Monday, November 29, 2010

Another week

has passed and finally the craziness of November is past (think four birthday parties, thanksgiving, two yoga weekends, and more!).  Next week starts my 2 week vacation from work, and this week starts my lets get back on track program.  Ive spent the last month being miserable about gaining all my R3 weight back plus some, but the excuses are over, and Im ready for action.  I thought about doing a really short round before xmas, but nixed it, since I think the last round is what set off my eat everything in site for a month binge, and I dont want to go down that path again right now.  Instead I have some things I plan to do everyday, as well as an intention for everything to work out as it should (and not be so strict about what that should look like, since my thoughts might be limiting).  I think something that really threw me off in the last month was the daily weight gain and my daily beration about that, and my forgetting that it actually took me as long to gain the 13lbs as it did to lose them on R3 (since my berating myself made me eat more in rebellion), so I also intend to be honest and gentle with myself (yes, I know, I try this a lot, one of these times it'll stick!).

As of today, Im back to 146lbs. I do mourn the gain of those 13 lbs, but I also see them as an opportunity to do better, and as a reminder of what is at stake.  I feel so much better in my skin when I am lighter.  I can do more physically, fit into my clothes, when I am lighter I am eating better and thus feeling better; mentally clear, physically strong.   I have a few weapons in my weight loss arsenal that I seem to forget about, and yes, EFT is one those, thanks ladies for those comments, as well as some ayurvedic options that I want to try.  And I really think that by making my food every day in December (one new recipe a day is the goal), it will get me to a place of acceptance with food, and my desires, and get me back to a place of food being fun and nourishing rather than me vs food, which causes much angst in my head. 

My basics are going to be:
1) Daily Multivitamin
2) Fish Oil/ Omega 3 supplement
3) Daily Food Intake Tracking on SparkPeople
4) 2000mg Vitamin D
5) Try my best to avoid all SODA
6) Yoga min 3xs week (goal is one class every day in Dec that Im off work)
7) Jogging min 2x week
8) Masters Swim min 1x week

I also want to try some new classes at the Y.  They have a body pump class, which is heavy weight training in a class setting.   And I need to get used to running on a treadmill unless I want to freeze outside when Im running. 

Im also doing a huge house clearing out.  Im trying to get organized and have on my to do list to get rid of tons of far, Ive sold 6 or 7 things on my local craigslist (yay!), and Im getting bookcases made for my office, which will be good, since I have SO many books these days (that will be my lending library for my nutrition clients-right now its known as my 'so many books in boxes all over my office floor mess').  

Im really looking forward to having some time to myself without having to work, and spend time pampering myself and my family with good food, daily movement, and cleaning out.  Anyone local to Pa-come by and we'll cook together!


Monday, November 22, 2010


Wow, its been a while since I last posted.  Sorry about that, I was caught up in my food coma.  Still trying to take it one day at a time, but it seems like the sugar is winning.  I do so well for a few hours or even most of the day, and then are thrust into the trenches of hell when I find that someone has brought something sweet home, or the yoga studio is serving cookies, or...on and on.  Im back up to my LIW from R2, up 10 lbs from my lowest weight on R3, and hoping to settle somewhere in between after the holidays and birthday hoopla is over.  Im still planning on focusing on my health in December (yoga every day and a new healthy recipe) everyday, in addition to adding in Body Pump classes to see if I like them.  That will be the key, right?

I just wish I could be one of those people that didnt crave sweets, that didnt have a problem obssessing over food, who could eat in moderation all the time, stop when I am full, and be satisfied.  Until then, Im going to keep working, and SMILING, right? 

Have a wonderful thanksgiving, guys.  Ill catch you next week!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

On the eve of my 39th yr

So Im turning 38 in 13 minutes...pretty wild.  Im up to about 141, lbs, and I decided to stop the diet a week ago last Sat, and have skipped all of the no sugar no starch thing as well.  Im about 3 lbs above my LIW, but Im feeling fine.  Im trying to eat according to what I feel my body needs, in addition to some added treats to combat my sugar cravings...yes, I succumb.  But its all good.  Ive been doing yoga everyday in addition to running twice last week (and somehow hurting my hip), and in December, Im going to start weight training in addition to my daily yoga.  I was having a lot of issues with compulsive eating over the last month or so, as those of you that follow me know, and I decided that the only way to really not feed into that any more was to stop limiting myself with the protocol, and start listening to my body.  So thats what Im trying.  Im a work in progress and some days are good, and some are bad. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Advice Needed

Current Weight 137.3
Daily Loss .7

So I need some advice...I didnt take my injection yesterday (though I have about 9 syringes left), and Im wondering if I should keep going or stop and have my LI be Sat?  Im still up 4 lbs from my lowest on this round, and still 12 up from my goal weight, so part of me wants to stay on it and see if I can get down a little more, and part of me is so done with this round.   My birthday dinner will be this Friday, Im going to a veggie potluck on Sat and then soon after is Thanksgiving.  So if I stop now, my LIW will be much higher than I want it to be, but Ill have a little more freedom to eat.  And if I dont stop, then I will definitely be cheating at least 4 times in the next two weeks.  What should I do?  I dont plan on doing another round with the HCG until mid next year, if at all, and I cant seem to lose on other diets.

What would you do?


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

R3P2VLCD D33- 137.4

So I decided what the heck, weigh myself today, and I was 137.4.  Thats ok I guess.  Up 4 lbs from my lowest point last week :(, but fully deserved and less than 140.  I even ate a bunch of brownies last night.  Right now, Im kinda just making up my own protocol, so not sure if the weight Ive lost this round is going to stick.  Today I decided to eat just when Im hungry, and I had a little handful of nuts this morning, a few grissinis around 11, 5 asparagus spears at noon, and then my chicken portion with three cups of romaine a few minutes ago.  Not sure what Ill do for dinner, as I dont have anything prepared yet, and a friend is meeting me at my house right after I get home from work.  I wonder if Ill be tempted by those brownies I made last night (with my new Kitchenaid MIXER! So excited, its my early birthday present from my inlaws since Im going to be doing a lot of baking in December!, and I had to try it to make sure it works, right? ).  Dont want them right now, but you never know when they are in front of me.  Maybe they are magic brownies and they will actually help me lose weight ;)...  The mix I used was a gluten free one that I ordered over the summer and never ended up making.

If I keep this up this round will be more about reshaping, which is cool.  Ill just keep going til I run out of syringes. 

How are you doing?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Taking a step back

So this weekend I was really thrown off.  Im guessing I weigh about 140 right now, but havent weighed myself since Sunday morning.  Went to a halloween party Sat night and had a brownie and a ton of diet soda, and was up to 136.4 Sunday morning (rough time .  Then I ate EVERYTHING and ANYTHING I wanted on Sunday: tons of candy, a big hoagie, mozzie sticks, guacamole and chips, and it was all so good (4000+ calories worth).  And I bet that brought me WAY Up...but Im ok with it.  Steak Day yesterday (lots of those this round), and eating well so far today.  Using my belly size as a guide to where Im at with my weight.  I think Im going to wait til Sat to weigh myself again, and just eat really well till then.

The frozen syringes seem to be working out.  No hunger and no weird side effects.  I am assuming that all my eating behaviors are coming from energetic and physical stress that I am putting on myself based on all the stuff coming up from my yoga training (lots of trauma trapped in my body being released).  And so Im working on that, and trying to find a safe and sane place (outside of obsession, binging and longing) in my pysche and house that I can identify and release all these issues.  Been doing a lot of clutter cleaning and that seems to be helping. 

Right now, I have a headache and Im ready to go home for the day.  Hoping I start feeling a little better later...want to get out for a run.  Havent been in a while, and that helps with my head stuff too. 

Hope you guys are doing well. I hope to catch up on your blogs soon...