Sunday, December 11, 2011

Introducing my new baby!

HAPPIEST HEALTHY Holiday Wishes to you, my friends! 

I am so excited to announce the birth of my new baby, the ezine "Radiant YOU!".  This will be your go-to source of healthy education, inspiration and delicious nutritious FUN!  

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Have the most wonderful of holiday seasons, 

Kelly Scotti
Founder and Director, Flying Dragon Wellness
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


AUGUST 2011 Intentions

If you are like me, you are interested in a million things, and cant wait to find out more about all of them. You spend hours surfing the net and taking it all in, and then you wonder why you feel overwhelmed, undermotivated, and basically, a little off kilter. Yes, its great that I have so many interests, and want to explore the world at large, that related to my family, my interests, my business, my body, my spirit, and so much more. I wonder, though, does the way I explore these things really limit me from getting the most out of that which most interests me at the moment (which changes daily it seems)?

I process information and read very quickly. I superficially (ie one the surface) soak in that which appeals to me, making a mental note to go back and research that a little more in the future…I set bookmarks on my computer, I buy books like they are going out of style (and sadly, the paper ones are)….and when I look back a day, week, month later, I find that I never really look at those books, the computer bookmarks, the articles I save to read. I just keep floating around. Sometimes, I end up back where I started, which is fun. And sometimes, I look back in my files for things I did in my business years ago, that I realize are relevant now, and could really help promote my business now-but I forgot all about them!
Again, no judgement here. I really want to start to pay attention though, start to focus on things that will help me become a better nutrition coach, a better yoga instructor, a better yogini, a better wife and mother. Not because where I am in a bad place, or am not good at what I do, but because I want to change lives. I want to make a difference, and to do that, I feel its important to always reach further than you feel comfortable doing, to learn more, to expand. So I need start to pare down and really get deep with what grabs me, and then after Ive absorbed what appeals, move on to the next thing. Instead of having a 100 balls in the air all at once, which inevitably leads to 95 of those being dropped, I could have one to two things and really make those balls fly!
So how to focus? How to get clear? For me, I need a system. I need a schedule. I need a clear work space. And I need a way to check and see how I am doing, and see if I ready to move on.
My intention for the month of the August, is to set a schedule for my surfing. To make a filing system for my interests, and then to document them, do a brain dump, so that when I am ready to explore them, they are at my fingertips, documented, instead of rolling around in my head. I am going to limit my extraneous inputs, such as bravo tv, for example (real housewives, anyone?). I am going to write down the systems that I use to process and find information-nutrition, yoga, childrearing, etc, so that I may be able to help others limit the time they spend with the same searches. Take this thing that comes so easily to me and share it with others (maybe as a signature system for my health coaching practice, perhaps?).
I have wanted to read a number of books in my library and actually document a review of these books on good reads or amazon, somewhere that will increase my presence on the web, adding some expert status to my business (at least if my reviews are informative, in depth, relevant, and concise, fingers crossed!). Recent favorites have included the Four Hour Body, and Fierce Medicine.

I also intend to make time to cook the amazing foods I get from the CSA I belong too, instead of letting them rot in the frig for a week and then trying to make them tasty. And that will allow me to explore new recipes for veggies I've never had or enjoyed the past-lets try them again. And my family will reap the benefits of eating whole foods cooked with love, instead of odious processed bagged foods that we tend to go to when we only have a few minutes to get the kids fed. Lets make time for dinner around the table, shall we!!!!

I intend to teach at least two childrens yoga classes this month, 2-5 yrs old and 6-10- so that I can get my certificate for child light yoga. And of course, continue my weekly adult class at the country club.
I intend to get back into a daily meditation practice, whether that be moving meditation (dancing), seated meditation, or yoga nidra.

What do I need in order to meet my goals for August?

 Dedicated workspace (office)

 Clear workspace-no clutter or mess so I can really focus on what I want to focus on

 Calendar-schedule

o Need to make sure it includes what books I want to review and when, with a clear idea of how long it will take, without pressure to get this done, so I make it really easy for me to meet my goal

 Priorities exercise-whats important to me now, what do I want to focus on

o Also need to document what I have found in the past that tends to throw me off course and try to come up with idea for course correction

 Schedule time in every day for : dance (fun), exercise, tv, reading, cooking, meditation, brain dump (document everything I want to explore, that I found when surfing, etc) , surfing/email-and stick to that schedule

 Once per week, day off, no schedule

 Family meals-scheduled (since my hubby and I are like ships passing in the night)

 Vitamins-daily

I have a number of tools in arsenal to make my goals for this month a reality. I will start to dust them off and see which ones I really identify with at this stage of my lifecycle. Most importantly, I think the meditation is going to rock in this process. But I need to start on the clearing first, and make a commitment to keep things clear, take time to put things in their place, in order to keep this train on its tracks.

What about you? What do you want to happen for you in August? Share your intentions here!

Monday, July 4, 2011

She who cannot be contained...

She Who Cannot Be Contained
By Lisa Schrader

In celebration of her Too Muchness.

Big hipped, loose lipped, sassy swagger, fierce hearted, emotional roller ocean all over, wanting more more more...
She Must Move,
gypsy girl spirit undulating snake rhythms hypnotizing,
slipping through your fingers, rattle you awake,
soul whisper wise woman running with the wolves
and lurking in the corners of your dreams
Women are Wet: joy teary, heart weary with weeping, blood mooning,
milk letting down, down, down
on pink petals, sweet nectar glistening
Giving, tending, mending, gathering the seeds,
sowing the cycles of blue sky, green harvest, fire burn and dawning dew.
She calls: worship me, open me, love me,
be warrior enough to penetrate my tender trust with your presence,
unleash the blinding magnificence of this she-beauty,
the jewels in the temple are yours...
Or don’t.
You’ll find me here the same
and ever changing,
luxuriating on the rose petal bed,
dipping my fingers in honey,
sipping wine song, and
dancing in the sacred, throbbing heart of Yes

Monday, June 27, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Pleasure Principle

I was lucky enough to attend the Weight Loss Pleasure Camp held at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY this month.  During the 5 day retreat, we learned all about how to give ourselves permission to feel pleasure, to explore it, to feel worthy of it, and to let it permeate all aspects of our lives.  As a result, Im breathing more, tuning into my body more, slowing down, asking my animal (my gorgeous body) what she wants and likes, and listening....

Today I went for an hour long walk (not run, walk) in the humidity listening to some great tunes, and singing at the top of my lungs when I felt like it, dancing a little, and overall, really enjoying myself.  My body did run a few times during the course of the four mile jaunt, because she wanted to, but this was not about working out or training for a race (which is so different than normal).  It was about experiencing the pleasure of movement, the feel of sweat on my skin, the joy that good music brings to me, and basking in the heat of the sun.  What a lovely experience.  And you know, every experience can be like that.  If you allow yourself to pay attention, feel it, glory in it, love it. 

Lunch followed my lovely walk: a salad with tomatoes, yellow peppers, hemp seed, and the best dressing EVER (rosemary balsamic).  I enjoyed every bite, I paid attention to every bite, I did nothing else but enjoy that salad, and the veggie soup I made from the CSA veggies I got last week.  It was divine.

Make everything you 'have to do' something you 'get to do' and experience the difference that makes in your life.  Pay attention.  Dont worry about calories, think only of your pleasure.  If you really pay attention to what your body craves, you'll find it wont be sugar all the time.  It might be some alone time, a hot bath, a cup of tea, a hug from a friend, a dance around the living room.   And when you experience pleasure in everything you do and everything you are, are you really going to care about what the scale says (the answer is no, in case you're vascillating :)

Here's to your pleasure...


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Long time no write

Hi fellow amazing beautiful women (and men if any of you are reading, you're so handsome!  Yes, really you are!),

I am trying to recover from my foray into the world of HCG.  I say this with the utmost respect for the diet. Yes, it definitely does work in the short term.  But in the long term, it caused me to rebound and become obsessed with food, body image (well I guess thats been around for a while), and spiraling me into the world of compulsive overeating and further numbness.

If you follow my blog, you will see that I started the downfall around Oct 2010.  I was so scared of my success, getting down to 133 (it was either fear or self sabotage), that I let it all hang loose during Halloween and the following holidays.  Weight came on quickly, and I did nothing to stop it. I started another round of HCG this year, and again, let myself become victim to the craziness that came up in my head from lack of nutrients and feelings of failure.  From Oct to Feb, I gained back 20 lbs, and Im just above that right now, after losing 10 lbs on the last round and regaining that plus a few.

Its been a rough ride.  I have done lots of reading on the subject, and have found that for some people (like me)!, initially this type of diet is really good, but start to not weigh yourself daily (which was causing me to binge since I didn't like what the scale said), and allow yourself the devil sugar and you gain back like crazy-the rebound is swift and vicious.  

And just to let you know, that gain occurred when I was working out at least one hour a day, doing yoga, running, swimming, circuit training, and biking.  So I was not Mrs. Inactive.

I spiraled back into the pits of a depression that plagued me in my early 20's, and considered going back on antidepressants, until I remembered that they caused me to be anxious, and then I had to take an antianxiety med, and so on and so on.

I recently read the Diet Cure by Julia Ross, and she advocates a variety of supplements depending on specific conditions (low serotonin, low adrenal function, and ex dieter for me), and Ive been taking them for the past two days.  I really don't like taking supplements, but I wanted to get out of this crazy headspace Ive been occupying for the last few months, and really get back to feeling like myself, and do it without rx pharmaceuticals, so I figured Id give it a tty.

Even though its only been 24 hrs, I feel better, much better.  I looked in the mirror this morning and congratulate myself on going for a run two days in a row, even though my average pace is way high thanks to the heat and extra pounds- I even thought I looked pretty good.  Im motivated to eat well, and haven't been tempted by sweets.  Im hoping this continues and its not just the TOM affect.

Any of you out there having the same issues?  I definitely do not think Ill be doing HCG anytime again.  Unless perhaps I can eat a regular diet with it and then take it for its feel good affect (and still lose?).  Anyone try that?

Hope everyone out there is doing well.  Im going to start posting my food mood logs, if I find some time.    Til then, happy times to you.

Monday, March 28, 2011

R4P2D12-VLCD D10

Today's weight: 146.2

After eating to my hearts content at the party Sat night (bordering on more than a little compulsive) and gaining 2 lbs, I lost 2.6lbs this morning thanks to a P2 steak day (my creation?), which basically is 8oz of steak with a huge tomato, which I ate at 4:30pm (yes, I was hungry before and after!).  But then I went and cheated again today, for no real reason other than I wanted some cookies, and then I said, ok what about diet soda and some pizza, yum!  So now Im hopped up on caffeine, my stomach is bloated, and Im a little disappointed in myself.  But Im wondering if I do another steak day tomorrow, what will Wed bring?  Its an experiment. I am going into these cheats knowing full well that they might derail all progress and that I may need to 1)add more days to my round or 2) give up early and be happy with where I am and get back to working out (which i kinda miss).  Either way, there are things in my life that Im really excited about, and that have my focus more than this diet.   Master bath renovations started today, and I just got some blinging lighting that I will need to put together (yes, every crystal will need to be attached, but I got it for a steal!).

The bath is going to be zen meets nature, with pebble shower floor, iridiscent glass brick mosaic shower tile, a new vanity and a linen cabinet (yay storage!) and a bath with chromatherapy and champagne bubbles that I got as a showroom floor model (actually was able to see it working) and was able to save 5K on!   The shower will have a overhead rain showerhead and then a handheld showerhead that can function both as a showerhead or as a body spray.

In addition to that excitement (over the top, though the having to go upstairs to use the bathroom at night is a little challenging), the kids are doing great, getting big and fiestier by the day, hubby and I are doing great, and yesterday I was able to take a yoga class with Seane Corne (awesome!).  Im so very blessed.

How are you guys?

ps-dont do as I do with the cheating.  Im the poster child for not setting a good example right now.  Ill be back on track tomorrow!

pss-Lis, tell me about cycling.  Maybe that would stop my little binges during P2!

Friday, March 25, 2011


Highest Loading Weight: 154 (VLCD D2)
End of Loading Weight: 152.5
Current Weight: 146.5

So I think I have to do a round every March, since this one has been a lot easier since my last round in Oct.  The first few days were AWFUL, I was detoxing something fierce, slept a lot, had a three day headache, and really laid low.  I drank a lot of water and stuck to my P2 meals, and I was fine by D4.  I really polluted my body after the last round: lots of sugar, lots of diet soda (which my body doesnt do well with, but which I was addicted to).   But at least I stabilize in the low 150's so I didnt gain everything back. 

I am currently 3 lbs above my LIW from R2, and what a difference 6 lbs makes.  I fit in my clothes better already.  Wild.  Yesterday was the first time I was hungry this round, so I stocked up on some potassium yesterday.  Little nervous about a party Im supposed to go to tomorow.  There is going to be amazing food and dessert (chocolate mint ice cream pie-my favorite!!!!), and it starts at 5:30pm, prime eating time.  My plan is to eat right before I leave, down loads of water at the party, and not allow myself to eat anything.  I actually remember the party last yr-it was during my R1P3, and I cheated bigtime-though I only gained a pound so that was easily revised by a steak day.  But during P2, I know if I cheat now, I would really be sabatoging myself this round, the only one I plan to do this year.  My wish in the sky goal is to lose 20lbs this round (my fall over weight to lose would be 25lbs), to get back to the lowest weight I was at last round...being realistic, Im guessing it will be closer to 12 or 15. But we all know that if I cheat, thats going to be a lot less. 

Monday our Master Bath remodel starts.  Im so excited about it.  In a month from now, Ill have a better bathroom and a better body-yay!

Happy friday-glad to be back!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Round 4! 1.5 Loss

Thats right, another round. Took me a long while to decide if i was going to try again after my disastrous 3rd round which ended in Oct. Started this round on Wed, March 16- that was book club night and Thurs was St pats so great loading days...Nursing a shoulder/neck strain so I'll make myself lay off the weights for the next few weeks during P2- which is good because without it I would have kept lifting and probably lessened my success. Going to start up again asap in P3.
Before loading, I weighed in At 150.5.

Loading was strange: gained 3.5 day one then lost 1.5 the next day after all my St Paddys drinking- even though I ate a ton. Down to 151 today from a high of 154. Chicken has been on the menu since I haven't gone shopping for anything else yet. Hope to lose the 20lbs I gained since end Oct this round... Fingers crossed I can stick with it.
Definitely feel preggers: so tired, moody, and headachy. Hopefully that will go away in the next day or two after my body is done detoxing.
Happy supermoon.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Words from Anne Lamont (and me!)

Over these years, my body has not gotten firmer. Just the opposite in fact. But when I feel fattest and flabbiest and most repulsive, I try to remember that gravity speaks; also, that no one needs that plastic body perfection from women of age and substance.

Also, that I do not live in my thighs or in my droopy butt. I live in joy and motion and cover-ups. I live in the nourishment of food and the sun and the warmth of the people who love me.

from My Secret Body

Not matter where you are on this journey to love your body, know that YOU are beautiful and lovable and whole.  You need not change for me, I love you as you are, whomever you are, whatever size, shape, color, or type.  Let the divine light in you shine.

-all me baby!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Gentle she goes

So far so good on my New Years Intentions...Ive been listening to my body, feeding myself well, taking breaks when I need them, and pushing myself when I need to.  Ive been fighting this terrific cold, so Im making sure to take my vitamins, limit sugar, and get lots of sleep, and Im feeling pretty good despite the illness, and TOMs arrival yesterday (one week early, though granted, he was 8 weeks late when he arrived last month).  Ive dropped two pounds since the beginning of the week, and Im hoping my workout schedule (body pump 3 times per week, yoga three times per week, running at least once per week, and swimming once per week) in addition to my better eating keeps the numbers dropping.  I do have 8 frozen syringes and a vial of 5000iu left from my last round (though no more syringes), so I MIGHT try another round this winter, but knowing what my headspace was after the last round, and my striving to be more vegetarian in my food consumption (again, gentle, so not going full steam ahead), I want to see if I can get my body to lose when Im not on HCG.  And find out what that looks like. 
 I want to be a healthy eater all the time, choosing good foods/fuel for my body without worrying about what the scale says (so then I sabotage myself and rebel), and most importantly, I want to stop DIETING and start LIVING ( I know I sound like a Jenny Craig commercial, but its true) !!!!!  I want to stop making excuses and stop lying to myself (ie I was born this way, Im big boned, I wont be able to lose the weight without HCG) .  I am capable of great things and as my body is the vessel that allows me to do those things, it deserves to be treated well. 
I know to do that I need to be prepared and I need to be accountable.  I need to make sure I have heathly things in the house, and that I take the time to make them (no more withering away in the frig!!!!).  I need to have greens in the house at all times.  I need to have quick good food ready for those times when I have no time and Im itching to eat crap.  When my head is telling me to go eat, I need to distract myself and avoid food until my body tells me its time to eat.  I need to pay full attention when I eat and notice and enjoy every bite.  I need to drink at least one glass of water before my meal.  And I need to log my food and exercise so I can keep track of what worked for me (ie feeling powerful, strong, healthly and focused) and what Im too sensitive to or takes me out of balance or causes me to gain.  On the gentle side, I am allowing myself my worst vice, diet soda, so I dont feel overwhelmed (diet soda is bad for me since I have reactions to the aspartame in it), and I will give that up again soon....
Today I have eaten two slices of rye bread (panera) with 3 tbs sunflower butter, 1 piece whole wheat bread (small) with margarine, and a big bowl of brussels, collard greens, bok choy stir fried with garlic and onion.  Im still hungry, but Im going to give myself 15 minutes or so to see if thats my head saying I want to eat more or if Im actually hungry.  I also did an hour of weight training and plan to run later this afternoon.  So far so good...and the foods Im eating (lots of greens, good fats, some low glycemic carbs) are taking away my sugary cravings, so thats wonderful.
This weekend, four yoga classes are on the agenda, and date night with hubby (he doesnt know yet that I will be taking him to our Masters groups annual party after dinner at our favorite restaurant-should be a great time!).  Next weekend I have to teach my first hour long class, and Im freaked out big time!  But I will not allow the stress to overwhelm me or my fear to let me back out of it.
Got any big plans for the weekend?  How are you doing with your resolutions?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Here's to everyone that made it through the holidays without gaining an ounce and here's to those of us that upped our weight with luscious treats and now plan to get back on track!

Theres a lot of controversy over whether or not to set New Years Resolutions, as most of the people that do  have a difficult time meeting their resolves and then feel guilty about it, which causes many of us to rebel against our inner compass and maker the situation even worse.

Instead of resolutions this year, I have set intentions: to be open, loving, kind, and gentle.  Not only to and for myself but for all of those people I affect with my words or my actions.

To myself, since I have gained back 20 of the pounds I have lost, and I am having difficulty accepting that, and being ok with it (since thats really the only way the weight will come back off, if I am gentle and loving, otherwise, Ill binge and gain even more).  And also, because almost all of the goals that I set for December to meet while I was on vacation are still on my to do list.   This includes my yoga paper, three class transcriptions, cleaning my office and the basement and the garage, doing a new recipe a day, writing book reviews on all the nutrition books I have in my office/lending library, finding referral partners, and finishing my classwork for IIN distance learning (a program Im auditing).  Im ok with all of it.  Because I was able to spend time with my family, shop for some amazing gifts, meet new people, take lots of yoga, and go to Chicago to visit my family.  I had a great time.  And now Im ready to get back to work.  Who's with me?

I would love to hear some of your intentions or resolutions.  Anyone want to share (that is, if anyone is still out there after my December break.)?

Love to you all...