Wednesday, July 27, 2011


AUGUST 2011 Intentions

If you are like me, you are interested in a million things, and cant wait to find out more about all of them. You spend hours surfing the net and taking it all in, and then you wonder why you feel overwhelmed, undermotivated, and basically, a little off kilter. Yes, its great that I have so many interests, and want to explore the world at large, that related to my family, my interests, my business, my body, my spirit, and so much more. I wonder, though, does the way I explore these things really limit me from getting the most out of that which most interests me at the moment (which changes daily it seems)?

I process information and read very quickly. I superficially (ie one the surface) soak in that which appeals to me, making a mental note to go back and research that a little more in the future…I set bookmarks on my computer, I buy books like they are going out of style (and sadly, the paper ones are)….and when I look back a day, week, month later, I find that I never really look at those books, the computer bookmarks, the articles I save to read. I just keep floating around. Sometimes, I end up back where I started, which is fun. And sometimes, I look back in my files for things I did in my business years ago, that I realize are relevant now, and could really help promote my business now-but I forgot all about them!
Again, no judgement here. I really want to start to pay attention though, start to focus on things that will help me become a better nutrition coach, a better yoga instructor, a better yogini, a better wife and mother. Not because where I am in a bad place, or am not good at what I do, but because I want to change lives. I want to make a difference, and to do that, I feel its important to always reach further than you feel comfortable doing, to learn more, to expand. So I need start to pare down and really get deep with what grabs me, and then after Ive absorbed what appeals, move on to the next thing. Instead of having a 100 balls in the air all at once, which inevitably leads to 95 of those being dropped, I could have one to two things and really make those balls fly!
So how to focus? How to get clear? For me, I need a system. I need a schedule. I need a clear work space. And I need a way to check and see how I am doing, and see if I ready to move on.
My intention for the month of the August, is to set a schedule for my surfing. To make a filing system for my interests, and then to document them, do a brain dump, so that when I am ready to explore them, they are at my fingertips, documented, instead of rolling around in my head. I am going to limit my extraneous inputs, such as bravo tv, for example (real housewives, anyone?). I am going to write down the systems that I use to process and find information-nutrition, yoga, childrearing, etc, so that I may be able to help others limit the time they spend with the same searches. Take this thing that comes so easily to me and share it with others (maybe as a signature system for my health coaching practice, perhaps?).
I have wanted to read a number of books in my library and actually document a review of these books on good reads or amazon, somewhere that will increase my presence on the web, adding some expert status to my business (at least if my reviews are informative, in depth, relevant, and concise, fingers crossed!). Recent favorites have included the Four Hour Body, and Fierce Medicine.

I also intend to make time to cook the amazing foods I get from the CSA I belong too, instead of letting them rot in the frig for a week and then trying to make them tasty. And that will allow me to explore new recipes for veggies I've never had or enjoyed the past-lets try them again. And my family will reap the benefits of eating whole foods cooked with love, instead of odious processed bagged foods that we tend to go to when we only have a few minutes to get the kids fed. Lets make time for dinner around the table, shall we!!!!

I intend to teach at least two childrens yoga classes this month, 2-5 yrs old and 6-10- so that I can get my certificate for child light yoga. And of course, continue my weekly adult class at the country club.
I intend to get back into a daily meditation practice, whether that be moving meditation (dancing), seated meditation, or yoga nidra.

What do I need in order to meet my goals for August?

 Dedicated workspace (office)

 Clear workspace-no clutter or mess so I can really focus on what I want to focus on

 Calendar-schedule

o Need to make sure it includes what books I want to review and when, with a clear idea of how long it will take, without pressure to get this done, so I make it really easy for me to meet my goal

 Priorities exercise-whats important to me now, what do I want to focus on

o Also need to document what I have found in the past that tends to throw me off course and try to come up with idea for course correction

 Schedule time in every day for : dance (fun), exercise, tv, reading, cooking, meditation, brain dump (document everything I want to explore, that I found when surfing, etc) , surfing/email-and stick to that schedule

 Once per week, day off, no schedule

 Family meals-scheduled (since my hubby and I are like ships passing in the night)

 Vitamins-daily

I have a number of tools in arsenal to make my goals for this month a reality. I will start to dust them off and see which ones I really identify with at this stage of my lifecycle. Most importantly, I think the meditation is going to rock in this process. But I need to start on the clearing first, and make a commitment to keep things clear, take time to put things in their place, in order to keep this train on its tracks.

What about you? What do you want to happen for you in August? Share your intentions here!

Monday, July 4, 2011

She who cannot be contained...

She Who Cannot Be Contained
By Lisa Schrader

In celebration of her Too Muchness.

Big hipped, loose lipped, sassy swagger, fierce hearted, emotional roller ocean all over, wanting more more more...
She Must Move,
gypsy girl spirit undulating snake rhythms hypnotizing,
slipping through your fingers, rattle you awake,
soul whisper wise woman running with the wolves
and lurking in the corners of your dreams
Women are Wet: joy teary, heart weary with weeping, blood mooning,
milk letting down, down, down
on pink petals, sweet nectar glistening
Giving, tending, mending, gathering the seeds,
sowing the cycles of blue sky, green harvest, fire burn and dawning dew.
She calls: worship me, open me, love me,
be warrior enough to penetrate my tender trust with your presence,
unleash the blinding magnificence of this she-beauty,
the jewels in the temple are yours...
Or don’t.
You’ll find me here the same
and ever changing,
luxuriating on the rose petal bed,
dipping my fingers in honey,
sipping wine song, and
dancing in the sacred, throbbing heart of Yes