 12 yrs!  Lets go for it.

Happy losses today, everyone.  And no more Zevia for me!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

R3VLCD D7- +.9

Current Weight 143.3
Daily Gain .9

So much for that short lived satisfaction of getting this weight loss ball rolling.  Oh well, I know the culprit, extra protein (50gms) total yesterday (even though I skipped my second fruit) and a can of Stevia soda (which had some erthylitol).  Oh well.  Today will be 100% on protocol, except for my exercise: yoga and Masters Swim are on the agenda for tonight.  I am definitely going to take it easy for Masters tonight (ie 1/2 swim max) since my shoulders have been a little sore. 

Rough morning so far.  Hubby and I are in a fight, and neither of us seems to be making the first move to forgive the other, and I just got a big reprimand from my boss at work for a misunderstanding over query writing.  Fun stuff, especially since my whole full time job work life right now is query writing.  Ugh!  Some part of me wishes they would move me off this project so I can do one that actually stimulates my brain and my enthusiasm.  The other part of me is just grateful to have a job that supports my other passions: health coaching and training to be a yoga teacher, Reiki Master, etc...more enlightened pursuits.  Ugh again! 

Hope you guys have a better day than the way mine started this morning...


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

R3P2D8- VLCD 6- 3.5 loss

Weight at R3VLCD1 145.9
Current Weight 142.4
Daily Loss 3.5

So, finally, I have started to lose.  I am actually under R2 LIW, thank goodness.  Lets just hope this water weight doesn't come back tomorrow...

I did a modified steak day yesterday, and boy was it hard.  I was so hungry starting around lunchtime.  I finally had 9oz of thin sirloin steak with all fat removed and three roma tomatoes around 4:45pm.  And then I went off to yoga class.  I did not get a run in yesterday, but that is definitely on the agenda for today, especially since the rain has finally stopped and I can get back outside.  Wimpy Kelly doesnt like running in the cold rain. 

Thanks for all of you comments yesterday, especially you, LD...they made me feel a whole lot better, and keep me going!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

R3P2D7- VLCD D5- 0 loss

Current Weight 145.9 (same as loading weight)
Loss: 0

Frustration has set in.  And Im really tired too.  TOM has left the buidling, but Im still lethargic and achy.  Tried a hot bath the other night, and a heating pad yesterday, but didnt really help the aches or the loss.  I even skipped a workout yesterday, and nothing.  Not losing pounds or inches right now.  UGH!

Thinking about doing a modified steak day today to get myself in motion.  Also planning a short run (really not motivated since the weather is so crap), and a yoga class tonight (requirement of my teacher training is to attend 3 classes per week), and try to focus on the other benefits of this diet outside of the weight and inch loss.  Yes, freedom from thinking about food all the time.  Cleansing my body of crap foods and beverages.  Getting in touch with my feelings about food and my life.  All good side benefits.  Boy, do I have to work hard to focus on them when I really just want to chuck it and go eat all the yummy stuff in the frig.

Yesterday my biggest and I went to the grocery store and bought all the breakfast and lunch items we would need for the week.  Then we proceeded to make all those meals (biggest was a big help, as he kept reminding me): bagels with peanut butter, sandwiches with lots of good cheese and cold cuts, salads with tomatoes, carrots, goat cheese, cantelope, grapes, brussel sprouts sauteed in olive oil and garlic: all no nos for me, and I kept feeling so limited.  But I will soldier on. 

I really wonder what will start the loss process for me this round.  For the other two rounds, my biggest losses were during the first two weeks, and if thats the case this time, Im running out of time.   And Im not at a weight that I stabilized at for very long at any point in my memory...My prayers were to reach the 120s this time, but at this rate, I might not even seen the 130s.

Do any of you drink diet soda during the protocol? Do any of you use L-Glutamine for general food cravings (ie feelings of limitation), or just specific ones?  And who uses a little coconut oil or mac nuts during P2 to get moving? 

Monday, October 4, 2010

R3P2D6-VLCD D4- .2 loss

Current Weight 146
Starting weight after loading 145.9
Daily Loss .2
Sat weight -.4: 145.5
Sunday Weight +.7: 146.2 (too much yoga! )

Wow, am I tired and sore from my first yoga teacher training weekend.  Obviously, no real loss here.  Im still up .1 from loading, and 2.5 from my R2 LIW.  I was definitely hoping to see more movement, but I bet Im holding onto a lot of water, and Im probably finally hydrated after all those weeks of diet soda dehydration.  Either way, I feel good, no bloating, (no cheating), and Im on track to go at least 23 days.

I havent been hungry really yet, though I am definitely having cravings.  Not for any food in general, just for more food, and the freedom to eat whatever I want.  I threw away a donut this morning, since my son didnt want it-and boy was that hard.  I also gave my favorite guacamole to my friend Meliss yesterday since it would go bad before my round is over, and I would have loved that too.  And there's Naked Juice in the frig that I love that I thought the kids would finish this weekend when I was at training, but Im going to have to convince Hubby to drink it when he gets back tomorrow.  Not having the scale move, even though I understand why, really makes my rebel inner child want to eat.  Ill get through it, Im sure. 

Im sticking with my basic menu today as I have for these last few days: chicken salad and P2 chili (which will be especially good with the chill thats in the air).  My son is off from school today, so Im going to try to get all my work done early and then play with him later, in addition to going to the grocery store.  The real test will be this afternoon, when I plan to make everyone's breakfasts and lunches for the rest of the week...Im going to need to do that very soon after eating lunch (or maybe after dinner) to ensure the cravings dont knock me out. 

On the exercise front, this week will be a combo of running and yoga.  I have the warrior dash this Sunday and want to be prepared for it.  So today Ill run, Tues yoga, Wed run, Thur yoga, Friday run, Sat yoga, and race on Sunday.  We'll see what that does to my weight.  I know the protocol says to stick to your regular workout schedule and not add anything, but this is my experiment.  I wanted to do a round one last time before the year end, and this is really the only time I had where it wouldnt interfere with the holidays.  I'm happy at my current weight, but would love to get down lots more, since I still have those fun fat rolls (in my back and under my arms too, whats that about) and a little muffintop, and no wiggle room if I gain.  And its a way to really challenge all my food addiction tendancies...this diet gives them a real kick in the pants, and for that, its great!  Wish me luck!

And where are all my round buddies out there?  How are you guys doing? 

Friday, October 1, 2010


Current Weight (after loading): 145.9
Gain from loading days 1.1

Very strange to be up only 1.1lbs from loading.  Its not like I didnt eat what I wanted yesterday, I had lots of nuts, and crackers, and french fries, and pita bread, and ice cream, and pizza.  Thats a lot.  I also did 1/2 hour on my spin bike. So not sure what happened to have only gained .2 yesterday.  Gosh knows when I eat that stuff trying to be good, I gain 5 lbs.  Maybe TOM or the bath I took last night are the culprits.  Not that I am complaining, I just hope that I loaded enough for the next week.

Had a colonic this morning (lots of gas from all the dairy I had yesterday), and am about to cook my first VLCD meal.  Im going to have my P2 chili and an apple, and for dinner, some chicken salad with strawberries.  No headaches so far, despite the fact that I have been drinking caffienated diet soda for the last three week, and have gone cold turkey this morning. 

Hubby is in Vegas, hopefully enjoying better weather than the rainy mess we have here.  And I have lots of work to do and errands to run before heading off to my first yoga training tonight, so off I go.  Have a great weekend, and see you back here Monday!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

R3P2D2-Loading Day 2

Current Weight 145.7

Up .9 from yesterday, so it looks like my combo loading day worked.  I think I needed to drink a little more water, as Im feeling vey dehydrated, and I had a huge leg cramp during yoga yesterday that still persists today, so Ill be taking my magnesium just to see if thats the issue.  TOM has stuck around with a bang, but stomach is flatter than its been in weeks, depsite that.  Love the HCG!

Measurements were pretty good this morning, still the same since July!!!! 
Waist- 30
Chest 34
Hip 38
R thigh  21.5
R calf  14
Neck 13
R arm 12
Ankle 8.5

Today, my loading has consisted of lots of nuts, chocolate granola, crostini, and a chicken souvlaki (pita, chicken, tiztiki sauce, and veggies), and chocolate peanut butter ice cream awaits me this afternoon.  I'm going to have a colonic tomorrow to make sure everything is nice and clean for the start of my VLCD (also had one last week), and then start my daily P2 chili and chicken salad meals (pretty much my daily meals during R2P2).  Then tomorrow night starts my yoga training!

Hubby is off to Vegas tonight with his buddies, so I am wishing him lots of luck at the tables, lots of fun with his friends, and safe travels back to his family (and lots of money coming back to us would be good too :)!).

Hope you guys have a great day~

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

R3P2D1- Loading at 144.8

Current Weight 144.8
LIW R2 143.5
Measurements: to be done after loading

So starts my loading for R3.  So far, Ive had two meatballs (from a Primo's Hoagie), a whole sleeve of Pico De Gallo Wholly Guacamole (YUMMY!) with some crostini, and am looking forward to some mixed nuts and ice cream later.  Im doing kinda of a eat the last bits of what I crave (ie ice cream and crackers) and load up on good fats loading, so I dont gain too much, but do have the fat I need to get me through my first week.  I really dont want to gain more than 3lb from loading, as I really hope to reach the high 120s by end of October (yes, body, we can do it, please ?!?!?!?!).

This is going to be a very interesting round.  I plan to keep exercising throughout (swimming, biking, running, yoga), and am starting my yoga teacher training this Friday night...that will most likely be pretty hard core (8 long weekends in 3.5 months), though I have been practicing at least 2-3xs a week for the last month or so.   Not sure how that will affect my weight.  I also am planning my first shorter round.  My first round was 50 days and the second I believe was 40, so this time 30 days is my max.  I want to be done with my 3 weeks of P3 before Thanksgiving, and maybe even in time for some birthday cake for me and my sons (we were all born within 5 days of each other in November). 

For those of you wondering, I do SC injections.  This morning I mixed 5000 ius of HCG with 14.25ccs of bacteriostatic water, and that will give me approx 28 175iu injections.  If I do my skip days like Im supposed to, and the HCG stays stable (in the frig, in its box, covered by foil to not be damaged by the light), I will only need one batch for this round.  Funny, less than an hour after my injection, TOM arrived (not due for a week or so)...or at least I had spotting.  We'll see if he sticks around. 

So, who out there wants to be round buddies?  I have a feeling Im going to need lots of support this round!

ps-something I want to share, at least to remind myself.  Someone asked me about my spiritual practice, and I said this:  Every thing I do, every moment, is a part of my spiritual practice.  I focus on the stillness inside, and the peace and beauty all around me.   Pretty profound, I thought, immediately after verbalizing it.  And sometimes more true than at other times.  I am a work in progress, and my life is such a blessing.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

R3 in two weeks!

Current Weight 145 (steak day)
Above LIW 1.5
Time is sure flying, isnt it?  In only a few weeks my hubby is off to Vegas for a long weekend, I'll start a yoga teacher training program (though I still havent figured out which one), and Ill be starting R3 to drop another 20lbs (fingers crossed).   
Today has been a good day so far, though I succumbed to the brownies and cookies being served at one of my coworker's surprise baby shower.  Later on, Ill be tempted by the culinary delights being served at book club.  But all is good.  I will eat in moderation (subliminal messaging, please work), and since I ran for 40 minutes today, I have an additional 400 calories to work with...
How is YOUR day going?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Race Story and More

Current Weight 147
Above LIW 3.5
So my Mom's birthday was this past Thursday (Happy Birthday, Mom!).  Being the good daughter I am, I called her to wish her a Happy Day, and chatted with her about life and whats new.  I mentioned that I was considering doing yoga teacher training, and she said in response, 'you remind me so much of my dad.  He was never satisfied, he was always trying to grow and learn more'.  Immediately, in response to her first words, I was transported back to my teens and my 20s, and my early 30s, when I have heard her say that I am never satisfied before...and then I reflected on her next statement, you are always trying to grow and learn more...I asked her, when you say that, do you mean it as a negative? Because I ALWAYS took those words never satisfied as a negative (she never said the grow part before).  And she said no, she said she was always so impressed with it, and it was so unlike her.  Boy, was I thrown for a loop.  It was as if a bomb exploded in my head.  You mean all those things I thought, that my mom didnt approve of what I do, that she doesnt think I am happy with what i do or have, that I cannot be satisfied-that was all wrong, and instead she was impressed and happy and maybe a little, to have that clarified after assuming something else for so long was amazing.  And it is causing me to rethink lots of things, and be more open, and less critical of myself.  Wild, huh?
So on to the race story.  You know that the last tri I did I blew my front tire, and road on it for 4 miles anyway, right?  Well, this time, I blew my first tire at mile 10, and was lucky enough to have someone stop and help me fix it- I was also prepared with an intertube and all the tools I would need to change it.  The second tire, again the front, blew at mile 15-just my luck!  I only had 8 more miles to go, and I was feeling great.  No pain, good time, and wanting to finish.  I waited for some help, 10 minutes, then more, and no luck. I was only about 1/2 a mile from a turn where there were some state policemen, so I started walking.  I had to take off my bike shoes since it was too hard to walk in them, so I walked in my socks to them, and ended up cutting the bottom of my foot (didnt find that out until I went to put my running shoes on in transition and saw the blood).  The nice officer drove me back to the transition area, or should I say, to the entrance of the park where I got back on the bike and rode in so I wouldnt be disqualified (they were pretty lax, and I was one of the last people to finish, so I didnt think it a big deal.  I knew if I was DQed I wouldnt find out my official times, and I wanted to, so thats the only reason I didnt report it, really....hey, Im telling you, right.  Full disclosure.  Anyway, by the time I got back to transition, it was really later than it would have been if I had rode the 8 miles back on a full tire.  So I went on to finish the run, and ultimately finish all but 8 miles of the race.  As I did it just to prove that I could, especially in regards to the swim and the run, I felt really good about my results.  I ran all 6 miles in ~10 minutes each, despite those sand dunes and all the varied terrain, and the cut on my foot, and I swam the mile in less than 40 minutes, which is what it normally takes me in a pool.  And the bike portion-15 miles-took me less than and hour which isnt too shabby.  I would haev loved to not have gotten those flats to see my real time.
My next race is the warrior dash... on Oct 10th; I just registered today.  You go through 13 obstacles, like jumping over fire, and crawling in the mud under barbed wire, while running 3.23 miles.  It should be a blast.  I love this body of mine...
And since I will be doing yoga teacher training and running during my next round, you and I will get to see first hand how exercise affects someone who is conditioned during HCG.  I have  a feeling that I will be tired, and not lose as much, but I will be good either way.  I look and feel great, and though I want to lose another 20 lbs to get to 125, its really just gravy, since I have a whole new life that I love.  And wonderful bloggy friends like know you all rock, dont you? 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Race Results

Still not posted yet on the race site yet, though I know I did 38:01 on the swim, 1:32 on bike ( I'll share that story tomorrow- though it involves two flat tires and a friendly NJ State policeman), and unofficially 61:20 for the run. I say unofficially since I timed myself when I started the run, about two minutes after I crossed the timing mat due to a much needed bathroom break, just a short detour from the race route. I was really impressed with my results, and glad that I was able to get out of the I can't do it mentality that I had up to the point that I did the race. Yep, it sounds like a lot, but if you train your mind and your body, you can do it. Dare I set my sites on completing a 1/2 ironman next yr (1.2m swim, 56m bike, 13.1m run?

How was Your weekend?

Friday, September 10, 2010


Weight 145
Above LIW 1.5
Tomorrow is the big day, my first Olympic.  I've borrowed a wetsuit that somewhat fits, ate garlic noodles from PF Changs for my carbo-loading, packed my tri bag and readied my bike, and am off to bed in 1/2 an hour.  Ill be getting up around 5:30 to quickly shower, load my bike, grab my sunflower butter bagel and caffeine and get on the road for my hour and a half drive.  This is the latest Ive ever had a tri start, 9am, so I wont be done til 12:30 or 1pm...boy, that blows my mind. 
Wish me luck, and happy finishing thoughts!   This is the start of a whole new mindset and skill set!
Happy weekend everyone, see you alive and well on Monday.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

R2P4D71-Stressed and blessed

Todays Weight (from non reliable scale): 144.5
Yesterdays Weight: 146
Tuesdays Weight 148 (steak day)
So the Wii fit is no longer working...and I am mourning its absence.  For the past three days I've had to weigh myself on the scale in the bathroom that can fluctuate 2-3 lbs over the course of 1-2 minutes.  So while it says 144.5 Im not sure its there exactly, though my belly is a pretty good predictor, since I can tell how much Im up but how much Im bloated.  Its actually pretty cool to be that tuned in to my body and know where Im at for my weight.  It makes me think that weekly weighing might be possible for my psyche (though Im not there yet :)
Ive been pretty stressed the last few days, since my biggest is starting Kindergarten (he is getting so big!!!!) tomorrow and because Im contemplating doing my first olympic distance tri this weekend.  I committed at the beginning of the season that I would do an olympic distance, which for this event is a mile swim, 24 mile bike, and a six mile run...but Im scared.  Scared of not finishing, scared of finishing but being the last one, scared of injuring myself or my ego.  I might even be a little scared of finishing and doing ok, because then I would be committed to doing olympics in the future (psychologically, at least, because of my own strict perfectionistic tendancies).  The weather is supposed to be great, the race fees arent astronomical, the course is techinically flat and easy, and no one I know will be there to judge (or support on the con side).  But just thinking about it gives me butterflies and makes me break out in goose bumps.  I tend to do things that scare me though, since I know its going to be a growth experience.  And I would be disappointed in myself if I dont do it because of a little fear.  So in other words, I guess Im doing it.  WTH, right? 
So wish me lots of luck and warm water (since the wetsuit I got last year doesnt fit anymore, and Im doing the swim on my own)...
Im also deep in thought about which yoga teacher training program Im going to register for.  Two of them start the first weekend of Oct (one for 8 weeks, one for 16 weeks) and then there is one that I would need to go away for 24 days for that starts after Thanksgiving (2 sessions of 12 days at Kripalu in Western Mass).  Im not sure which Im going to do since I havent decided on which teacher or type of yoga I like the best and want to teach, and I need to decide by next week.  I also am a little scared again, since getting in front of a group and leading really makes me uncomfortable.  But again, growth, right?  And I can add yoga to my holistic bag of tricks (that Im currently not using!).  On some level, I feel like if I keep adding things to my practice that I will be more attractive to clients, though I have to start looking for clients to get them, right?
All good things going on...and Im so grateful to have the opportunities and the means to check things off on my bucket list (yoga teacher and triathlete) now Ill just start to think calm thoughts, let the answers come and the fear subside.
What are you afraid to do that you really want to do, and how do you handle it?

Monday, September 6, 2010

R2P4D68- Great weekend!

Weight: No idea, probably round 149 (due to size of belly)
Fun: tons!

This weekend was a blast.  Friday night was first friday in our town and we walked there to watch hubby do his budakon presentation in front of all of the visitors-he did great, despite his nervousness.  This was after I spend the afternoon buying two used bikes- a Kuota K Factor Tri bike, and a Specialized Ruby Expert Road bike.  I got them from a triathlete that is now being sponsored by Kuota, and so she gets her bikes for free.  Spent tons of time in traffic on the way back, but boy, do I love these new bikes.  Planning on getting fitted for them sometime this month, and will be rolling them out for my next tri season. 

Saturday morning, my biggest and I went to garage sales, which is always fun.  Hubby and I spent the afternoon cleaning the house in prep for our Sunday BBQ, and getting ready for our Trapeze Lesson.  Yes, if the pics I just sent to blogger come out, you'll get to see me flying through the air.  It was so scary and SO FUN!!!!  We ended up hitting it off with our instructor and she joined us for a few drinks at the Indian Rock Inn afterwards, just down the street from the camp where the lesson was held.  And then we went to our favorite restaurant in Doylestown for dessert after one drink at MOMs.  A full and amazing night.

Sunday we partied with some of our neighbors and longtime friends too at our BBQ (love those rhymes) after I ran my first 5 miles continuous ever (thanks for the push, Kristin!).  The day was full of great food, weather, and conversation.  And today I took an amazing yoga class, in prep for yoga teacher training this fall.  It was a perfect weekend, and a great way to end the summer.

What did you do this weekend? 

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

R2P4D62- 2.9 loss

Daily Loss 2.9
Current Weight 145.3
Above LIW 1.8
It sure is hard to get back to posting after being on vacation for a week.  Especially when my mind is still back at the beach :)...I cant believe its been 15 days since I last posted...
I gained a little more than 5 lbs at the beach, but already am back down below where I was the day we left (1.8 above LIW).  Somehow, without trying, yesterday, I lost 2.9 lbs, more than the Steak Day the day before.  Go figure.  Today was my son's kindergarten meet up, and I had a cookie there.  And a piece of french bed pizza for lunch with some doritos.  Not the best choice of foods, but at least Im not overindulging like I normally do when I eat those foods.  And roasted chicken with brussels and salad are on the menu for dinner, so I should be ok.  I definitely want to get back to below LIW soon...
TOM arrived yesterday with no hoopla...and again, my appetite has been decreased since his arrival.  Still wondering about that.  I also wonder how my next short round (ETA Oct 1st) will affect my hormones in the next few months...
How are you guys doing? How was your summer (and can you believe its over :(?
Ps- I did another sprint Triathlon (Tri the Wildwoods) on the 21st, and did really well.  29 minutes on the beach run, 33 minutes for the 10 mile bike, and a slow ocean swim (but it was the ocean!): 18 minutes for 1/4 mile (definitely felt longer than that though)...I still have yet to sign up for an olympic and time is running out.  Not sure its going to happen, especially since the pool I go to is closed for a week, and the only Olympics in the area are on Sept 12th...not much time to practice...

Monday, August 16, 2010

R2P4D47-2.0 loss

Current Weight 146.3
Daily Loss 2lbs (steak day)
Friday weight: 146.5 (still working to get down from sisters visit)
Saturday weight: 147.4 (Friday night neighbor great together-lots of cc cookies)
Sunday weight: 148.3 (Hersheypark junk food fest)
The summer takes the posting enthusiasm right out of me...that in combination with my sisters visit, tons of work, and getting ready for next weeks vacation makes it hard to find the motivation or the time to post.  And I think this being above my LIW for more than a week makes me really uncomfortable too...especially since I dont feel good even 3 lbs about LIW.  My clothes fit differently, my waist expands.   And I know that unless I have tremendous willpower next week, I will definitely be up above LIW so I want to get down way below this week before we leave.  With only 5 days, though and another book club tomorrow night, and being 3 lbs above it right now, Im not thinking its going to happen. 
So am I ok with that?  I have it in my mind that with all the exercise Im going to be doing for the rest of my life, with the fall and winter coming and many fewer get togethers, and of course, with my committment to this new body, I should not be concerned.  But weren't excuses what got me here in the first place? 
How do you balance the scales to allow fun and pleasure in without breaking your spirit or the scale?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

R2P4D43- .2 loss

Current Weight 147.1
Daily Loss .2
Above LIW 3.6
Working to get down to my LIW, even though you wouldn't guess it with all the fun stuff I ate at book club last night.  I hosted and served steak and cheese taquitos, pepperoni and cheese savories, nutella and pretzels, lots of fruit and veggies, and foccacia with vegetable bruschetta.  Yum!  I also had two glasses of wine and was very excited that I didnt gain anything this morning.  Fingers crossed that the loss continues...after all the brussel sprouts I ate today, I dont know what to think. 
Have to get some exercise in today.  I did a Jackie Warner DVD last week encompassing weight and core training and really enjoyed it.   While Im thinking of it, might as well get my butt up...and then Masters tonight if we miss the thunderstorms?
Whats your favorite type of workout?
And who's ready to see Eat Pray Love tomorrow?  (i cant wait, I LOVED the book)...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What a weekend!

Sis and her hubby left today.  We had a blast: Phillies Game, Atlantic City, the beach, Stockton, NJ (where my hubby and I were married and lived for a little while)...we ate a lot, laughed a lot, and I sure will miss her, as will the kids.
Up 7.8lbs from Thursday (141.5 then, 149.3 now), and doing a steak and nut day to get myself back within LIW range.  Hosting local bookclub tomorrow and then another busy weekend awaits, so hopefully the weight will just drop right off before I start piling it back on.  I will learn moderation when traveling...just not yet.
See you tomorrow...hope you all are well!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

R2P4D35- up 1.5

Current weight 145

Ate lots of sugary highly caloric stuff yesterday... Mint ice cream, pizza, nutella, so the gain is understandable. I'm hoping my clean eating today gets me back down, since I'll be eating out most of the weekend. My sister and her husband are coming to visit tomorrow night and staying til Tuesday so we'll be away doing the touristy thing. My hope is that I don't have a repeat of the Lancaster 9.3 gain...though I do plan to enjoy myself this weekend.

Did my normal wed pilates/ yoga/ running routine today. Tomorrow I'm going to try to get to the pool after work for a swim before giving blood, picking up my food club food, and then heading to the airport.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Monday, August 2, 2010


Weight 143.5
Up 2 lbs from Sat
Exercise: 560m swim, 15.5 m bike, 3.1m run in 1:47:30
So guess who finished the bike portion of the SheRox Philly triathlon with a flat tire, which blew around mile 11, and for which said triathlete did not get off the bike because she wanted to finish in under 2hrs?  Yep, that would be me.  I thought I heard something happen with the tire on the second lap of the bike course-it sounded like it popped, and then it got much more difficult to ride on, but I figured, maybe I was wrong, since I was still able to pedal and keep my speed up, and since I assumed if it was flat, I wouldnt be able to ride it, right?  Nope, after the race I found out that tire was way much so that Im surprised I didnt hurt myself by flipping over the handlebars when the bike decided it was done. I was so focused on finishing, that I didnt have time for flat tire. 
I had a few guardian angels yesterday in addition to the bike finish fairy...the forecasted thunderstorms (or almost hail storm) that could have canceled the swim and made the race a duathlon, or which could have called the race altogether didn't start until we finished the race and were walking our bikes back to the car (after I changed out of my wet clothes, just to be back in wet clothes again).  And I was guaranteed a under 2 hr finish if I did ok, just because they shortened the swim course by 200yds without giving us a good reason.  But even with the longer course, I would have finished in under 2, because I had a REALLY awesome race.  My best ever bike time and run time.  Even when I run without doing anything else, the best I was able to do for a 5k in practice was 31 minutes and I finished in 29:36...I beat my time from 2007 by 37 minutes!!!!!  Minus the max 10 that it would have taken me to do an extra 200yds,and thats still a whole lotta time!
It was a great day...I wasnt tired afterwards, I actually had lots of energy, and I really think if I keep up my training regimen that I can do an Olympic distance next month (1m swim, 30m bike, 10k run).  Not sure if my schedule will allow it, but Im going to look...
Hubby and the kids came down to watch, which was AWESOME.  And since the race parking was next to the Please Touch Museum and since it was pouring, that's where we spent the afternoon drying off.  The kids had a blast, and Mark and I were able to wear them out a little so we wouldnt have to work as hard once entertainign them once we got home...that time was for relaxing in front of the TV.  And then taking a long hot bath, and bedtime by 9pm.  All in all, I was very pleased with Sunday, August 1st.  And I think I look pretty good in my pics too!  Let me know what you think...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

SheROX race results


Age: 38 Gender: F
Clock Time01:47:30
Overall Place300 / 993
Division Place50 / 159


Friday, July 30, 2010

R2P4D30- .7 loss

Back down to 142.9, so thats good.  Swam in the second lane again at Masters last night...its the faster one, the one I need to keep my flippers on in order to keep up...and they do a lot more distance than lane 1.
Today Im going to be practicing my transitions from swim to bike and bike to swim.  I want to see if I can get my shoes off on the bike and be able to run to the area with my running shoes without falling off and hurting myself.  I also have quick laces for my jogging shoes that dont require tying, but I need to make sure they dont put any extra pressure on my ankle or toes during the run...or else whats the point?
On another note, Im going to try to attach my wording for the bracelet, even though I have to do this from yahoo...lets see if this works.  If so, let me know if you like it...
Wish me luck this weekend, and fine weather wishes.  60% chance of thunderstorms right now forecasted, which could me instead of a tri it would be a du, and I definitely dont want that to happen...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

R2P4D29- .2 above

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Current Weight 143.7
LIW 143.5
Over LIW .2
Food Tracker (choose July 29th)
Exercise Tracker (yesterday): 25 minutes pilates, 40 minutes yoga, 36 minutes running (10:30min/mil)

Finally got my background back up, and my weight back down.  Im .2 above LIW.  Ive been trying to stick close to my calories limit of no more than 1550 plus the calories I burn during my workouts, so I should be good today, since Ill be swimming in an hour, and yesterday since I worked out hard.  Even though I had skinny cow ice cream sandwiches yesterday and today, and primo's hoagies too!

Sunday is the big day, my first tri of the season.  I have to get up at 4:15am Sunday morning to get down to the race site in Philly by 6ish and ready to race by 8.  Then it'll be all over by 10:30, and Ill get to spend the day with the kids at the zoo or at the Please Touch Museum (depending on the weather) before falling into my bed by 4pm, Im sure.  Im really looking forward to it...the race AND the sleeping.

Lots of things going on in my head, and soon in my world, even more than normal.  Im hopefully going to be traveling abroad for vacation in Sept or Oct, either to Italy, Costa Rica, or my favorite, Thailand.  Hubby has given me the thumbs up to leave him and the kids for a week so I can travel with a friend.  He's not really big into international travel, so its more desirable for him to have me spread my wings, and he can stay home and watch sports without being bothered :)...truly! 

I am also thinking of doing either yoga teacher training in Oct or getting a personal trainer certification.  Dont really want to do both at the same time, because I think that MIGHT be a little too much, and I dont want to overwhelm myself too much.  When I do the yoga training, I also want to make sure Im not distracted, and immerse myself fully so I get the most out of it.   It should be wonderful.  And since I cant travel for a month without the kids, I have to stay local to do the teacher training, even though it would be amazing to go to India and train.  So thats big.  Just gotta find the studio I want to work with.  Theres one in town that Im going to do unlimited classes with in Sept to see if its a good fit.

I also have something in the works that Im pretty excited about...Im thinking of doing a jewelry line (specifically bracelets for now) that relate to weight loss and would serve as a constant reminder of how important it is to be aware of what we eat.  I am having a prototype made right now, and if it works out like I hope, Ill be offering them for sale on my blog, and of course, having a giveaway for my bloggy peeps!  Anything you'd like to see on a bracelet (up to 6 words)-you're welcome to post it here:

Here are the sayings I've come up with so far (and Ive tm'ed the first one):
Every bite is a choice and a pleasure (thats the one Im making for myself and may mass produce)
Vote with your fork (for my food coop buddies)
Delicious, sublime, serene awareness
Slow and sure, you're doing it!

Wait till you see it, its going to be awesome, though it might take me a month or so...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Looks like my blogger background is gone, so Im going to have to reload it this week.  Pardon my appearance while I update it...
And just as an fyi, Im up 3lbs from Friday.  Doing steak day today.  Rode 30 miles yesterday, lots of hills.  It was VERY hot all weekend.  And I am ready to rock SheROX on Sunday...goal is sub 2hr...but I figure Ill be closer to 2:15...all ok! 

Friday, July 23, 2010

R2P4D23- .7 loss

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Current Weight 143.7
LIW 143.5
Over LIW .2
Food Tracker (choose July 22nd)
Exercise Tracker (yesterday): 3 miles walk/run; Swimming 50 minutes
Oops, forgot to post yesterday.  Yesterday I lost .7 and today I lost .4.  So Im right back into LIW again, just in time for the weekend. 
This summer Ive been eating lots of whole foods, and loving it.  I've been trying to make a new recipe every week, and trying new veggies, so yesterday I did both.  I made okra fries for the first time (okra lightly coated in olive oil and sea salt, oven for 15 minutes at 400 degrees)...and really enjoyed them. 
Next on the agenda is zucchini.  Ive had it before, but never found a way to cook it that Ive enjoyed, so this time I am going to try it roasted, in a lasagna, and in a raw dish.  Ill share the recipes after I try them...dont want to share anything that isnt delicious and nutritious, right (says the poet who doesnt know it)? 
Got one week before my tri, so biking is first and foremost on the exercise schedule for this weekend.  When I ride, my knee and neck still hurt, so I have to find a way to get a little more comfortable.  There is the TOUR DE TINICUM this weekend, and one of the routes is 34 miles, so Im probably going to do that Sunday morning if the weather cooperates (yes, Ive only done 12 miles so far at a single session this season).  And then next week, Ill focus on doing bricks (two sports following one another) on M, W, and Friday and tues and thurs Ill focus on practicing transition.  I still need to figure out how to get my shoes to stay on the pedals without dragging during transition from swim to bike and bike to run (since I got new tri shoes that stay on the pedals and then you slide your foot into them once you are on the bike-saving you time), in addition to figuring out how to get my foot into the shoes without toppling over.  Thats going to look pretty comical to passerbys, Im sure. 
If any of you want to take a step towards triathlon, let me know, I would love to put together a coaching group.  Maybe help you guys do you first one next spring? 
On that note, back to work.  See you on Monday...hopefully in one piece!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks LavenderDiva, for nominating me for a Versatile Blogger Award:

My friend LD, from HCG & Me on the Road to Find Out nominated my blog for a Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you LD, Its my first award!!!!  I feel so honored.  And sorry, I didnt know that I needed to do anything once I received it, thats how green I am about receiving awards...

As a recipient I must share 7 things about myself, and nominate 15 other blogs.  Thats a lot of work, but Im going to try...

7 things you might not know about me:

One: I love to read.  I read at least one book a week, and sometimes up to 4, depending on my schedule.  I always have at least one book on CD in my car for when I need to go to the office as well.
Two: I'm originally from Markham, Il, about 15 miles outside of Chicago (south side).  Despite going to free Sox games for perfect attendance or straight A's, Im a true Cubs fan.

Three: I received a valedictorian scholarship to DePaul University, even though by the time I graduated high school, I was third in my class (damn those AP classes and their extra points!)

Four: The only time I haven't had a job since I was 15 yrs old was when I studied in Sheffield, England for a semester abroad my sophomore year in college.  That was a great semester.

Five: I went to graduate school for Biopsychology and Behavioral Neuroscience but dropped out after the first year.  Thank GOD!  Too much BS and butt kissing, not enough real learning, and no terminal master degree, so why wait?  It was the hardest and the best decision of my life.

Six: I dated my first boyfriend for 6 yrs.   Another thank god that Im not in that relationship any more.  I am now happily married to the love of my life, 8 years and counting.

Seven: I am a Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach, and as such, I love helping people find balance and experience total nourishment in all aspects of their lives.

Blog Nominations:
Mommy Gone Milf with HCG
Journey Beyond Survival
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Athena Diaries: Tales from the back of the pack
Most of the other nominations I would make, LD already made (you know who you are!) Im stuck here at 9...some of whom I follow but they have so many followers that they dont acknowledge awards, Im sure...but its the thought that counts, right?