Monday, March 28, 2011

R4P2D12-VLCD D10

Today's weight: 146.2

After eating to my hearts content at the party Sat night (bordering on more than a little compulsive) and gaining 2 lbs, I lost 2.6lbs this morning thanks to a P2 steak day (my creation?), which basically is 8oz of steak with a huge tomato, which I ate at 4:30pm (yes, I was hungry before and after!).  But then I went and cheated again today, for no real reason other than I wanted some cookies, and then I said, ok what about diet soda and some pizza, yum!  So now Im hopped up on caffeine, my stomach is bloated, and Im a little disappointed in myself.  But Im wondering if I do another steak day tomorrow, what will Wed bring?  Its an experiment. I am going into these cheats knowing full well that they might derail all progress and that I may need to 1)add more days to my round or 2) give up early and be happy with where I am and get back to working out (which i kinda miss).  Either way, there are things in my life that Im really excited about, and that have my focus more than this diet.   Master bath renovations started today, and I just got some blinging lighting that I will need to put together (yes, every crystal will need to be attached, but I got it for a steal!).

The bath is going to be zen meets nature, with pebble shower floor, iridiscent glass brick mosaic shower tile, a new vanity and a linen cabinet (yay storage!) and a bath with chromatherapy and champagne bubbles that I got as a showroom floor model (actually was able to see it working) and was able to save 5K on!   The shower will have a overhead rain showerhead and then a handheld showerhead that can function both as a showerhead or as a body spray.

In addition to that excitement (over the top, though the having to go upstairs to use the bathroom at night is a little challenging), the kids are doing great, getting big and fiestier by the day, hubby and I are doing great, and yesterday I was able to take a yoga class with Seane Corne (awesome!).  Im so very blessed.

How are you guys?

ps-dont do as I do with the cheating.  Im the poster child for not setting a good example right now.  Ill be back on track tomorrow!

pss-Lis, tell me about cycling.  Maybe that would stop my little binges during P2!

Friday, March 25, 2011


Highest Loading Weight: 154 (VLCD D2)
End of Loading Weight: 152.5
Current Weight: 146.5

So I think I have to do a round every March, since this one has been a lot easier since my last round in Oct.  The first few days were AWFUL, I was detoxing something fierce, slept a lot, had a three day headache, and really laid low.  I drank a lot of water and stuck to my P2 meals, and I was fine by D4.  I really polluted my body after the last round: lots of sugar, lots of diet soda (which my body doesnt do well with, but which I was addicted to).   But at least I stabilize in the low 150's so I didnt gain everything back. 

I am currently 3 lbs above my LIW from R2, and what a difference 6 lbs makes.  I fit in my clothes better already.  Wild.  Yesterday was the first time I was hungry this round, so I stocked up on some potassium yesterday.  Little nervous about a party Im supposed to go to tomorow.  There is going to be amazing food and dessert (chocolate mint ice cream pie-my favorite!!!!), and it starts at 5:30pm, prime eating time.  My plan is to eat right before I leave, down loads of water at the party, and not allow myself to eat anything.  I actually remember the party last yr-it was during my R1P3, and I cheated bigtime-though I only gained a pound so that was easily revised by a steak day.  But during P2, I know if I cheat now, I would really be sabatoging myself this round, the only one I plan to do this year.  My wish in the sky goal is to lose 20lbs this round (my fall over weight to lose would be 25lbs), to get back to the lowest weight I was at last round...being realistic, Im guessing it will be closer to 12 or 15. But we all know that if I cheat, thats going to be a lot less. 

Monday our Master Bath remodel starts.  Im so excited about it.  In a month from now, Ill have a better bathroom and a better body-yay!

Happy friday-glad to be back!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Round 4! 1.5 Loss

Thats right, another round. Took me a long while to decide if i was going to try again after my disastrous 3rd round which ended in Oct. Started this round on Wed, March 16- that was book club night and Thurs was St pats so great loading days...Nursing a shoulder/neck strain so I'll make myself lay off the weights for the next few weeks during P2- which is good because without it I would have kept lifting and probably lessened my success. Going to start up again asap in P3.
Before loading, I weighed in At 150.5.

Loading was strange: gained 3.5 day one then lost 1.5 the next day after all my St Paddys drinking- even though I ate a ton. Down to 151 today from a high of 154. Chicken has been on the menu since I haven't gone shopping for anything else yet. Hope to lose the 20lbs I gained since end Oct this round... Fingers crossed I can stick with it.
Definitely feel preggers: so tired, moody, and headachy. Hopefully that will go away in the next day or two after my body is done detoxing.
Happy supermoon.