Thursday, September 30, 2010

R3P2D2-Loading Day 2

Current Weight 145.7

Up .9 from yesterday, so it looks like my combo loading day worked.  I think I needed to drink a little more water, as Im feeling vey dehydrated, and I had a huge leg cramp during yoga yesterday that still persists today, so Ill be taking my magnesium just to see if thats the issue.  TOM has stuck around with a bang, but stomach is flatter than its been in weeks, depsite that.  Love the HCG!

Measurements were pretty good this morning, still the same since July!!!! 
Waist- 30
Chest 34
Hip 38
R thigh  21.5
R calf  14
Neck 13
R arm 12
Ankle 8.5

Today, my loading has consisted of lots of nuts, chocolate granola, crostini, and a chicken souvlaki (pita, chicken, tiztiki sauce, and veggies), and chocolate peanut butter ice cream awaits me this afternoon.  I'm going to have a colonic tomorrow to make sure everything is nice and clean for the start of my VLCD (also had one last week), and then start my daily P2 chili and chicken salad meals (pretty much my daily meals during R2P2).  Then tomorrow night starts my yoga training!

Hubby is off to Vegas tonight with his buddies, so I am wishing him lots of luck at the tables, lots of fun with his friends, and safe travels back to his family (and lots of money coming back to us would be good too :)!).

Hope you guys have a great day~

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

R3P2D1- Loading at 144.8

Current Weight 144.8
LIW R2 143.5
Measurements: to be done after loading

So starts my loading for R3.  So far, Ive had two meatballs (from a Primo's Hoagie), a whole sleeve of Pico De Gallo Wholly Guacamole (YUMMY!) with some crostini, and am looking forward to some mixed nuts and ice cream later.  Im doing kinda of a eat the last bits of what I crave (ie ice cream and crackers) and load up on good fats loading, so I dont gain too much, but do have the fat I need to get me through my first week.  I really dont want to gain more than 3lb from loading, as I really hope to reach the high 120s by end of October (yes, body, we can do it, please ?!?!?!?!).

This is going to be a very interesting round.  I plan to keep exercising throughout (swimming, biking, running, yoga), and am starting my yoga teacher training this Friday night...that will most likely be pretty hard core (8 long weekends in 3.5 months), though I have been practicing at least 2-3xs a week for the last month or so.   Not sure how that will affect my weight.  I also am planning my first shorter round.  My first round was 50 days and the second I believe was 40, so this time 30 days is my max.  I want to be done with my 3 weeks of P3 before Thanksgiving, and maybe even in time for some birthday cake for me and my sons (we were all born within 5 days of each other in November). 

For those of you wondering, I do SC injections.  This morning I mixed 5000 ius of HCG with 14.25ccs of bacteriostatic water, and that will give me approx 28 175iu injections.  If I do my skip days like Im supposed to, and the HCG stays stable (in the frig, in its box, covered by foil to not be damaged by the light), I will only need one batch for this round.  Funny, less than an hour after my injection, TOM arrived (not due for a week or so)...or at least I had spotting.  We'll see if he sticks around. 

So, who out there wants to be round buddies?  I have a feeling Im going to need lots of support this round!

ps-something I want to share, at least to remind myself.  Someone asked me about my spiritual practice, and I said this:  Every thing I do, every moment, is a part of my spiritual practice.  I focus on the stillness inside, and the peace and beauty all around me.   Pretty profound, I thought, immediately after verbalizing it.  And sometimes more true than at other times.  I am a work in progress, and my life is such a blessing.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

R3 in two weeks!

Current Weight 145 (steak day)
Above LIW 1.5
Time is sure flying, isnt it?  In only a few weeks my hubby is off to Vegas for a long weekend, I'll start a yoga teacher training program (though I still havent figured out which one), and Ill be starting R3 to drop another 20lbs (fingers crossed).   
Today has been a good day so far, though I succumbed to the brownies and cookies being served at one of my coworker's surprise baby shower.  Later on, Ill be tempted by the culinary delights being served at book club.  But all is good.  I will eat in moderation (subliminal messaging, please work), and since I ran for 40 minutes today, I have an additional 400 calories to work with...
How is YOUR day going?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Race Story and More

Current Weight 147
Above LIW 3.5
So my Mom's birthday was this past Thursday (Happy Birthday, Mom!).  Being the good daughter I am, I called her to wish her a Happy Day, and chatted with her about life and whats new.  I mentioned that I was considering doing yoga teacher training, and she said in response, 'you remind me so much of my dad.  He was never satisfied, he was always trying to grow and learn more'.  Immediately, in response to her first words, I was transported back to my teens and my 20s, and my early 30s, when I have heard her say that I am never satisfied before...and then I reflected on her next statement, you are always trying to grow and learn more...I asked her, when you say that, do you mean it as a negative? Because I ALWAYS took those words never satisfied as a negative (she never said the grow part before).  And she said no, she said she was always so impressed with it, and it was so unlike her.  Boy, was I thrown for a loop.  It was as if a bomb exploded in my head.  You mean all those things I thought, that my mom didnt approve of what I do, that she doesnt think I am happy with what i do or have, that I cannot be satisfied-that was all wrong, and instead she was impressed and happy and maybe a little, to have that clarified after assuming something else for so long was amazing.  And it is causing me to rethink lots of things, and be more open, and less critical of myself.  Wild, huh?
So on to the race story.  You know that the last tri I did I blew my front tire, and road on it for 4 miles anyway, right?  Well, this time, I blew my first tire at mile 10, and was lucky enough to have someone stop and help me fix it- I was also prepared with an intertube and all the tools I would need to change it.  The second tire, again the front, blew at mile 15-just my luck!  I only had 8 more miles to go, and I was feeling great.  No pain, good time, and wanting to finish.  I waited for some help, 10 minutes, then more, and no luck. I was only about 1/2 a mile from a turn where there were some state policemen, so I started walking.  I had to take off my bike shoes since it was too hard to walk in them, so I walked in my socks to them, and ended up cutting the bottom of my foot (didnt find that out until I went to put my running shoes on in transition and saw the blood).  The nice officer drove me back to the transition area, or should I say, to the entrance of the park where I got back on the bike and rode in so I wouldnt be disqualified (they were pretty lax, and I was one of the last people to finish, so I didnt think it a big deal.  I knew if I was DQed I wouldnt find out my official times, and I wanted to, so thats the only reason I didnt report it, really....hey, Im telling you, right.  Full disclosure.  Anyway, by the time I got back to transition, it was really later than it would have been if I had rode the 8 miles back on a full tire.  So I went on to finish the run, and ultimately finish all but 8 miles of the race.  As I did it just to prove that I could, especially in regards to the swim and the run, I felt really good about my results.  I ran all 6 miles in ~10 minutes each, despite those sand dunes and all the varied terrain, and the cut on my foot, and I swam the mile in less than 40 minutes, which is what it normally takes me in a pool.  And the bike portion-15 miles-took me less than and hour which isnt too shabby.  I would haev loved to not have gotten those flats to see my real time.
My next race is the warrior dash... on Oct 10th; I just registered today.  You go through 13 obstacles, like jumping over fire, and crawling in the mud under barbed wire, while running 3.23 miles.  It should be a blast.  I love this body of mine...
And since I will be doing yoga teacher training and running during my next round, you and I will get to see first hand how exercise affects someone who is conditioned during HCG.  I have  a feeling that I will be tired, and not lose as much, but I will be good either way.  I look and feel great, and though I want to lose another 20 lbs to get to 125, its really just gravy, since I have a whole new life that I love.  And wonderful bloggy friends like know you all rock, dont you? 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Race Results

Still not posted yet on the race site yet, though I know I did 38:01 on the swim, 1:32 on bike ( I'll share that story tomorrow- though it involves two flat tires and a friendly NJ State policeman), and unofficially 61:20 for the run. I say unofficially since I timed myself when I started the run, about two minutes after I crossed the timing mat due to a much needed bathroom break, just a short detour from the race route. I was really impressed with my results, and glad that I was able to get out of the I can't do it mentality that I had up to the point that I did the race. Yep, it sounds like a lot, but if you train your mind and your body, you can do it. Dare I set my sites on completing a 1/2 ironman next yr (1.2m swim, 56m bike, 13.1m run?

How was Your weekend?

Friday, September 10, 2010


Weight 145
Above LIW 1.5
Tomorrow is the big day, my first Olympic.  I've borrowed a wetsuit that somewhat fits, ate garlic noodles from PF Changs for my carbo-loading, packed my tri bag and readied my bike, and am off to bed in 1/2 an hour.  Ill be getting up around 5:30 to quickly shower, load my bike, grab my sunflower butter bagel and caffeine and get on the road for my hour and a half drive.  This is the latest Ive ever had a tri start, 9am, so I wont be done til 12:30 or 1pm...boy, that blows my mind. 
Wish me luck, and happy finishing thoughts!   This is the start of a whole new mindset and skill set!
Happy weekend everyone, see you alive and well on Monday.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

R2P4D71-Stressed and blessed

Todays Weight (from non reliable scale): 144.5
Yesterdays Weight: 146
Tuesdays Weight 148 (steak day)
So the Wii fit is no longer working...and I am mourning its absence.  For the past three days I've had to weigh myself on the scale in the bathroom that can fluctuate 2-3 lbs over the course of 1-2 minutes.  So while it says 144.5 Im not sure its there exactly, though my belly is a pretty good predictor, since I can tell how much Im up but how much Im bloated.  Its actually pretty cool to be that tuned in to my body and know where Im at for my weight.  It makes me think that weekly weighing might be possible for my psyche (though Im not there yet :)
Ive been pretty stressed the last few days, since my biggest is starting Kindergarten (he is getting so big!!!!) tomorrow and because Im contemplating doing my first olympic distance tri this weekend.  I committed at the beginning of the season that I would do an olympic distance, which for this event is a mile swim, 24 mile bike, and a six mile run...but Im scared.  Scared of not finishing, scared of finishing but being the last one, scared of injuring myself or my ego.  I might even be a little scared of finishing and doing ok, because then I would be committed to doing olympics in the future (psychologically, at least, because of my own strict perfectionistic tendancies).  The weather is supposed to be great, the race fees arent astronomical, the course is techinically flat and easy, and no one I know will be there to judge (or support on the con side).  But just thinking about it gives me butterflies and makes me break out in goose bumps.  I tend to do things that scare me though, since I know its going to be a growth experience.  And I would be disappointed in myself if I dont do it because of a little fear.  So in other words, I guess Im doing it.  WTH, right? 
So wish me lots of luck and warm water (since the wetsuit I got last year doesnt fit anymore, and Im doing the swim on my own)...
Im also deep in thought about which yoga teacher training program Im going to register for.  Two of them start the first weekend of Oct (one for 8 weeks, one for 16 weeks) and then there is one that I would need to go away for 24 days for that starts after Thanksgiving (2 sessions of 12 days at Kripalu in Western Mass).  Im not sure which Im going to do since I havent decided on which teacher or type of yoga I like the best and want to teach, and I need to decide by next week.  I also am a little scared again, since getting in front of a group and leading really makes me uncomfortable.  But again, growth, right?  And I can add yoga to my holistic bag of tricks (that Im currently not using!).  On some level, I feel like if I keep adding things to my practice that I will be more attractive to clients, though I have to start looking for clients to get them, right?
All good things going on...and Im so grateful to have the opportunities and the means to check things off on my bucket list (yoga teacher and triathlete) now Ill just start to think calm thoughts, let the answers come and the fear subside.
What are you afraid to do that you really want to do, and how do you handle it?

Monday, September 6, 2010

R2P4D68- Great weekend!

Weight: No idea, probably round 149 (due to size of belly)
Fun: tons!

This weekend was a blast.  Friday night was first friday in our town and we walked there to watch hubby do his budakon presentation in front of all of the visitors-he did great, despite his nervousness.  This was after I spend the afternoon buying two used bikes- a Kuota K Factor Tri bike, and a Specialized Ruby Expert Road bike.  I got them from a triathlete that is now being sponsored by Kuota, and so she gets her bikes for free.  Spent tons of time in traffic on the way back, but boy, do I love these new bikes.  Planning on getting fitted for them sometime this month, and will be rolling them out for my next tri season. 

Saturday morning, my biggest and I went to garage sales, which is always fun.  Hubby and I spent the afternoon cleaning the house in prep for our Sunday BBQ, and getting ready for our Trapeze Lesson.  Yes, if the pics I just sent to blogger come out, you'll get to see me flying through the air.  It was so scary and SO FUN!!!!  We ended up hitting it off with our instructor and she joined us for a few drinks at the Indian Rock Inn afterwards, just down the street from the camp where the lesson was held.  And then we went to our favorite restaurant in Doylestown for dessert after one drink at MOMs.  A full and amazing night.

Sunday we partied with some of our neighbors and longtime friends too at our BBQ (love those rhymes) after I ran my first 5 miles continuous ever (thanks for the push, Kristin!).  The day was full of great food, weather, and conversation.  And today I took an amazing yoga class, in prep for yoga teacher training this fall.  It was a perfect weekend, and a great way to end the summer.

What did you do this weekend?