Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Off season

Lately, its been all I could do to get to the gym, and I haven't been back for Masters since my last Tri (that's on the agenda for this month). But I am working on staying focused on my health (that's a hard one for me, despite my background and training-since I am a food addict), and have come up with my get FIT, FUN, and FABULOUS(triple F) plan:

1) Be mindful/conscious, especially when eating
2) Be open and honest
3) Move My Body daily
4) Drink lots of water (and no soda!!!!)
5) Set realistic and specific goals and measure them on a defined schedule
6) Make my health a priority
7) Get a monthly (if not more) massage
8) Cook More -whole, organic, luscious foods
9) Eat Out less
10)Love my body daily (through words, movement, praise, gentleness, and physicality)
12) Set the example for my children
13) Be UNAFRAID, or be afraid and do it anyway :)
14) Bask in the brillant light emanating from my soul :):) (two smiles for that one)
15) Stop rewarding myself with food
16) Talk about my feelings so I dont stuff them with food
17) DANCE!!!!
18) Listen to great music!

Granted, this is what I need to get myself to triple F, and I will add to it as I think of things, but feel free to adapt it to your needs too. I actually wrote these steps in a great book I am reading by Janice Taylor, called Our Lady Of Weight Loss. She is a weight loss artist, and instead of stuffing herself with food, she makes art out of it. She reminded me that this process is supposed to be fun and freeing, and its about be true to yourself and letting go of all of the shame, guilt, blame, and fear associated with excess weight (and a sad heart).

So after I bask in the glow of my new fabulousness, I plan to (goal setting, see number 5):

Lose 30-40 lbs (if it works, Ill share my secrets in 2010)-yes I know I need to be more specific here, but ill do that starting mid-January

Go to Masters Swim at least 3 times per month starting in Dec 2009

Run .5 miles more every week until I get to 4 miles starting February 2010...on my way to training for my first Olympic Distance Tri next season.

Ill post my before pics here for you after I get the nerve to take them that is...