Sunday, February 28, 2010

In NJ for the next three days...

Made it to Short Hills without issue, as long as you consider getting lost three times within two miles of the hotel without issue.  I did the map from my iphone and failed to check if it said the took me to the general location of Short Hills twice, and then I finally caught on.  I wonder who lived at the houses my phone took me too :).

Have my scale with me but forgot my last syringe of HCG, so today is my last injection, and my LIW, that which I will forever be known is 159.4.  Not too shabby.  Hoping to keep that record in place I went to the sauna for 20 minutes at the hotel and drank tons of water.  I also swam for the first time in about 4 months as well...only for ten minutes, but my shoulders are burning so Im not sure if that will add some water.  I'm also planning on working out at least once while Im here in the cardio room (its huge and well equipped...yes, hubby, just like you...)

When I weighed myself this morning on the scale that I brought with me, it said 162, then 161, then Im going to equate anything within 1 lbs of 161.5 as ok for the days here at the hotel. 

I talked with the meeting planner when I arrived (due to a snafu in the room arrangements), and she said she remembered my registration because I was so specific about the foods I needed: plain beef, chicken, shrimp with some type of salad for every meal.  She laughed when I explained it, and said the funniest part was my comment about strawberries.  But it looks like Im covered for lunches (theres a cafeteria there so I don't have to have a sandwich), and though the group dinner tomorrow night is at an Italian place, the meeting planner said she would bring the menu and tell the place to bring me exactly what I want since the dinner was prearranged with a menu...she is so accomodating!  So good plan in place, and backup plan as well, since I brought three meal portions with me, just in case...and they are sitting in the frig (I had them empty the room minibar so I wouldnt be tempted and I could keep everything cold)...Im going to bring one tomorrow in case the cafeteria is not up to snuff,  and I have my melba toasts, tomatoes, apples and strawberries (huge ones that I can only have two of, they're that big).  I should be good...

Not sure how much time Ill have to post, but Ill be keeping tracking, and post when I can.  Chat with you soon, my bloggy peeps!  And welcome to my new followers!

HOLY SH**-In the 150's!

Daily loss 1.1
Total Loss 29.6
Current Weight 159.4

I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!!! I am in the 150's again.  Yes, 159, but I will take it.  ONLY .4 til 30lbs lost!!!!  And I cheated yesterday...

Hubby and I went to dinner at Triumph Brewery and they had such yummy sounding food that I decided to sample a little.  We got a goat cheese carmelized onion tart, and I had 4 delicious tiny bites of the onion and goat cheese.  Then for dinner I ordered the flank steak in shallot jus with whipped sweet potatoes.  Again, 5 tiny bites of the sweet potatoes (so good, could taste the brown sugar), about 1 oz of the steak in its juice (it was too tough so I sent it back), 2 cups of romaine and about 2 oz of chicken (to replace the flank steak).  I made myself drink 96oz of water while we where there to counteract the cheating, and I guess it worked.  I am so FREAKING excited (as if you couldn't tell).

And to add to my glee, yesterday I went shopping with my MIL since we had since community day coupons for BonTon.  Ive never really shopped there, so I wasnt expecting much...just to use my $10 off coupon on a microplaner for the kitchen...but they had such cute stuff (and so cheap), and EVERYTHING FIT, that I had to buy some clothes, right?  I actually bought 4 pairs of jeans (couldnt decide which I liked best so I bought them for hubby to decide and then will take back whatever he vetos), and the BEST thing-THEY WERE ALL SIZE 10 (and total cost for all 4 pairs was $52)!  Yes, they were all stretch 10...but OMG!!!!!!  And they were different brands...Jones New York, Bandolino and Ruff Hewn.  And they were all tight but not uncomfortable and the stretch made them wonderful.  WOW!!!!!!  I LOVE THIS.  I so want to keep losing right now and not go into P3, though I know I need to by my sampling last night, and to get this weight stable and then start again in 6 weeks.  One thing, though, my next P2, I will definitely experiment a little more (thanks, gofastchickenwing!), and be a little more adventurous with my foods. 

Now I am visualizing an amazing easy, the food so good, my body effortlessly stabilizing at my LIW.  I will listen to my weight loss hypnosis scripts every night, I will drink at least 100oz of water a day, stay away from chemically enhanced food and drink, and enjoy the process.  I will add in exercise and it will not affect my stabilization.  Wow, that sounds good, right?

Are you here with me?...lets do this thing!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

R1P2D48-More LOVE!

Daily Loss .2
Total Loss 28.5
Current Weight 160.5

So I held onto the loss so far and down another .2. Though my goal was to lose 30lbs for a weight of 159lbs at the end of this round, I really want to see 160, without any other numbers 1/2 a lb to go!!!!! Definintely injecting today, and tomorrow if I have any HCG left (Im at the bottom of the barrel)...and then onto my VLCD only.

I'll be at the Short Hills Hilton from Sunday night to Wednesday (training for work M-W), and of course, this is a fancy hotel with no access to a frig or a microwave, so I'm going to have to be VERY mindful of my eating during that time. And I might have to eat some things that are not allowed, since some of the food will be buffet, and I won't be able to order other things, or make changes to how they cook things. I am going to bring apples, strawberries, tomatoes and melba toast with me, just in case, but will be at the mercy of the protein gods for the rest....Im sure I can do this. I've made it this far.

Definitely planning on bringing my scale with me. Hope it fits in my suitcase...and remind me, I have to weight myself on it tomorrow so I have a baseline weight to go along with the weight on the Wii Fit (since my scale is not the best, and probably needs recalibration). But at least its something.

Had so much fun emptying out my closet of all extra large, size 16 and 14 (gasp!), and maternity clothes yesterday. My doubting mind is having me keep the box close to the closet just in case this stabilization round doesn't pan out, but my "I can do it mind" is ready to chuck it all out the door (or at least put the box in the basement). Im going to go with I can do it, and ask hubby to bring it downstairs since its a really BIG box.

I wore this sexy shirt out last night with the girls, one I haven't fit it in about 3 yrs, and my size 12 (whoopee!) jeans-and I felt so good. The girls even mentioned how good I looked. It still doesn't feel real...after having all this extra weight for all these years, to lose it all so quickly makes the loss somewhat incomprehensible. My mind is having trouble catching up, and sometimes in the mirror, I see my old self and not the new one...beam me up, Scotti! Guess I need to listen to my hypnosis scripts a little more often...put them on a loop to play all night. And I definitely need to take some pics of me in real clothes (instead of just my weigh in bikinis) so I can compare them to the before family pics, etc...I especially want a good one of me and my hubby to frame. We had one taken for my 37th bday party and one from NYE 2009, both only a few months prior to now, and in both we look so happy and so plump. I would love one now to show how far we've come in such a short period of time, and keep that up as a motivator...

A few days ago I posted the Love Yourself challenge for this week, and I wonder how that is going for everyone? I have an add-on to it...a sub-category, perhaps, called the Love Your Spouse (or SI, etc) challenge. For me, many times I fly off the handle easily, get peturbed, wonder why I married my hubby-all in the heat of the moment, due to some silly argument, remark, bad time I am having and taking it out on him- and an hour later everything is fine. For that "heated" moment, I thought, there needs to be something I can look at to calm me down, and to remind me of why I love my husband (and myself).

And so for my Love Your Spouse challenge, I am going to create a list of all of the reasons I love my husband and Im going to post it somewhere I can easily see it (and maybe even print it and frame it-I love that idea). I'm also going to ask my hubby to make the same list for me (little does he know thats the topic for tonight's date night :). The list needs to be no 'hes a good father', though that is definitely the case, but what makes him a good father? Give some examples...that way there is a anchor memory that will bring back the good feelings, and it gives hubby an idea of exactly what he is doing right. His idea of a good father and mine might be different, so this leaves no room for misinterpretation. And make it good for all areas, bring out big things and little things, like his butt looks so good in his jeans, no matter what the size ;). Make it legible, and keep it all on one side of one page (thats why Im going to type mine, otherwise, I probably wouldnt even be able to read it) so you can easily post it. No I will love him if he does conditions, no negativity, no criticism, no pros and cons, just the LOVE.

And for all of us, whether we do the love your spouse challenge or not, as part of the LOVE YOURSELF challenge, do this same list for yourself. Write down everything you love about yourself. Be specific, be gentle, NO NEGATIVITY, NO GUILT, just LOVE...this will be hard, but it is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Post it in a place you can see it everyday, continually add to it as you think of new things, and let yourself open us, and then post a few of your favorite love bites here to share.

For me: I love my smile, my constant longing to learn new things, the twinkle in my eye, my girlish enthusiasm for silly things, my NEW NAILS!, my ability to do this diet for 48 days (big smile!!!), my new figure, my generousity of spirit ( this is so hard with all the negative voices in my head...SHUT UP, I am writing here!), my love of travel and experiencing new things...

Can't wait to read some of yours...or at least read that you are writing can do it!

Friday, February 26, 2010


Daily loss .7
Total loss 28.3
Current Weight 160.7

My stomach was a mess the entire day yesterday...I didn't eat my protein and veggie at lunch cause I couldn't think about eating (and had nothing cooked anyway), and I had to force down a chicken and strawberry salad for dinner...and I was only able to get down 1/2 of that.  After some pepto and a lot of belly rumbling last night, today my stomach is feeling much better, though my head is pounding!

I did do my measurements yesterday, but I could not get myself out of bed to post them here, so I will do it now.  I don't think they are much different than last week, esp due to TOM and bloating due to belly issues (click to see larger):
Conman is off school again today because of the snow and he's watching the original Indiana Jones Trilogy while I'm working.  He is loving it, because it is just like his Indiana Jones Lego Wii game.  That should keep him occupied for quite a while.  Later today, I have to take Kieran for his 15mo appt (it was originally for 8:30 this morning and hubby was to take him, but thanks to the snow it was moved and might still be canceled), and then I'm supposed to go out with my book club girls for dinner, weather permitting.  I really hope that's a go, since I really need a night out. 

One more day of TOM, and two more, maybe three more injections, so I'm really hopeful about getting to 160 or below in the next few days...that would ROCK.  And then the three day VLCD without my injections, to occur when I am traveling for work (ugh!), and then P3.  Wish me luck!

Have a great Friday!...and feel free to share your favorite P2 friendly comfort food recipe here (for snowy days)...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

R1P2D46-My poor stomach

Daily loss 1.1
Total loss 27.6
Current Weight 161.4

Listen to that lovely gurgling noise.  Um, is that a volcano about to explode?  No, sorry, that's just my stomach.  It is been acting up all morning, but allowed me to drop a total of 1.1 lbs (started at .2 this morning) since yesterday- and yes I weighed myself after every time in the bathroom (3 total before I had anything to drink).  I call that a win.  Now if only I could get out of the bathroom.

Not sure what's causing the stomach upset...but it could have been the epsom salt/baking soda bath last night.  Maybe that is acting like a laxative?  I WAS in there for two hours...but the kids were in bed, the water was warm, and I had a good book, so it was worth it.  All I had for dinner last night was some steamed shrimp with shrimp boil spices and lemon juice, 5 strawberries and a melba toast.  Nothing too crazy there.  Whatever the cause, Im glad its almost got me at my goal this round.  Hopefully Ill stay the same tomorrow, or maybe even drop?

Conman is home with me today thanks to the snow (we're in Pa).  His school was open, but only til 12pm, so I thought, why bother the treacherous roads twice for fours hours of school?  He's been playing Wii for an hour already, addicted as he is.  I could let him play all day, and I don't think he would notice any time has gone by...and I won't need to worry about him bothering me while working, unless I tell him he can't play.  Then I would have to listen to his screams for hours.  Sometimes its just easier to let the square parent take over (yes the tv, with the wii attached).  That doesn't make me TOO bad a mom, does it?

Anyway, wherever you are today, hope you are enjoying the weather, the day, your kids (as applicable), and your new body! :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

R1P2D45-Status Quo

Daily loss .0
Total Loss 26.5
Current Weight 162.5

So stable is the way Im riding TOM out...three more days to go, and hopefully no gain. I'm going to keep injecting until its all gone, drink a ton of water, and start P3 right after TOM leaves the premises (well three days after, since I need the HCG to clear out of my system).

Went to the mall today at lunch and got some great kitchen tools at Williams Sonoma, a pastry lifter that will be helping me put all my chopped veggies in my pots, a little item that looks like a melon baller, that takes the stems out of strawberries and tomatoes, some new cutting boards, and a cool cheese slicer for my cheese addicted hubby. I also stopped by Cheesecake Factory to take advantage of the free cheesecake slice coupon I have that will expire soon...I got hubby a piece of Adam's Peanut Butter Toffee or something like that...hopefully he will enjoy it (and no, I wasnt even tempted to try it or get my own piece when I was there).

Looking at getting myself a nice pair of diamond hoop earring as a reward for the weight loss (less, just looking, thats all the current budget with allow)...its either that or I would have to skip the bathroom remodel that we are probably going to start in April, and I definitely don't want to do that! Window shopping and imagining is almost as much fun as having the real thing. And I guess the WS kitchen items should really count as my reward, I guess...though those are much more practical.

What are you going to treat yourself to this week?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Challenge of the Week: LOVE Yourself

Thanks to "Lyn of Escape from Obesity," for the following challenge of the week, the first that I am posting.  This was originally posted Nov 24, 2008:

This week's habit is: Love Yourself.

What? What's that got to do with weight loss, or fitness, or health?? Let me tell you... it has EVERYTHING to do with all three. After all, if you hated yourself, you wouldn't bother with any of this. Would you?

Self-love and self-care go hand in hand. The connection between loving (the emotion) and caring (the action) is undeniable. Think about a baby. If a person has a little child that they LOVE, will they let that child go hungry, crying for hours to be fed? If they love the child, will they let them sit in dirty diapers until their skin is raw and sore? Will they neglect them or abuse them? No, not if there is love. Where there is love, there is care, even when it is unpleasant. Changing a poopy diaper is no prance through a rose garden. But you do it because you love the child. You feed them, wash them, keep them warm, and clothe them because you LOVE them and want them to be well. Beyond that, you provide emotional comfort and support. All because of love.

When you love yourself, will you let yourself go hungry for hours, your soul crying to be fed? Will you sit in dirty pajamas for days, not bothering to shower? Will you neglect yourself by not providing for your needs, or by abusing yourself with food? No, not if there is love. Where there is love, there is care, even when it is unpleasant. Preparing healthy foods and exercising is no frollic in a meadow. But you do it because you love yourself. You feed yourself nourishing foods, care for your body, and exercise because you LOVE yourself and want yourself to be well. Beyond that, you comfort yourself emotionally when you need it. All because of love.

How many times do we hear someone say, "Ewww, I HATE my legs!" I know I'm guilty. It's hard sometimes to love those giant, pale, dimply tree trunks that stick out enormously from my shorts and scare little children away. But those are the legs that have carried me through life. They ran and played through my childhood, they carried me through college. They carried all five of my children safely before they were born, and afterwards, they rocked and paced and swayed while I soothed my infants in my arms. Those legs got me through college, and they biked me out of morbid obesity. They may be damaged, they may be painful, but they're MY LEGS, and I sure wouldn't want to be without them!

Instead of looking at your various body parts and labeling them as disgusting, gross, or repulsive, try and see them for the blessing that they are. They are part of YOU, and when you feel negativity towards yourself, it comes out in other ways... like binge eating. Instead, try loving your body. Think positive thoughts about yourself, flaws and all. Thank your body for carrying you through life thus far. Give your body the gentle touch it craves. What was the last time you gave your body a loving touch? Your skin longs for it. Take some time and care for yourself in whatever ways appeal to you. For me, I take extra time to apply a nice lotion after a shower. I like to soak in the tub and enjoy the warmth and quiet. Maybe your feet would enjoy a pedicure, or your hands a manicure. Or even just a nice moisturizing treatment. Only you know what will make your body happy. Take time this week and do those things.

Part of the challenge is mental, too. Have you ever looked in the mirror, looked into your eyes and said, "I love you"? Try it. Really. You may be surprised at the emotions that come forth. You do deserve to be loved. You really do.

Make time for yourself this week. For your healthy habit, set aside a small block of time each day just to care for YOU, whatever that may mean. It may be taking a half hour in the morning to sit and sip tea and read a book, or maybe it's doing a facial care routine each night that makes you feel cared for. It could be taking time to call and talk with a friend, or to pursue a hobby you enjoy. Try and take a bigger block of time on the weekend... or some other day during the week... just to do something you love. And if you believe you may be suffering from depression, perhaps the kindest thing you can do for yourself this week is to seek help. See your doctor, find a counselor. Sometimes, we just can't do it alone.

When you love yourself, the self-care follows... and it flows over into other aspects of life, like healthy eating and exercising. Tell yourself something good about YOU every day. And believe it. You are worth saving.

Here is the link to the post, in case you want to check out her blog...I recommend you do!

R1P2D45- TOM's Here!

Daily loss .7
Total Loss 26.5
Current Weight 162.5

TOM is finally here...I was actually a day late, and a little worried last night, but I worry no more! Thank god I did that apple day, who know's what I would've gained otherwise. Speaking of apple days, it was actually easy. I had one medium apple every three hours or so starting around 9am, and one big apple around 5pm, after which, I was definitely not hungry for more. I totaled maybe 3oz of water all day in addition to the 4 apples, and that was it. No cravings, no hunger, no huge thirst. It was interesting...

On a different note, I had an amazing conversation with my 5 yr old today. It was just this morning while he was getting dressed for school. I think he was a little upset because he wet the bed, after failing to put on his pull-up last night, but irregardless, he started asking me about death (no idea how this came up). He asked me how we know when we will die? And followed it up by saying, after we die do we come back and be a grownup? After a little discussion (me, pulling out of thin air answers I have no idea about, hoping they make sense to him), I asked him why he was wondering. If someone he knew or they talked about, died. I should have remembered that it is Lent, and they are probably discussing Jesus and the resurrection in his class, and he is concerned about it, but at the time, that did not occur to me. He said in response to my wondering, "Im just missing my other grandpa"-my dad, who passed away in 1999, way before Connor was born. It made me cry a little, that he thinks of him and was not able to meet him, but I tried to comfort him by saying he was up in heaven watching over us and he can talk to him anytime he likes. He also asked about dinosaurs, and if they are going to come back to life...and by golly, I had an answer for that one...Heady discussion for a Tuesday morning. Life definitely is an amazing thing. The most amazing thing is that this is probably the longest conversation that I've had with my son that hasn't been about Star Wars Lego Wii in months!

I sure do love my boys...

What's the best thing that happened to you today?

Monday, February 22, 2010


Hi!  Just wanted everyone to know that I have posted some recipes I plan on trying on my sister blog, .  Just search for P2 Recipes, P3 recipes, or look for the labels that indicate such.  Enjoy!

Steve G Jones Hypnosis Recording Giveaway

Since Im a sucker for comments AND followers, and since I accidentally ordered two of these mp3s yesterday, I will be having a giveaway on my blog for his UNLIMITED WEALTH 5 Diamond recording. Here is the link to it if you want to find out more.

If you want to enter yourself for a chance to win, please leave a comment in for this post, or become a Follower and leave a comment (good for two entries). If you are already a follower and comment, I will also give you two entries.  I will be drawing a name from all entries next Thursday, March 4th, and posting the winner next Friday!

Good luck!

Too much of a good thing

Daily weight +.4
Total loss to date: 25.9
Current Weight: 163.2

There will be lots of TMI here, so for the faint of heart or belly, do not pass this point...

Ok, then, here goes.  That chili I made twice yesterday made me SO GASSY!  UGH!  I had cramps and shooting pains starting around 9pm last night.  I tried to go to the bathroom, but no luck.  I tried praying to my higher power, and no luck :).  I tried reading it away, sleeping on my belly, sleeping on my side, sleeping on my back, and no luck.  I did not take anything for it, since I wasn't sure if that is allowed, and it wasn't THAT bad.  So I'll stop complaining now...

I know that's the cause of my gain this morning.  So today, even though it is not merited, as I have not been stagnant at the same weight for the last 4 days, and even though I am sure I am at the cusp of TOM, I am going to do an apple day.  It might not help at all with the weight, but Im hoping it helps with the gas.  And I have never done one, so I want to see what its like, and how hard it is to do.  Ive had my first apple of the day, and nothing to drink so far, and its ok.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Was wandering my blogorama and their blogoramas, and keep finding out about the most interesting stuff.  First, I found a site called  It is a program that will take you from how ever many pushups you can do today to 100 in the next six weeks.  I am going to start it as soon as I am in P3 (and hope it doesnt affect me too much).  I did the initial test today and was only able to do 4 full body ones, and then to see, I did 8 on my knees.  Even though Im pushing up 25lbs less than a month ago, I am still pretty weak.  But thats all gonna change, baby!  Wanna take the challenge with me?

I also found a chocolate bar listed that has 2 net carbs per serving and its sweetener is made with chicory root...its called Chocoperfection and people rave about it.  I found a site that will let me just order one of the dark and one of milk chocolate for 3.20 each (yes they are expensive), so Im going to try them in P3.  Lots of people have issues with them in P3, so if i do one time, then off to P4 they will go...but Im still excited about having chocolate again (did you see that recipe I posted for chocolate bark-sounds YUMMY!)

On the finger infection front, good news! its going away.  I tried some antibiotic ointment that we use for my son's infected eczema (hasn't happened for a while-so thankful for that).  I am so glad that I didn't have to go the internal antibiotic route because I am scared to death of breaking out in hives again.  I still have the remnants of the scars from last month.  And I am so glad that I have nails.  With this weight loss and having strong nails that I can paint and show off, I feel like a brand new woman.  I am even dressing up more, and feeling sexy.  Love these side effects! 

Anyway, I'm sure you are waiting with bated breath to find out what happens after I eat 6 apples in one day, so stay tuned for tomorrow's posting.  And do something today that makes you feel super sexy...maybe a smile and a wink to a cute coworker, or a hot bubble bath with candles and soft romantic music...


Sunday, February 21, 2010

R1P2D43-Where's TOM?

Daily Weight Loss .7
Total Weight Loss 26.2
Current Weight: 162.8

Anxiously awaiting TOM, since I'm ready to get started on P3.  It is not actually due for a few days but since it was early last time, I just assumed it would be this time too.  I have to admit, though, that the continued weight loss for the last two days has been really nice.  And I definitely don't mind if it continues and I actually reach my 30lb loss goal for R1.  Fingers crossed!

Headed over to a neighbor's last night with my older son while hubby was out with the guys and his parents watched my little guy.  I love the company of these woman, and the fact that these evening playdates with all of Connor's favorite friends in the neighborhood wear him out so much he sleeps really well.  At the end of the night, Moms and kids alike all had a dance party.  What fun!

Had a delicious dinner last night, a little variation on my first bison chili, and it only took about 5 minutes.  Lets call it Kelly's Bison Chili 2:

100gm bison (precooked)
1 tbl onion juice (or if you can mix veggies on P2, 1/2 cup onion)
1/2 tbl Bragg's Aminos
Pepper to taste
Chili Powder
2 Plum tomatoes, or 1 regular tomato
2 tbl minced garlic (I like it garlicy)

Put onion juice in pan with garlic and tomatoes.  Cook on high or medium heat until tomatoes are soft.  Add in bison, braggs, and chili powder and cook until bison is heated up.  Enjoy!  Just a little heat, warm and filling.

Hope you have a relaxing Sunday.  Me, I'm up early with the kids since hubby was out late last night.  And the kids are a little wild, so I'm going to just go with it. 

ps...I did the bison chili 2 twice today for lunch and dinner..and I added 1 cup water and crushed up my melba toast and put it in...delicious!!!! and so filling!  YUM!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

R1P2D42-Date Night

Daily weight loss .7

Total R1P2 loss: 25.5
Current Weight: 163.5

Love my weekly date nights with my husband. We went to PF Changs last night (hubby loves it) and I enjoyed their chicken chopped salad without dressing or the wonton straws. I was suprised at how good it was: mixed greens, flavorful chicken (without marinade), cabbage, fennel, and a little salt and pepper. And funny thing, I only had a little plate but was full before I finished everything on it.

We then went to see Percy Jackson, and were pleasantly suprised how much we enjoyed it.  Both of us were interested in mythology in our youth. When I took Latin in middle school, we devoted a whole month to reviewing it, and to see it come to life on the big screen was so cool. Reminded me of Clash of the Titans, without cheesy Harry Hamlin (though I did love him in LA Law). I guess I'm really dating myself, aren't I?

Anyway, off to the gym with the youngens for a little swimming. Happy weekend to you!

Friday, February 19, 2010

It was fun while it lasted

Up .2 today, and I feel my TOM coming on...not because I'm bloated, but because I'm being and feeling really bitchy. I wouldn't want to admit that if it wasn't TOM :)...I need to remeber to take a deep breath and get through it.

Did well with my eating yesterday, but did use Bragg's Aminos yesterday, so maybe that is finally catching up to me as well?

At the office today, so need to get to work...have a great Friday everyone! And to my not so BMB, I can't wait for our date night tonight, and I promise to be nicer to you than I was this morning...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

25lbs down!!!!

25 lbs down! Dropped another 1.1 today, so Im officially 25LBS DOWN!!!! YAY! Yippee...And today is measurement day (click to see larger):

For the occasion, I decided to take some more pics, and try a new bathing suit this time:

The first one reminds me of the pics my sis n law takes...she is so cool! Now Im like her :)

Tried Bragg's Aminos for the first time yesterday, and I loved it! Take just like salty soy sauce and gave my chicken and salad a kick. I was worried that it might make me stall, based on some comments from the HCG Dieters group, but it hasn't hit me yet. Of course, I just used a little, but it went a long way. Looking forward to having it again today.

Also had my monthly book club last night, and it was a blast. Didn't end up leaving until after 11pm since we lost track of time (on a school night, oops!). In bed by 11:40, and up today at 6 when my little guy woke up. Still saw a loss despite the lack of sleep (I normally sleep 8 hrs if I can).

Listened to the Steve G Jones recording of Weight Loss (Hypnosis Sleep Script) last nigt at bedtime, and it was nice, but not sure if I plan on buying any others. Ill let you know after 21 days (which is how long they say it takes to work).

Suffering through a finger infection called parynochia (infection under the cuticle with pus) on two of my left hand fingers, and a little nervous since I know the medical treatment is antibiotics and I broke out in hives after my last time on antibiotics. Ive been trying all sorts of home remedies (ASV with warm water soak for 1/2 hr, oregano oil on and under the skin) but nothing working yet. Im going to try another tonight that consists of sticking your infected fingers inside a lemon for 8 hrs...sounds a little messy and painful, but hopefully it will work!

Had a lovely session of Reiki today...I asked my practitioner to set an intention for me to get rid of my finger infection and candida, and to help me stabilize perfectly during P3. It was a wonderful session, and completely fits into P2 since its not a massage. He told me that my adrenals are working really hard right now metabolizing my fat and that I should sending healing energy to them (and once Im on P3 Ill start taking my adrenal support supplements again), in addition to a lot of mental processing (since he said there is an emotional component to my weight loss-and he was exactly right!!!!!), and my uterus and related organs (specific details would be TMI for this pg rated blog) need healing. It was interesting and so relaxing...Have you ever tried Reiki?

Just re-read my post and Im all over the place..sorry for that, but I feel flooded with ideas, information, and items to do from my to do list...Ill be a little more sane tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed the Happy Dance in my last post :)...feel free to post yours!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weightview Projections

Got this from the weightview app on Facebook, and its blowing my mind.  Attached is my pic at 169lbs, and my projected 130lb pic...

WOW! I wanna look like that!


VLCD Day 39-Decision Time

Loss .2
Total Loss to Date: 23.9
Current Weight: 165.1

So all my bloggy peeps, I need your help.  I lost .2 yesterday, which seems to be my average now (except for the epsom salt bath fluke) and have another 4 injections.  I am thinking I would like to go into P3, but am expecting TOM any day and know I shouldn't end til 3 days after TOM... 

Originally my plan was to switch to SL after I was done with my injections, and go as long as I could on this R1P2...until I reach immunity or my goal of 60 lbs 'released'.  If I keep losing as slowly as I am now, it would take me many weeks to get to my goal.  I am really nervous about regaining during P3 however. 

So do I do P3 after my TOM, or keep going on P2?

For me, the pros of staying on P2 are:
Stable diet-easy to do
Stable small losses
Feel good on HCG
Probability that I would only need to do one P3

Cons of staying on P2
Only losing average of .2 per day
Potential of doing another round and losing significant amts again

Potential cons of going into P3
Could regain
Not being able to stabilize
Going crazy and right back into my food addiction
Having to spend more time planning meals, etc
Longer potential time on diet (ie doing 2 rounds with 2 p3s)

Pros of going into P3
Could start eating more
Could start exercising
Could treat my candida
Could stabilize really well and be refreshed to start another Rd

So help me out, what should I do?  What did you do?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lunch, dinner, and a new signature...

Just had the best dinner, and lunch was wonderful today as well.

Lunch was chicken tossed with a little apple cider vinegar (ACV), dill, salt, pepper, romaine lettuce and fiji apple slices.  I tried to load the pic, but my computer doesn't seem to like my iphone at the moment.  It was simple and delicious, and the first time I put apples in my salad.  What was I waiting for?

Dinner was also chicken, grilled with chopped tomatoes, onion juice (no calories or carbs, but bottle says 1 tbl~1/2 cup of onions, so I didnt mix veggies and avoided 30 calories!), ACV, and mexican spices, with four large strawberries for desert.  Yummy!    What are some of your favorite on protocol dishes?

I will have some chamomile and senna tea (a mix to help with candida and constipation) tonight before bed, and another .75L of water, and hopefully that will bring me down another pound tomorrow...if I skip the epsom salt bath and don't lose, I will just try that again tomorrow after book club.  Have a wonderful evening, and here's to hoping you lose big tomorrow too!

pretty snazzy new signature, huh?

VLCD Day 38

n 1.1 today-YAY...thought that brought me to 165.4, but the Wii Fit says 165.3, so I'm going to take that!!!!!! Maybe Ill do chicken and shrimp (and cut out the veggies once) and take an Epsom Salt bath everyday if these are the results I'm going to get. Just realized that my last planned injection falls right at the beginning of TOM, so Im probably going to continue injecting til 3 days past TOM and then head to P3. Not sure if I want to keep going on the sublingual (unless I keep having results like this), as I am really looking forward to eating more. So I will keep you posted...

Have to take my son to school right now...see you tomorrow!

Monday, February 15, 2010

VLCD Day 37-is that right?

It's rough when you have a busy day at work and then at home, and can't remember what day you're on, poor me!...I think its 37...but I will still be doing 6 more injections sicnce thats how many needles will take me to 40 (due to skip days)...after that Ill be finishing my bottle of HCG sublingually unless I reach imnumity in the next 6 days...and the way my weight has been maintaining that could be happening soon...
Down .2 today, the same .2 I was down on Saturday, so back to 166.5. Im hoping to get to 163 in the next six days, fingers crossed. Today I ate chicken and shrimp, both really low cal, and have been drinking a lot of water, so I'm hopeful!!!!!

Got all sorts of spices at Whole Foods today...cream of tartar, mustard, celery seed, spicy shrimp rub, mexican, all purpose, as well as some 0 cal 0carb 0 sugar onion sauce and hot sauce. Im going to try to get a little more creative in the kitchen at this tail end of the P2 into P3. Im really having fun with cooking, and know that I will definitely be doing more of it in the future, diet or no diet. I'm working from home tomorrow, and Im going to practice making oopsie rolls at lunchtime-if they work Ill freeze them til P3. Really looking forward to making sandwiches and veggie pizzas with those things. Also want to try the cauliflower pizza crust (look to the blog I link to called the lighter side of low carb for these recipes)-there are so many of them that look great!

Tonight was the first time I had shrimp throughout the protocol, and I have to admit that those nice big frozen shrimp steam up to little tiny things...I was really disappointed. They were good, though, and really easy. Just steamed them for 5 minutes and threw the shrimp rub on while they were steaming. Definitely something to do if you are short on time and haven't precooked for the week yet. I have a ton of chicken in the frig, but need to cook up some bison so I can alternate for lunch and dinner....and maybe one night Ill do steak and shrimp since I don't seem to have an issue mixing proteins (just veggies, ugh!).

Anyway, looking forward to reading all my blogroll's post today before bed, so Im off....have a GREAT evening! And wish me luck for the next two nights-ladies night out tomorrow and book club on wednesday...can't wait til P3 when I can have some wine.

ps-I cheated a tiny bit yesterday-had three bites of my son's chicken tender from lunch-they were delicious, but definitely not worth any gain. Im so glad I lost at least a little!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day...

to you! Up .2 after sampling my husband's dinner last night. I had a total of three brussel sprouts, a tiny bite of feta, and two tiny pieces of chorizo in addition to my steak and romaine. Im sure the calories were low enough, but maybe the addition of foods not on the protocol, no matter how small did it. Im glad I didnt have a glass of wine, I would've probably gained a ton!
My darling hubby (who is not on this protocol) of course only gained .7 after eating all the brussel sprouts, a whole plate of sushi, feta corn fritters, and a little chorizo mac and cheese, in addition to two glasses of wine, and three beers! Oh, the inequality...

Hubby got me an alarm clock for valentines day...a really cool one that lets me charge my iphone and ipod, has a remote, and is much less bright than my last one. I really love it, despite the fact that I never would have imagined I needed it, and its not a typical romantic gift. But it IS romantic...since he saw it on a commercial and thought it would be great for me...its all in the thought...and he thought too that maybe our iphones could charge together...kinky!

All together we had a great date night last night. Vday the movie was cheesy, but cute. And dinner was delicious....then on to drinks (for him) and dancing with some friends. Today is brunch with the inlaws and kiddies, and then haircuts for all.

And I walked for another 1/2 hr yesterday...its really nice to feel good when I'm walking.

How did (or will ) you spend your valentine's day! Remember to honor yourself on this day-you deserve it!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rd1, VLCD Day 35-that far already?

.2 down today; current weight 166.5.
I cannot believe that so much has changed in the last month with my body. Im only 22.8 lbs down, but I feel so much lighter than I was, and my body has changed so much. Scars faded, hair growing, I have NAILS (OMG!!!!!), cellulite slowly going away, body smoother and flatter and so much more proportioned. It is amazing stuff, and I feel bad for those naysayers that choose to judge this protocol instead of trying it for themselves. I'm still nervous about my first P3, but every time I look in the mirror I am more determined to make this work, since I NEVER want to go back to 189 again!

I walked on the treadmill yesterday for the first time since starting the HCG, 35 minutes at 3.5 miles an hour, just so I didn't overdo it and see a gain today, and then I bounced on my rebounder for 10 minutes. No foot pain, no calf pain, its a wonderful thing....I was plagued by pains all through last season, so much that it was depressing, and hard to even walk! Granted, I did not do too much when I was walking, so that could account for no pain, but I think it also makes a huge difference that Im carrying so much less weight on my body. I can't wait to start training for my tris!

I also made another chili attempt last night, and this time it was delicious (and its going to be lunch today, too!). Here is the recipe:

Kelly's Bison ChiliIngredients:
100gm Bison Ground Meat (mine was precooked and chopped up...I love bison more than beef, its leaner, less calories, and I think its tastier)
1 cup onions (include as much or as little as you like, these pack in some calories for a veggie!)
1/4 tsp minced garlic (or more, mine had more :)
2 cups chicken broth (a kind with no sugar, I used Imagine Free Range Chicken Broth)
Dash of the following spices (more or less per your taste):
chili powder-I put in about double this compared to the other spices, maybe 1/4 tsp?
salt to taste (the broth I used was kind of salty so Im going to skip this next time)

Mine was not spicy, just good. If you want more heat, add some cayenne.
If meat not already cooked, brown in a pan with the onions and garlic and skip this next step.
Brown the onions and garlic in a pan (i used a little of the broth to add flavor)-cook til onions are soft
Bring the chicken broth to a boil in a pot
Once boiling, add all the spices to the pot
Add all other ingredients to the pot
Cook for approximately 10-20 minutes on medium heat (more if you like less liquid, less if you like it a little soupier).

YUM! Share some of your favorite recipes here...I would love to try some! Also, let me know if you ever stalled on shrimp. I would love to try some grilled shrimp but been sticking to my bison and chili just cause its easy and predictable...

Friday, February 12, 2010

VLCD Day 34: on my way to V Day!

.7 lost yesterday, after eating chicken for both lunch and dinner, and drinking less water than normal. For the last few days, I've felt weird trying to force down .75liters x 4, especially as I usally end up waiting til right before bedtime, so yesterday I just drank what felt right, and hoped that it wouldnt make a difference on the scale. Glad I went with my gut. Current weight is 166.7.
Today I decided to try the P2 chili recipe that HCG Diet Supplies included with my supply shipment. It sounded delicious with lots of spices: chili powder, cumin, and cayenne, as well as cabbage, chicken and chicken broth (no sugar). Turns out it was 10x too spicy for me. I tried to dilute it with water, add some cinnamon, some basil and thyme, nothing helped. I gave up and tried to guess how many gms of chicken I had and then heated up some leftover Ted's Bison Steak, and had some celery sticks. I hope that the mixing veggies doesn't come to bite me tomorrow. I really want to see the lower 160's before I start doing SL dosing. Im also going to try the chili later again tonight, this time with beef, onion, and the spices that my hubby uses for his chili...thats gotta be better.
Only one more day til my Valentine's dinner with my hubby, and I'm so looking forward to it. We are trying a new restaurant, and seeing what Im going to assume will be the very cheesy "Valentines Day" movie that came out today. And I might just have a glass of wine with dinner instead of my fruit...I had read on Happily Thinner After that some people do that without I would just then need to bump up my water intake to make sure I don't get too dehydrated. That would be glass is all I would need.

Been reading a really funny blog titled the Month of Zen...and wishing that I was that witty in my posts. She hasn't posted in almost a year, though, so Im assuming she's been at goal and that's that. I emailed her on the Happily Thinner site to see if she might be interested in contributing to the HCG Success Stories book, and hope she replies! I need a little sarcasm and light hearted banter in my book...

And Comcast finally came back to fix their little screw up that shut all the TVs (7 of them, can you believe it?) down for the last 24 hours. And of course they did it on a Thursday night, when our DCR has trouble keeping up with all the shows we want to watch.

So all in all, Im in good spirits, its friday, and I'm feeling the love. Here's a little love to all of you out there too...feel free to post your V Day plans (or lack of ) here and share how you are going to show yourself a little love...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Measurements and Reflections

So I was reading my yahoo group for some inspiration and ideas about my little stall (or whatever you want to call it), and I found that it is very normal for someone to stall (for up to two weeks) at a weight they were at previously for a few years...and that is definitely where I am right now. I have decided as such, to suck it up, keep on trucking, and stick to my plan of 9 more injections and then SL until I either reach immunity or my goal. I have also decided that I am going to start working out again, at least three times a week, or as desire strikes, for up to 30 minutes a day starting next week. Nothing crazy, a little spin workout, or walking three miles, or going for a swim (not sure if the chlorine affects this, but I guess Ill see)...and track how that affects my weight. If I'm going to be in a stall anyway, might as well do something with my body.
I also read this post, and it is wonderful (was not addressed to me, but to another that was discouraged from the group):

Sweetie, your body is losing weight in the best manner possible for IT. Honor its intelligence and wisdom in allowing you the weight reduction in such a way that your health is maintained and you are able to eat normally afterwards without gaining. Comparing myself to others is always a temptation for me, and it always gets me in trouble, so I recommend letting your body do its thing without any judgement from you, blessing it for releasing the extra fat in its own way and its own time, if at all possible.

And the comment from Mommygonemilf (I LOVE that moniker) really made me feel good too.  I was thinking of cheating, but will not!
Ultimately, I'm still losing inches, so that is really important, and I'm not hungry, so the HCG is still working. In the past week, I've lost that is good. The fat is definitely still moving around, or being released. I just need to get over my scale number fixation...and try those size 12s again and see how they fit (after wearing them for an hour last week, everything felt like it was closing in...definitely a little too tight once I sat down).  Here are my measurements (click to see them larger):

RD1, VLCD Day 33

Big ole goose egg this morning! I am SOSOSOSOSOSOSOS frustrated. And that was even after I did my every three day bathroom I would have gained if not for that. I have NO idea why...I added more water yesterday since I am so sick of seeing .2 or .4, I ate an apple and strawberries, had bison (always eat this instead of beef) and chicken, had different veggies, romaine and tomatoes, all the things that I normally do to lose a little more, and NOTHING!
Am I ovulating? Is it not working for me anymore? Don't think it would be that one, since they say if you reach immunity you start getting really hungry and start looking gaunt...

And what sucks even more is that the family has cabin fever, and we are stuck inside again, and that just makes me long for stress eating. I actually dreamed about eating chocolate last night. And there are goodies in the house leftover from our Superbowl party that are calling my name. I might try to take Connor to the movies today just to get out of the house, but that will be possible only if my youngest's school is open and my husband takes him before heading off to work at 10am. I'll also make hubby take all those yummy things to work with him for his branch luncheon today.

I really wanted to be able to do this for the long haul, switching to SL for a month or so before going to P3...but is my body going to let me? I can't take too much longer of being within the same 2 lbs for the last two weeks. Today is measurement day, and Im exactly 1.7 lbs down since last Thursday. I used to lose that in 1 day! I so hope that my measurements show a loss, because otherwise, I'll be really depressed...

I know, this is a journey, its so awesome I've lost 21 lbs, and still, I'm down. Tomorrow will be better. Maybe Ill do an apple day just to trick my mind into thinking Im doing something to get myself out of this rut.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rd1, VLCD Day 33

Lost .4 last night, so almost back down to the weight I was three days ago before the chili tasting...167.4 is the big number of the day, and I wouldn't be suprised if thats the number of centimeters of snow that we will be getting by days end. Hubby was already out once with the snowblower and will definitely need to go out at least once more. Our canopy on the deck collapsed under the weight of all the snow and almost crushed the dining table, but luckily we were able to move it in time. I'm sad about the canopy though, it was a real nice one, and a replacement is going to cost us close to a $1000.

At least there's a cute snow alien on the front lawn to make me laugh, courtesy of my oldest and darling hubby. And my little guy is now tall and crafty enough to have figured out how to open my office door....let the destruction begin :).

Snow days are the best, aren't they? Here's hoping for another one well as much BIGGER smaller numbers on the scale.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

VLCD Day 32

Down only .2 today...was hoping it would be more since I drank so much water yesterday, and ate only 450 calories...
I can't seem to get this consistant weight loss thing down pat, and its making me very nervous for P3. I am afraid that I will not be able to stabilize in P3, and will end up 10 lbs heavier than I am now...instead of the 40 lbs lighter I want to be.

This diet is definitely a that is so easy when the weight is falling off, and so hard when its not. Happy Tuesday, anyway...and enjoy the snow later!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

VLCD Day 30

Happy Superbowl everybody!
Down .7 yesterday, which brought me past the 20lb mark, finally!, and down 1.1 today. Current weight is 167.4lbs. Yay! Gotta get me 8.4 more lbs down before I stop giving myself injections and switch to SL...that's the hope anyway.

Though the scale is showing this loss, I feel somewhat bloated, and my belly seems to be a little bigger than it was a few days ago. Not sure what is causing that, or if it is all in my head?

Went to dinner at Cafe Allesio in Doylestown for date night with the hubby last night, and had my piece of ribeye steak with romaine and it was was the company. We then went over to a new restaurant called 86 and sat and chatted with locals at the bar while Mark waited for his friends (since he decided to combine date night and MNO). Looked at the menu and was impressed!...we made a reservation to go there next Saturday for our Valentine's dinner. I can have my steak and lettuce, and Mark can make me jealous with all of the small plates they offer that sound delicious...maybe that will need to be my first cheat?

Anyway, enjoy the game. Ill be watching for all the commercials...I love those commercials...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Still .1 to go

So if you only lose .2 in 3 days, does that mean that you've stalled? If so, thats where I am. Still at 169.1. I really want to keep losing, but my body is holding onto this weight for something...if its like this tomorrow, I might do an apple day.
Hope you are having a successful day, while I wallow in my stability. :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Week 4 Measurements

Imagine my surprise this afternoon when I tried on a pair of size 12 jeans that haven't seen daylight in years (since they were stuffed in the back of a 'my hope to be wearing again someday pants' drawer), and they fit! They are tight, but not so tight they didn't slide right up and I had to lay on the bed to hope and pray they would button; more they are tight where I can feel the button on my belly, and it might leave a mark. Either way, I'm thrilled!
And for all of you tracking, here are my measurements for this morning...4.5 more inches lost (click it to see it bigger):

VLCD Day 27 Pic

As promised yesterday, here are pics of me after losing 20 lbs-well 19.9 anyway (don't judge the photographer too harshly, its hard to suck everything in (not!) and hold a camera)-notice any difference?

VLCD Day 27-TMI alert

Down .2lbs after second round of weighing this morning. TMI alert---do not proceed if you do not want to be mildly disgusted---can you believe that my poop this morning weighed 1.1 lbs, and it wasn't even that much!
I was up .9 for the first weigh in (after my oldest said I bet you gained, Mommy-and darn it, he was right!), but after my time in the bathroom, down 1.1 for a total of 169.1 lbs this morning-only .1lb away from a 20lb loss.
So yippee, right!, I lost 20 lbs, but I'm also a little disappointed, because I was hoping that it would be more by this time. How silly am I?
Its hard to go down so little on a day to day basis (or up, even) when I'm doing everything right with my eating, not exercising, no off protocol recipes or ingredients, drinking at least 100oz of water a day, and so on, especially for little ole miss perfectionist me...but I need to remember the bigger picture. This is a journey, not a race, and I'm doing this for my life.
I am learning a new way of living, one where I am not defined (by myself, of course) by my size, one that I am not obsessing about when the next time I can eat is, and how much I can stuff myself with food that doesn't nourish me. I am learning how to cope with life without stuffing my feelings with food. I am learning to function normally without all the chemicals that normally pollute my body running through my veins. I am learning to practice what I preach, do what I know is right for my body, treat myself with respect. I am loving myself on a basic, vital level.
I am scared of what lies ahead, of the stresses and bumps in the road that will trip me up. But I can do this. I am committed. I want to live life to the fullest and set a great example for my kids, my family, my friends, my clients. I can do this. So I need to be easier on myself. I need to treat myself with the same kindness and understanding that I do everyone else. I need to tell myself great things about myself...get myself a valentine, even :)...I do love you, Kelly. You are wonderful, giving, gracious, and kind. Just remember that.

But I might ask for a little support from you to remember that when I am hard on myself, ok? And I'll do the same for you...

I am a wonderful work in progress. And you are too. Here's to loving ourselves for who and where we are, not for whom we hope to become.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And get ready for some new pics

Going to take pics for every 20 lbs lost, and fingers crossed, I'll meet that first goal TOMORROW!  Just in time for measurement day...wish me luck!

Two great videos that explain how HCG works

From Trielle Hormone Balance Centers, some basic info about HCG:

Part 1

Part 2

Where I got my HCG

A number of people have asked me where I got my HCG.  I ordered my HCG through All Day Chemist.  This link will take you to their 10000iu HUCOG bottle, which is good if you will be doing the 40 day or beyond sublingual protocol, and it has a rubber top, instead of a glass ampule, so no cutting yourself on the glass! 

I actaully ordered the 4 bottles of the 5000 IU since I am doing two rounds of the 40 day injections.  If you inject, you do so once a day.  Sublingual dosing is done twice a day, so you need to order double the amount.

It took approximately 3 weeks for me to receive, as it had to clear customs.  Please note that they charge $25 for shipping, so order as many bottles as you think you will need, and try to combine your order with friends to save even more.  All told 4 bottles were $66 and $25 for shipping, so it was $91.  Hope that helps!

I ordered my injection supplies (needles, baceteriostatic water, alcohol wipes, mixing bottle and syringes) from HCG Diet Supplies.  A 43 day supply was $48 including shipping.  The needles are typical insulin needles, so if you have access to them already, it would be cheaper to buy the supplies individually from local sources.

Finally losing again

So my hives are much better, starting to dry up and no longer itch, yahoo!  And I'm down 1.1 pounds this morning, after seeing the same number on the scale for what felt like so long.  I am in the 160's again!!!!!!!  I am 169.3!!!!  I sure hope I keep losing and that the weight loss stalemate has resolved itself.

Fun night out with some of the best women you'll ever meet last night.  Out til 11pm (on a school night!) and then woke up to the phone ringing at 4:45am to let me know that conman had a two hour delay.  Thank goodness Hubby agreed to take him to school so I could get some work done before heading to his school's open house and lunch with the parents (which I will not be eating, just watching).  Which is what I'm off to do now...hope you are having a great, snow filled (or sun filled, rain filled, whatever) day!

Oh, and I sent out the book questionnaires to those that indicated they were interested...On HCG and want to be part of a fabulous book?  Contact me and I'll send you the questionnaire.  Contributors get a copy of the book, and a part of the FAME :)....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

VLCD Day 24

Down .4 today after I really went to the bathroom (if you know what I mean), though when I first weighed myself it was a big ole ZERO loss.  I've been doing that for the last few days now and its really disheartening.

Skipped my HCG dose yesterday due to the hives, which are still here and still SO ITCHY!  Called the Dr to make an appt and will see what he/she says.

Big dilemma this morning is whether to mix for injection or for SL since I am making a new batch.  I do not want to have to do SL until closer to injection day 38-40, but I'm afraid if I inject with this rash, I'll just make it worse, and its already so bad (ugh!).  And if I mix for injection, I'm not sure if I can use that same mixture to take it SL, and if I can't, then I will be wasting a whole bottle of hcg.  What do I do?

Posted on the yahoo and facebook boards, but got no response...

Guess I'll be flipping a coin.

10:50am update: Just  mixed for injection and took my first one, and so far, no increased reaction...maybe I really am allergic to the antiobiotic...also, a little hungry so drinking hot water and eating my melba toast right now.  Fingers crossed that I keep losing and my rash doesn't get any worse.