Tuesday, August 31, 2010

R2P4D62- 2.9 loss

Daily Loss 2.9
Current Weight 145.3
Above LIW 1.8
It sure is hard to get back to posting after being on vacation for a week.  Especially when my mind is still back at the beach :)...I cant believe its been 15 days since I last posted...
I gained a little more than 5 lbs at the beach, but already am back down below where I was the day we left (1.8 above LIW).  Somehow, without trying, yesterday, I lost 2.9 lbs, more than the Steak Day the day before.  Go figure.  Today was my son's kindergarten meet up, and I had a cookie there.  And a piece of french bed pizza for lunch with some doritos.  Not the best choice of foods, but at least Im not overindulging like I normally do when I eat those foods.  And roasted chicken with brussels and salad are on the menu for dinner, so I should be ok.  I definitely want to get back to below LIW soon...
TOM arrived yesterday with no hoopla...and again, my appetite has been decreased since his arrival.  Still wondering about that.  I also wonder how my next short round (ETA Oct 1st) will affect my hormones in the next few months...
How are you guys doing? How was your summer (and can you believe its over :(?
Ps- I did another sprint Triathlon (Tri the Wildwoods) on the 21st, and did really well.  29 minutes on the beach run, 33 minutes for the 10 mile bike, and a slow ocean swim (but it was the ocean!): 18 minutes for 1/4 mile (definitely felt longer than that though)...I still have yet to sign up for an olympic and time is running out.  Not sure its going to happen, especially since the pool I go to is closed for a week, and the only Olympics in the area are on Sept 12th...not much time to practice...

Monday, August 16, 2010

R2P4D47-2.0 loss

Current Weight 146.3
Daily Loss 2lbs (steak day)
Friday weight: 146.5 (still working to get down from sisters visit)
Saturday weight: 147.4 (Friday night neighbor great together-lots of cc cookies)
Sunday weight: 148.3 (Hersheypark junk food fest)
The summer takes the posting enthusiasm right out of me...that in combination with my sisters visit, tons of work, and getting ready for next weeks vacation makes it hard to find the motivation or the time to post.  And I think this being above my LIW for more than a week makes me really uncomfortable too...especially since I dont feel good even 3 lbs about LIW.  My clothes fit differently, my waist expands.   And I know that unless I have tremendous willpower next week, I will definitely be up above LIW so I want to get down way below this week before we leave.  With only 5 days, though and another book club tomorrow night, and being 3 lbs above it right now, Im not thinking its going to happen. 
So am I ok with that?  I have it in my mind that with all the exercise Im going to be doing for the rest of my life, with the fall and winter coming and many fewer get togethers, and of course, with my committment to this new body, I should not be concerned.  But weren't excuses what got me here in the first place? 
How do you balance the scales to allow fun and pleasure in without breaking your spirit or the scale?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

R2P4D43- .2 loss

Current Weight 147.1
Daily Loss .2
Above LIW 3.6
Working to get down to my LIW, even though you wouldn't guess it with all the fun stuff I ate at book club last night.  I hosted and served steak and cheese taquitos, pepperoni and cheese savories, nutella and pretzels, lots of fruit and veggies, and foccacia with vegetable bruschetta.  Yum!  I also had two glasses of wine and was very excited that I didnt gain anything this morning.  Fingers crossed that the loss continues...after all the brussel sprouts I ate today, I dont know what to think. 
Have to get some exercise in today.  I did a Jackie Warner DVD last week encompassing weight and core training and really enjoyed it.   While Im thinking of it, might as well get my butt up...and then Masters tonight if we miss the thunderstorms?
Whats your favorite type of workout?
And who's ready to see Eat Pray Love tomorrow?  (i cant wait, I LOVED the book)...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What a weekend!

Sis and her hubby left today.  We had a blast: Phillies Game, Atlantic City, the beach, Stockton, NJ (where my hubby and I were married and lived for a little while)...we ate a lot, laughed a lot, and I sure will miss her, as will the kids.
Up 7.8lbs from Thursday (141.5 then, 149.3 now), and doing a steak and nut day to get myself back within LIW range.  Hosting local bookclub tomorrow and then another busy weekend awaits, so hopefully the weight will just drop right off before I start piling it back on.  I will learn moderation when traveling...just not yet.
See you tomorrow...hope you all are well!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

R2P4D35- up 1.5

Current weight 145

Ate lots of sugary highly caloric stuff yesterday... Mint ice cream, pizza, nutella, so the gain is understandable. I'm hoping my clean eating today gets me back down, since I'll be eating out most of the weekend. My sister and her husband are coming to visit tomorrow night and staying til Tuesday so we'll be away doing the touristy thing. My hope is that I don't have a repeat of the Lancaster 9.3 gain...though I do plan to enjoy myself this weekend.

Did my normal wed pilates/ yoga/ running routine today. Tomorrow I'm going to try to get to the pool after work for a swim before giving blood, picking up my food club food, and then heading to the airport.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Monday, August 2, 2010


Weight 143.5
Up 2 lbs from Sat
Exercise: 560m swim, 15.5 m bike, 3.1m run in 1:47:30
So guess who finished the bike portion of the SheRox Philly triathlon with a flat tire, which blew around mile 11, and for which said triathlete did not get off the bike because she wanted to finish in under 2hrs?  Yep, that would be me.  I thought I heard something happen with the tire on the second lap of the bike course-it sounded like it popped, and then it got much more difficult to ride on, but I figured, maybe I was wrong, since I was still able to pedal and keep my speed up, and since I assumed if it was flat, I wouldnt be able to ride it, right?  Nope, after the race I found out that tire was way flat...so much so that Im surprised I didnt hurt myself by flipping over the handlebars when the bike decided it was done. I was so focused on finishing, that I didnt have time for flat tire. 
I had a few guardian angels yesterday in addition to the bike finish fairy...the forecasted thunderstorms (or almost hail storm) that could have canceled the swim and made the race a duathlon, or which could have called the race altogether didn't start until we finished the race and were walking our bikes back to the car (after I changed out of my wet clothes, just to be back in wet clothes again).  And I was guaranteed a under 2 hr finish if I did ok, just because they shortened the swim course by 200yds without giving us a good reason.  But even with the longer course, I would have finished in under 2, because I had a REALLY awesome race.  My best ever bike time and run time.  Even when I run without doing anything else, the best I was able to do for a 5k in practice was 31 minutes and I finished in 29:36...I beat my time from 2007 by 37 minutes!!!!!  Minus the max 10 that it would have taken me to do an extra 200yds,and thats still a whole lotta time!
It was a great day...I wasnt tired afterwards, I actually had lots of energy, and I really think if I keep up my training regimen that I can do an Olympic distance next month (1m swim, 30m bike, 10k run).  Not sure if my schedule will allow it, but Im going to look...
Hubby and the kids came down to watch, which was AWESOME.  And since the race parking was next to the Please Touch Museum and since it was pouring, that's where we spent the afternoon drying off.  The kids had a blast, and Mark and I were able to wear them out a little so we wouldnt have to work as hard once entertainign them once we got home...that time was for relaxing in front of the TV.  And then taking a long hot bath, and bedtime by 9pm.  All in all, I was very pleased with Sunday, August 1st.  And I think I look pretty good in my pics too!  Let me know what you think...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

SheROX race results


Age: 38 Gender: F
Clock Time01:47:30
Overall Place300 / 993
Division Place50 / 159