Friday, July 30, 2010

R2P4D30- .7 loss

Back down to 142.9, so thats good.  Swam in the second lane again at Masters last night...its the faster one, the one I need to keep my flippers on in order to keep up...and they do a lot more distance than lane 1.
Today Im going to be practicing my transitions from swim to bike and bike to swim.  I want to see if I can get my shoes off on the bike and be able to run to the area with my running shoes without falling off and hurting myself.  I also have quick laces for my jogging shoes that dont require tying, but I need to make sure they dont put any extra pressure on my ankle or toes during the run...or else whats the point?
On another note, Im going to try to attach my wording for the bracelet, even though I have to do this from yahoo...lets see if this works.  If so, let me know if you like it...
Wish me luck this weekend, and fine weather wishes.  60% chance of thunderstorms right now forecasted, which could me instead of a tri it would be a du, and I definitely dont want that to happen...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

R2P4D29- .2 above

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Current Weight 143.7
LIW 143.5
Over LIW .2
Food Tracker (choose July 29th)
Exercise Tracker (yesterday): 25 minutes pilates, 40 minutes yoga, 36 minutes running (10:30min/mil)

Finally got my background back up, and my weight back down.  Im .2 above LIW.  Ive been trying to stick close to my calories limit of no more than 1550 plus the calories I burn during my workouts, so I should be good today, since Ill be swimming in an hour, and yesterday since I worked out hard.  Even though I had skinny cow ice cream sandwiches yesterday and today, and primo's hoagies too!

Sunday is the big day, my first tri of the season.  I have to get up at 4:15am Sunday morning to get down to the race site in Philly by 6ish and ready to race by 8.  Then it'll be all over by 10:30, and Ill get to spend the day with the kids at the zoo or at the Please Touch Museum (depending on the weather) before falling into my bed by 4pm, Im sure.  Im really looking forward to it...the race AND the sleeping.

Lots of things going on in my head, and soon in my world, even more than normal.  Im hopefully going to be traveling abroad for vacation in Sept or Oct, either to Italy, Costa Rica, or my favorite, Thailand.  Hubby has given me the thumbs up to leave him and the kids for a week so I can travel with a friend.  He's not really big into international travel, so its more desirable for him to have me spread my wings, and he can stay home and watch sports without being bothered :)...truly! 

I am also thinking of doing either yoga teacher training in Oct or getting a personal trainer certification.  Dont really want to do both at the same time, because I think that MIGHT be a little too much, and I dont want to overwhelm myself too much.  When I do the yoga training, I also want to make sure Im not distracted, and immerse myself fully so I get the most out of it.   It should be wonderful.  And since I cant travel for a month without the kids, I have to stay local to do the teacher training, even though it would be amazing to go to India and train.  So thats big.  Just gotta find the studio I want to work with.  Theres one in town that Im going to do unlimited classes with in Sept to see if its a good fit.

I also have something in the works that Im pretty excited about...Im thinking of doing a jewelry line (specifically bracelets for now) that relate to weight loss and would serve as a constant reminder of how important it is to be aware of what we eat.  I am having a prototype made right now, and if it works out like I hope, Ill be offering them for sale on my blog, and of course, having a giveaway for my bloggy peeps!  Anything you'd like to see on a bracelet (up to 6 words)-you're welcome to post it here:

Here are the sayings I've come up with so far (and Ive tm'ed the first one):
Every bite is a choice and a pleasure (thats the one Im making for myself and may mass produce)
Vote with your fork (for my food coop buddies)
Delicious, sublime, serene awareness
Slow and sure, you're doing it!

Wait till you see it, its going to be awesome, though it might take me a month or so...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Looks like my blogger background is gone, so Im going to have to reload it this week.  Pardon my appearance while I update it...
And just as an fyi, Im up 3lbs from Friday.  Doing steak day today.  Rode 30 miles yesterday, lots of hills.  It was VERY hot all weekend.  And I am ready to rock SheROX on Sunday...goal is sub 2hr...but I figure Ill be closer to 2:15...all ok! 

Friday, July 23, 2010

R2P4D23- .7 loss

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Current Weight 143.7
LIW 143.5
Over LIW .2
Food Tracker (choose July 22nd)
Exercise Tracker (yesterday): 3 miles walk/run; Swimming 50 minutes
Oops, forgot to post yesterday.  Yesterday I lost .7 and today I lost .4.  So Im right back into LIW again, just in time for the weekend. 
This summer Ive been eating lots of whole foods, and loving it.  I've been trying to make a new recipe every week, and trying new veggies, so yesterday I did both.  I made okra fries for the first time (okra lightly coated in olive oil and sea salt, oven for 15 minutes at 400 degrees)...and really enjoyed them. 
Next on the agenda is zucchini.  Ive had it before, but never found a way to cook it that Ive enjoyed, so this time I am going to try it roasted, in a lasagna, and in a raw dish.  Ill share the recipes after I try them...dont want to share anything that isnt delicious and nutritious, right (says the poet who doesnt know it)? 
Got one week before my tri, so biking is first and foremost on the exercise schedule for this weekend.  When I ride, my knee and neck still hurt, so I have to find a way to get a little more comfortable.  There is the TOUR DE TINICUM this weekend, and one of the routes is 34 miles, so Im probably going to do that Sunday morning if the weather cooperates (yes, Ive only done 12 miles so far at a single session this season).  And then next week, Ill focus on doing bricks (two sports following one another) on M, W, and Friday and tues and thurs Ill focus on practicing transition.  I still need to figure out how to get my shoes to stay on the pedals without dragging during transition from swim to bike and bike to run (since I got new tri shoes that stay on the pedals and then you slide your foot into them once you are on the bike-saving you time), in addition to figuring out how to get my foot into the shoes without toppling over.  Thats going to look pretty comical to passerbys, Im sure. 
If any of you want to take a step towards triathlon, let me know, I would love to put together a coaching group.  Maybe help you guys do you first one next spring? 
On that note, back to work.  See you on Monday...hopefully in one piece!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks LavenderDiva, for nominating me for a Versatile Blogger Award:

My friend LD, from HCG & Me on the Road to Find Out nominated my blog for a Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you LD, Its my first award!!!!  I feel so honored.  And sorry, I didnt know that I needed to do anything once I received it, thats how green I am about receiving awards...

As a recipient I must share 7 things about myself, and nominate 15 other blogs.  Thats a lot of work, but Im going to try...

7 things you might not know about me:

One: I love to read.  I read at least one book a week, and sometimes up to 4, depending on my schedule.  I always have at least one book on CD in my car for when I need to go to the office as well.
Two: I'm originally from Markham, Il, about 15 miles outside of Chicago (south side).  Despite going to free Sox games for perfect attendance or straight A's, Im a true Cubs fan.

Three: I received a valedictorian scholarship to DePaul University, even though by the time I graduated high school, I was third in my class (damn those AP classes and their extra points!)

Four: The only time I haven't had a job since I was 15 yrs old was when I studied in Sheffield, England for a semester abroad my sophomore year in college.  That was a great semester.

Five: I went to graduate school for Biopsychology and Behavioral Neuroscience but dropped out after the first year.  Thank GOD!  Too much BS and butt kissing, not enough real learning, and no terminal master degree, so why wait?  It was the hardest and the best decision of my life.

Six: I dated my first boyfriend for 6 yrs.   Another thank god that Im not in that relationship any more.  I am now happily married to the love of my life, 8 years and counting.

Seven: I am a Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach, and as such, I love helping people find balance and experience total nourishment in all aspects of their lives.

Blog Nominations:
Mommy Gone Milf with HCG
Journey Beyond Survival
Its Just Me, Drazil and Sheniqua
Did I just Eat that Out Loud?
Athena Diaries: Tales from the back of the pack
Most of the other nominations I would make, LD already made (you know who you are!) Im stuck here at 9...some of whom I follow but they have so many followers that they dont acknowledge awards, Im sure...but its the thought that counts, right? 

R2P4D21- .7 gain

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Current Weight 144.9
LIW 143.5
Over LIW 1.4
Food Tracker (choose July 20th)
Exercise Tracker (yesterday): Nada
Today: 30 minute pilates, 40 minutes yoga, 1hr biking (only 12 miles :(
Made it to the cemetary and the reception yesterday, but not without crying, most of all because my sensitive hubby couldnt stop the waterworks, and I cant help but support him in his endeavours.  Really, it brought up a lot of issues, most of all, the fact that my friend, who means a great deal to me, is suffering from thyroid cancer herself, and her father's death just brought out the fear that she might suffer a similar fate.  When I spoke with her at the reception, however, she said that she is at peace because of the truths her father was able to speak to her about before he passed.  He told her that he asked god to spare her and take him instead, and that god agreed.  And whether or not you believe that or not, its pretty powerful stuff.  I know I would make the same deal for my kids' lives.
We decided not to stay and eat yesterday because the emotions were a little too high, so we went to Primos instead and got some hoagies.  I admit I ate the whole 8 inch one I got: whacked chicken: chicken tenders, sharp provolone, pesto and bruscetta.  Amazingly good.  I didnt even check the calorie count, but Im sure it was in the 1000 range.  So worth it. 
Today, I got back on my bike, deciding I need to be on it every day it doesnt rain until my tri next Sunday, August 1st.  Not sure why Im scared of riding lately...especially on the street, but I guess Im more afraid of getting injured now when Im in such good shape, because that could lead to not such a good shape, if you get my drift.  Im still struggling to lose, and somehow get to my goal of 125/130.  And I have 5 lbs to lose by next Sunday if my goal of getting in the 130s before my tri is to be realized.  i just have to buck up and do it, if Im serious.  No eating out until then, no junk, cleaning eating and daily exercise.  Do I want it that bad?  Yes, and no...
fyi...Books im reading right now (that I highly recommend):
The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin
The Beck Diet Solution by Judith Beck
The Four Day Win by Martha Beck
Our Lady of Weight Loss by Janice Taylor

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

R2P4D20- 1.1 loss

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Current Weight 144.2
LIW 143.5
Over LIW .7
Food Tracker (choose July 19th)
Exercise Tracker (yesterday): 4 mile run (10min/ml); 40 minute swim
Hovering around my LIW, so thats good.  I splurged a little last night, having two skinny cow ice cream sandwiches, so I wasn't sure what to expect, even with the 800 calories I burned working out yesterday.   Its strange, but I can burn 800 calories, only take in 1500 calories, and still not see much of a loss.  Do you find it the same way?  I want to get tested in one of those bod pods to see how fast my metabolic rate is, since Im assuming its really slow...I always gain when Im over 1600 calories no matter how much exercise I did that day.  And I still want to test the food combining principle for myself...gotta remember to do that.
Today I am attending the funeral of a friend's father.  Well, actually, since I have a work meeting that I cannot get out of, I will be only going to the cemetary and the reception, but at least my husband will be at the mass.  Her father passed away only 3 weeks after being diagnosed with gallbladder cancer.  For me, I think I would prefer to live only a short time after a terminal diagnosis like that, since I wouldnt have to suffer as much.  And my family wouldnt have to see you in such a horrible state for months on end.  But I also know how hard it is to lose someone so quickly when you are not expecting it, and to not have time to say goodbye.  My father died in 1999 at age 73-he decompensated very quickly due to a host of issues after not being sick once in my memory.  I didnt make it home to see him before he passed, and maybe thats good because he didnt suffer long.  But it was hard for me.  I had lots of issues with my dad, and I never really felt that I had closure.  And oh, the guilt of not being there...thats rough too.  
M-our hearts go out to you and your family. 

Monday, July 19, 2010

R2P4D19- I didnt weigh...

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss/Gain NO IDEA

Current Weight  NO IDEA

Saturday weight 144

Sunday weight 145.3

Exercise Tracker (yesterday): 


Sunday1 hr slow walk pushing jogging stroller, 20 minutes spin bike


I actually skipped the scale today.  Had to come to the office, and I just didnt feel like it.  It was freeing, liberating, a little scary, and honestly, Ill probably go back to weighing again tomorrow, but I feel good.   I didnt eat too much over the weekend, and I didnt obsess about eating either...which was wonderful, and probably why Im not worried about the scale.  Ever since TOM arrived on Friday Ive felt different about food...and yes, he did arrive, I forgot to tell you.  First time since D13 of R2P2.  Very weird TOM, though, he is not as effusive as he normally is, didnt cause me any mental strife, didnt announce his coming, and he seems to want to stick around for a while, causing bloat and confusion. 


Since Friday, I haven't had my thoughts clouded by food, when is my next meal, oh I cant wait to have that, etc.  Im really enjoying it.  And I havent been very hungry at all, which could be him as well, or the heat.


Lots happened this weekend, especially in terms of my parenting skills.  I have been reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, and she mentions some of the parenting tips she has come across in her research that have been most helpful to her...and Im loving trying to employ them with my kids.  This weekend, without argument, I got my oldest to clean all the dog poop in the yard, take a shower on his own, walk the dog 1 mile (normally he doesnt walk the dog, and he has never walked a mile), watch his brother for a few minutes (without ignoring him for the TV, which is huge!), and go to bed without argument and without asking for more TV.  Yes, I am $3 poorer, but it was worth every penny, and Im teaching him responsibility, respect, instilling confidence, self worth and security in him.  I just hope I can keep this yelling, talking respectfully to him, hearing him out, acknowledging his feelings-its a lot of work!...and yes, he deserves every bit of it, and I promise I wont be too lazy...


On a darker note, he reported to me that a kid at school was punching him in his private areas.  I had read a blog post on Friday about being open and honest about talking about this with your making sure they use the words penis and vagina, making sure they know that no one is to touch them in these areas (unless mommy and daddy for washing if needed, or for potty training-depending on age), and also that they know how to report it if someone is touching them inappropriately.  So I had that talk with him last night, and found out the news.  I made sure he wasnt just joking around, and made sure he knew that he had to tell his counselor and I would too the next day.  This morning when I talked to the asst director, the camp indicated that a lot of time kids goof around like that when they are that age (5), but that they consider it very serious and will discuss it with the child and the parent.  I just hope this hasn't effected my son long term.  And what if I hadn't asked?  I urge you to have a discussion about this with your kids, if you dont already.  Its so scary to think about all the ways they can be hurt that arent visible...


All of you, take good care today...



Friday, July 16, 2010

R2P4D16- .7 loss

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss/Gain .7
Current Weight 144.6
Thurs gain/weight: 2.4/145.3
LIW 143.5
Over LIW 1.1
Food Tracker (choose July 15th)
Exercise Tracker (yesterday): 1 hr slow walk pushing jogging stroller
Too run down yesterday to post, and with a big gain as well due to nutella and homeade zuccini bread; sausage, velvetta and salsa dip; chicken tenders; and lots of pita chips at Weds book club.  Down a little today, even though I had two glasses of wine at book club yesterday. 
Stomach not feeling so well today, so Im going to eat light.  Also, really congested again..wonder if thats due once again to the change in temp like a few weeks ago-wed was mid 70s and today back in the 90s.  Got lots of work to do today, so post will be short.  Just wanted to make sure I kept up with documenting my weight and food...its so easy to not do it and then fall off the path of eating right since you can deceive yourself about being good when the evidence is not laid out in front of you.  Plan today is to run and swim, though we'll see what my belly thinks about that.  Also, summer hours are in effect today, so I have appox 1.5 hours to get 4 hrs of work done...and then Ill be off to run errands. 
This weekend, Im going to do yoga tomorrow and maybe check out a few garage sales, and then help my friend by babysitting her kids while she works.  Tomorrow night is date night...really looking forward to that!  And Sunday will most likely be brunch with the inlaws and lots of needed house cleaning (since our cleaner has been MIA for over 3 weeks now!).
Hope you guys have a great weekend.  See you on Monday~

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

R2P4D14- 0.0

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss/Gain 0
Current Weight 142.9
LIW 143.5
Under LIW .6
Food Tracker (choose July 13th)
Exercise Tracker (yesterday): 10 minute abs, 40 minutes spin bike (light workout)
Yesterday wasnt a bad a night as I thought it would be.  I down about 16oz of diet mountain dew around noon knowing that that much caffeine (since I rarely have any lately) would keep me up easily until 1am, and I was right.  My coaching sessions went well, and I even did an ab workout during my 1/2 hr break at 10pm (to keep me wide awake). 
Even steven this morning with my weight, and considering I consumed about 1700 calories yesterday, and included chocolate in the mix twice!, I am happy with that.  This morning I had a cup of chocolate granola (a whopping 520 calories and some dried figs, and am looking forward to some chorizo on the grilled and roasted brussel sprouts for dinner.  And for dinner, I am going to eat at Book Club...what a rare treat.  Normally I try to eat before I go to avoid temptation, and so I can finish all my food intake before 8pm, but I am going to moderate my eating, and let myself enjoy whatever I want within limits.  I feel free, and hope my body agrees with me tomorrow.  Since its book club again tomorrow night...
Just did a grueling workout...1/2 hour pilates, 50 minutes yoga, and then 40 minutes on the treadmill (3.5miles).  I am tired, good tired, and not hungry at all.  Though I definitely need to go stretch.
Hope you guys have a wonderful day well as BIG LOSSES!  And dont forget to watch the summer premiere of Pysch on USA at 10pm EST (love that show!). 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

R2P4D13- 2.4 loss

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss 2.4
Current Weight 142.9
LIW 143.5
Under LIW .6
Food Tracker: Steak day and tomato
Exercise Tracker: 3.8 mile run/walk
Though I wasnt mandated to do a steak day yesterday, as I was only 1.8 over LIW, I really wanted to get back to where I was before my lancaster 9.3 gain.  So now Im back on track!  Yay, under LIW.  Good thing, since one of my new goals is to be in the 130s by the time I have my triathlon on August 1st, and to be closer to my goal than not (ie 135 or so) by the time of our North Wildwood, NJ vacation at the end of August.  Its so hard for me to lose without HCG, but Im going to do my darnest! 
Masters was canceled yesterday thanks to thunderstorms, and Thurs night I have book club, so I need to make sure I get to the pool this week sometime.  I am also going to alternate days for riding and running, so today is a ride day.  Since its supposed to pour all day, Im sure that will mean Im on my spin bike...and Im going to do some Jillian as well. 
Then tonight I need to coach my student clients from 4pm- 12:30am...that is always a rough night.  But Ill try to sleep in a little tomorrow (ie no 5:30am wakeup-hubbys going to let me sleep in), especially since tomorrow night is also one of my book clubs...Whew! What a week.
Talk with you tomorrow...

Monday, July 12, 2010

R2P4D12- .9 loss

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss .9

Saturday Weight  144.8

Sunday Weight 146.2
Current Weight 145.3
LIW 143.5
Over LIW 1.8
Food Tracker (select Jul 11)
Exercise Tracker (yesterday):

Saturday: 70 minutes yoga

Sunday: .5 mile open water swim, 12 mile bike

What a nice weekend.  Though it poured all day on Saturday, I had a nice yoga class in the morning, followed by lots of playtime with the boys during the day, and date night with Hubby in the afternoon.  We went to see Eclipse, which was pretty good, and then we had a delicious dinner at a local wine cafe- mixed green salad with goat cheese, aged balsamic vinegar, salami, and EVOO, and then for dessert, a little chocolate and peanut butter ice cream. 
Sunday I had a little trouble getting motivated, but finally got myself in gear and drove up to the open water swim clinic that started at 8am.  I was very nervous, as I haven't been swimming as good at Masters since Ive lost the weight-cant seem to find my balance point as well, and I dont float as much ;)-so I thought it would be difficult to swim without my trusty wetsuit (which buoys you up so that you dont need to kick your legs).  I was pleasantly surprised that I did ok.    I wasnt very fast, but I was consistent, and was able to finish the 1/2 mile without issue or getting tired, despite the fact that I did my bike ride before swimming.  And the water was so nice and warm.
After burning all those calories in the morning, the family headed over to a cafe that serves organic and locally sourced food (the Down to Earth Cafe in Perkasie if any of you are near me)...and it was SO GOOD!  I shared a veggie panini and a roast beef club sandwich with my MIL, with a salad, and some cookies (and a couple of bites of turtle cupcake, which was warm and tasty like a snickers bar).  I ate just a little for dinner, since I was so full and satisfied from lunch, and  finished reading my book club book in a hot bath.
The book is called The Last Lecture, and lots of stuff came up for me when I was reading it.  Its about a man dying of pancreatic cancer that wants to leave a legacy for his children, and does so by creating/giving a talk that details all of the lessons he has learned throughout his life, and the experiences that have guided him to be the man he was.  It was a way for him to let his kids know what kind of man he was, what was important to him, what he wanted to teach them, and how much he loved them.  
 It brought up so many issues for me as a parent and a wife.  What do I want my kids to remember me for, what do I want to teach them, what would I do if I only had 6 months to live?  Would I care about the size of my waist-definitely not.  Would I yell when something spills-probably not.  I would give more hugs, take myself and my kids less seriously, share my love with my family, friends and strangers alike, travel with my family (yes, honey, if I had to, I would guilt you into it),  leave letters and create lasting memories and take lots of pictures for my boys to look at when I am gone.   
It made me think about doing those things now...who knows how much time any of us have why dont we live a little more and stop getting so bogged down in the minutiae a little less.     And I want to really get clear about the lessons I want to teach my kids, the messages I want them to take to heart, to embody, since I fear I am not acting in a way that shows them how much I love and respect them and want the best for them, whomever they are, their likes and dislikes, their dreams and aspirations.   We all know that actions speak so much more than words.   
I run an autopilot most of the time, in that, when I am in the moment, I just react, instead of stopping myself and thinking about how my reaction may negatively affect my boys or my husband, about how what I do and what I say are not congruent.  I need to work much harder on that.    And there is so much more...
What would you do differently?

Friday, July 9, 2010

R2P4D9- 1.1 loss

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss 1.1
Current Weight 146.1
LIW 143.5
Over LIW 2.6
Food Tracker: Cheese and apple day
Exercise Tracker: 1650 m swimming (45 minutes)
Cheese and apple day with a few brussel sprouts thrown in (since I roasted 5 lbs of them to freeze and eat for next week and I needed to make sure they tasted good).   Not as much of a loss as I expected per reports of others doing this type of correction day, but I dont think my belly can handle cheese as well as it used to.  I felt bloated and ugh most of the day, and was lucky I talked myself into to going to Masters last night.  I followed that by a soak in the jacuzzi at the Y, and then topped it off with an hour of TV before bed. 
Found out yesterday that we are NOT expecting, and it is such a relief.  Still no TOM, but Im assuming he's lurking out there in the distance, waiting until the least opportune moment to strike.  I wore white pants today just to see what would happen ;).
On the agenda for today: running for lunch, cocopops with almond butter for breakfast, brussels with onions, red pepper and garlic with chicken for lunch, and maybe some sausage on the grill for dinner.  Yum!
Next week I might do a cleanse.  If any of you are interested, let me know and Ill send you some recipes.  It will be mostly juices, salads, and oils.  We can share our responses and our results-If not next week, I will definitely do one in the Fall, and would love to include you all, my bloggy peeps.  
So off to work and then off to the weekend.  Have a great one!  And thanks for all your support!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

R2P4D8- 1.5 down

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss 1.5
Current Weight 147.3
LIW 143.5
Over LIW 3.8
Food Tracker: Chicken (7 oz), Cheese (2 oz), Nuts (2 oz), Strawberries (6), 2 apples, Salad with Braggs Aminos (about 1100 calories)
Exercise Tracker: 3.8 miles running/walking (lots of walking)
Another 1.5 down due to clean eating, and a little less than 5 to go.  Worked out again in the staggering heat, though it took me 39 minutes to run 3 miles; it is obvious I walked a little...well, at least a mile of it.  But not bad, since I did over 3.5...
Hoping to get on my bike today, but I'm feeling little like I dont want to do anything.  Case in point, Im doing a cheese apple day today, but Ive only had one apple so far since I haven't gotten off my butt yet to go to the store to buy the apples.  I might go to Masters Swim tonight, and maybe ride my spin bike later?  Not sure whats holding me back from riding my road bike, but whatever it is, I better figure it out soon-SheRox Philly is on August 1st!
Got any big goals this summer? 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

R2P4D7- 3.1 loss

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Loss 1.1+2
Current Weight 148.8
LIW 143.5
Over LIW 5.3
Exercise Tracker: 3.6 miles running/walking, little ab work and pushups
So down 3.1.  Hard to believe I could gain so much in two days, and then it will take me a week to lose it all.  I lost 1.1 just after going to the bathroom yesterday around 11am...and then another 2 overnight thanks to the steak day.  I was going to do a cheese and apple day today, but all the comments I read (thanks girls!) and guides I consulted said to do a clean eating P3 day today and then another correction day cheese and apples will be on the agenda for tomorrow.
Yesterday, my workout was TOUGH.  It is so hard to run in 100 degree weather.  My muscles were warmed up really fast, but my lungs burned from the heat.  And I tend not to run with water, so I needed to stop three times during my run to grab some from a water fountain.  And today, since Im in the office, and I have to pick up my boys afterwards and wont have time to go to the gym, the plan is to do the same today at lunchtime today (but maybe it'll only be 97 degrees).  Can anyone say glutton for punishment? 
I like feeling strong, so thats what its about for me.  A month ago I couldnt run a mile, and now Im starting to like running.  Im not fast, but my body responds well after it is warmed up.  I can sing or talk when Im running, meaning it no longer gets me out of breath.  And the endorphin rush is addictive.  Who would've thought?  Last year, I was in pain when I ran due to neuromas in my feet and IT band syndrome.  And now that the weight is gone(and Ive gotten a better fitting shoe), so are those ailments.   I still have some knee pain when Im running, but I make sure to ice them when Im done, and take breaks if I need to.   And Im hopeful that Ill be making a PR at my tri in 3 weeks (holy crap, is it only 3 weeks away?...better get on my bike and get training!!!!).
Happy Hump Day...have a wonderful one!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

R2P4D6- 9.3lb gain

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Saturday Weight 142.6
Current Weight 151.9
LIW 143.5
Over LIW 8.4
Exercise Tracker: 
Saturday, None
Sunday: 4 miles running
Monday: 4 miles running, little ab work and pushups
Yes, you did read the gain information correctly.  I gained 9.3 lbs since Saturday.  WOW!  That is monumental, astonishing, and staggering.  Yes, I did eat whatever I liked while we were on vacation, though that also meant when it was really hot on Sunday at lunchtime, I had only an apple and some nuts.  Yes, I did go to smorgesboards twice over the weekend.  And yes, I indulged in dessert.  And yes, I know that some of that has got to be water.  But Holey Moley, Batman, almost 10 lbs!!!!!  I know this is going to take a while to come off.   I am actually back into Overweight BMI range, and am so disappointed in myself and my body. 
I am going to need to own up to the fact that I can't eat sweets, not even in moderation, because it sets me up on this crazy spiral.  I am an addict and even small amounts can set me off.  That is very depressing.  As we speak, there are amish made oatmeal raisin cookies, frosted cinnamon rolls, and some homeade apple pie on the counter.  All of which Hubby will need to take to work for his coworkers to enjoy instead of me.  Or maybe Ill just freeze them until I get low enough weight wise to be able to indulge a little. 
We were in Under Armour at the outlets yesterday, and some of the things I thought would fit were way too I know why, right?  So steak day today, and I hope it isnt too late to get that at least 2lb drop (since I should have done it yesterday)...and then maybe cheese and apple day tomorrow?  And TOM still hasnt made an appearance, which makes it almost 6 weeks late...maybe a trip to the pharmacy for a test as well-though if I was pregnant, that would really be a miracle baby, considering my one fallopian tube, and my hubby's V.  And I have no symptoms, so I still really doubt it...
If there is no baby in my belly, Im going to work hard, and fingers crossed this weight comes off in the next week.  And I will be starting a new weight loss program once Im back to my LIW based on behavior and thought modification.  It will be a lot of work, but no injections and I can still exercise, so Ill see if I can make it work for me.   Otherwise, R3 will start this fall.
On a brighter note, I ran almost 4 miles Sunday and Monday mornings.  The hotel we stayed at had a jogging path that was gorgeous-it was on the outside of the golf course, and surrounded by farmland.  I loved it, and I actually loved the running part of it too.  What is better than Coldplay on the stereo, at mile 3, watching a horse and buggy go by in front of a lovely farm under a beautiful fluffy cloud filled sky, feeling like I could run forever?  Not much...
And the funniest part of the weekend:  Hubby and I forgot to bring the bag that contained all the extra diapers that our sons needed, and thus we made a run to Walmart on the way back from a lovely dinner (just us) on Saturday night.  We got there and the parking lot was 10:00pm.  We were confused, but figured maybe they used the lot for something else.  So we went about our shopping and when we got to the checkout line we were amazed.  The lines were 10-20 people deep, and there were at least 10 lines open.  WTH?  It took us over 20 minutes to check out in the 20 items or less line.  And to think, we weren't even sure Walmart would be open at that time of night.  Those people really know how to party!
It was a wonderful weekend, and I am now getting back on track.  Thanks to hubby's parents for coming, we really loved having you with us!  Hope everyone else had a great holiday weekend as well!

Friday, July 2, 2010

R2P4D2- .8 gain

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Gain .8
Current Weight 144.8
LIW 143.5
Over LIW 1.3
Food Tracker (choose July 1st)
Exercise Tracker (yesterday): 2 bouts of Jillian (1st and 2nd level 30 day shred), 25 minutes light spinning
Succumbed to the evils of Bear Naked Chocolate Granola and Edys Grand Light Chocolate Ice cream yesterday...all due to upset, a 'throw in the towel' attitude and a 'I want to eat this' decision, coupled with mindless eating.  I seem to enjoy sabotaging my efforts, and am now bloated and up.  Today is a steak day (with a little chicken thrown in for good measure since Im starving).  I am also feeling very congested since yesterday and have a nagging headache.  Too much sugar, and maybe some new allergen in the air since the weather has been so nice after being so hot for so long, perhaps?  And still no TOM.  Whats another day when its already a month overdue, right?
I went to yoga early this morning and my congestion got worse, so much so that I decided to skip boot camp and come home.  I need to rest up for tomorrow, as we are going away for a few days to Lancaster, Pa.  We'll be staying across the street from Dutch Wonderland, a little gem of an amusement park that has a water park inside, so the kids (and I!) wont suffer too much from the forecasted 90 degree weather.  We will have a great time.
Im a little nervous though...its the first time since the start of this protocol in January that I will not be weighing myself daily (im intentionally not bringing the scale).  I am actually looking forward to not being able to check it, and will hopefully relax a little bit...who knows?   Workouts are definitely on the agenda, as are dripping in butter homeade amish pretzels, and my hopes are that I dont come back 5 lbs up. 
I hope all of you have an amazing holiday weekend!  See you on Tuesday...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

R2P4D1- 1.1 gain

R2P2 Highest Loading Weight 165.3
Daily Gain 1.3 (1.1 see below)
Current Weight 144
LIW 143.5
Over LIW .5
Food Tracker (june 20th)
Exercise Tracker (yesterday): 30 Day Shred Video Level 1 Day 3, 45 minute slow walk pushing both boys in stroller


I will never figure this weight loss thing out.  I ate about 1200 calories yesterday, only did that 20 minute video and went for a short walk, and then I gained 1.3lbs today (1.1 after second bathroom break).  And I wasnt eating crap, either: venison chili (homeade), brussels with olive oil, some nuts, a little bread,  lots of kohlrabi and red peppers.   WTH?

So, even though I know it shouldnt concern me,  Im upset.   I cant seem to lose weight without doing the protocol.  And that annoys me.  Our bodies are amazing, mine should be able to adapt to other ways of losing weight too.   One thing I havent told you though, TOM hasnt made an appearance since P2.  He was expected over a month ago, and no show.  I dont have any symptoms of PMS or pregnancy, and if you remember, Hubby had Vday back on  Mothers Day weekend.  So Im not really worried about having another little ball of joy (especially since then Id at least get my boobs back), Im more worried about what stress my body is still feeling that it doesnt want to release its juices (too graphic? sorry!).  And that when it decides to, it may be a most inopportune time.    And my belly is definitely not flat right now.  Maybe Im starting to build a little muscle and its pushing all the fat out?  How attractive.  TOM would be welcome right now, so I can blame this whole thing on him...
I really dont want to do another round in the summer-there is too much going on with parties and temptations, and then also training for my tris.  So I will need to wait this out and try to be happy exactly where I am, as I keep reminding myself and reading books about and all that.
The next time I get a wish, instead of world peace, maybe I'll wish for self love and acceptance without consideration or deliberation.    I think for most of us, that would be harder to achieve than world peace...what do you think?